The Bachelorette Season 12, Episode 3 and 4….A new "Bad Guy" Star is Created….Meet Chad

It took two 2 hour episodes to get Chad out of there on The Bachelorette, Season 12. Already Jojo seems to have met a match.


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It was two episodes of Season 12 of the Bachelorette but it was quite a drama with Bad Boy Chad occupying center-stage drama King.

But let us begin on episode 3 with a one on one date Jojo had with Chase. The learned some sexy Yoga. Chase is 29, a medical sales rep, but below, a rather interesting quote from Chase in his Bio:
What does your ideal mate look like? Athletic build, natural beauty, perfect teeth.
Wow, he doesn't want much, does he?

Right away Bad Boy Chad is into trouble and Evan, the erectile dysfunction expert (the jokes write themselves) tells Jojo that it's either him or Chad. In other words, if Chad stays, Evan goes.

Here's an interesting tidbit about Evan, from his biography, seems he doesn't like Donald Trump:
If you could be someone else for just one day, who could it be and why? Trump, just to see what the heck is in that guy’s head.


A bunch of guys then went on a group date where they had to talk about their sex experiences in front of everybody, freaking weird. Chad, the Bad Boy, rightfully said it was nobody's business but the rest of the guys told their stories with great joy.

Once again Chad takes center stage in that Evan, the erectile dysfunction guy, tells Chris that he's scared of Chad, that Chad threatens people.

Another thing, Chad keeps mentioning that Evan has children, three of them? Wonder why this bothers Chad.

bach6.8.16jamestdancingjojoJojo then arranged a one on one date with James Taylor, serious, that's his name. He says he is a singer/songwriter and James T. and Jojo had a great time learning how to swing dance. James T. got a rose. James T. says his three best attributes are being funny, outgoing and kind.

bach63.8.16jamestwithnewspaperBut does he have a job that pays money, as Jojo must ask.

At the rose ceremony for this first hour, the remaining contenders included: Grant, Derek, Evan, Wells, James T. , Daniel, Chad, Jordan, Luke, Robbie, James F., Vinnie, Ales and Chase.

Ali, Christian and Nick B. were sent home.

Yes indeed, you read that right. Jojo gave Chad a rose and here's my prediction. Chad is an extremely handsome guy. This guy has been so scripted into this Bachelorette but obviously he is not going to marry Jojo.

Chad is on his way to stardom. Don't know where, don't know what….and if the future clips can be believed, Chad is coming back on the next episode of the Bachelorette scheduled in two weeks.

On the second two hour show we have all the men leaving the Bachelor mansion and going some wooded place in Pennsylvania.

bach6.8.16lukeandjojomushJojo picked Luke to go on a one on one date and they really went on a sled ride complete with dogs for power. Luke did a little blubber about his experience in Afghanistan and of course Jojo gave him a rose.

Then a group date was formed and the guys played football with Ben Rothelsburger, and Heinz Ward, who danced on Dancing With the Stars. THAT'S IT! Chad will be a dancer on Dancing With the Stars. Won't be the first Bachelorette contender to dance on that show, being ABC and everything.

The group date invitees were split into two football teams and the winning team got to have dinner with Jojo. Jojo gave Jordan a special rose and I think Jojo shows a bit more affection and passion with her kisses with Jordan. Jordan is 27 and is a former football quarterback. It was the time for Jordan to strut his stuff.
I love it when my date…: Wants to do something spontaneous.
Finally we had a 2 on one date that everyone was waiting for. It was with Chad and Alex. Chad says, by the way, that his three best attributes are being confident, witty and good-hearted. He sure isn't seen that way by his male room-mates.

Alex is a former marine and from his bio:
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? With a master’s degree running my own business, partnered up with my twin.
Wow, he's got a twin.

Anyway, Jojo gave Alex a rose and Chad, of course, is to be sent home.

That was the end of this episode but the previews show Chad somehow back and still causing mischief.

He is a very handsome, and very Bad, dude.


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