MasterChef 2016 - Season 7, episode aired 8/3/16-cruel ruling on the best contestant.

She's a young thing. But she made the best sausage and was destined to win MasterChef. But she didn't follow the rules and was cruelly disqualified.

MASTERCHEF: Gordon Ramsay in the all-new “Think Inside The Box” episode of MASTERCHEF airing Wednesday, Sept. 9 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX.CR: Greg Gayne / FOX. © 2015 FOX Broadcasting. MASTERCHEF: Gordon Ramsay in the all-new “Think Inside The Box” episode of MASTERCHEF airing Wednesday, Sept. 9 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX.CR: Greg Gayne / FOX. © 2015 FOX Broadcasting.[/caption]

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There were eleven contenders left and a red team and a blue team were carved so lopsided.

They were charged with preparing a pork meal, either from a pork chop or a pork loin, along with vegetables picked right from the very farm on which they cooked.

Dan was appointed captain of the Blue Team with Diamond in charge of the Red Team. It was the usual drama with burnt pork chops, a shortage of kale (which I would think would be a good thing) and something cooked raw.

The Blue team won the challenge, as voted on by the farmers. That team got to save someone on the Red team and they chose to save hapless Nathan.

For the pressure challenge, the remaining red team had to grind and stuff their own sausage and right there I was shocked. Who grinds and stuffs their own sausage? And of those that do, are they really just MasterChefs? Shouldn't they be Food Network Stars or something?

Despite my reservations, Eric, Diamond, Shaun, Terry and Andrea all made their own sausage, spices and all, and stuffed the casings. Some examples below.

Eric made veal and pork sausage.

Terry made fennel pork sausage.

Andrea made pork and veal bratwurst.

Shaun made venison sausage

Diamond made chicken and asiago sausage.

Only when the buzzer blaring time up went off, Andrea was a few seconds too flow in bringing her sausage platter to the front table for judging.

I am not at all sure why Ramsay didn't eliminate Andrea right then except he purposefully kept her for judging even though she was late just for the drama of it all.

For Andrea's sausage was deemed excellent by Gordon Ramsay with cheers all around.

To add to the drama, Diamond's sausage was raw in the middle and for sure she would have been eliminated.

Instead, AFTER all the drama, Ramsay announces that Andrea will be eliminated for being three seconds later after the buzzer and again, I must ask, was it necessary to break her heart more than it was broke already?

Since it was a two hour presentation, there was another challenge involving, of all things, Nutella. Tonorria, Dan and Terry won that contest.

Then we had the challenge to prepare something called Korean Bibimbap, which is an odd dish.

Rice is pressed on a stone bowl then cooked in some fashion that will thoroughly crisp up the rice. On top is placed about five vegetables such as carrots, radish, potatoes of some sort, all topped with a fried egg.

It looks like something I would maybe eat but it was odder than all get out.

The contenders came up with many variations of this dish, including adding pineapple and in one sad case, corned bread and mashed potatoes were added to the dish.

One of the funnier moments of this challenge involves the discovery that Nathan can't cook rice. Well, why not? Rice is cooked in a million ways and there is a million differents kinds of rice.

Finally Diamond, who should have been sent home during the sausage challenge, meets her end.


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