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A little gossip and speculation is worth some time and rumination

Kerry Turns Orange in Honor of Halloween

Actually, no one really knows why John Kerry turned up one day all orange like a pumpkin. According to Drudge:

Kerry advisers defend the sudden deep tan transition, noting how it simply was from a game of flag football last Friday in Bedford, Mass.

Although Kerry’s fellow football players noticed his orange hue BEFORE the game even began.

Click to see picture of pumpkin man.

Kerry Scandal Now Flying Below the Radar

Wonder why Kerry’s been making a big deal about North Korea recently? A North Korea which acquired nukes under Clinton’s (and Kerry’s) watch?

It could be that JFK is just concerned about Kim Il-Jong, that fat midget dictator whom even former Secretary of State Madelyn Albright claimed duped them. Or it could be the South Korean monies flowing in the Democratic party coffers as reported by the Boston Herald last week.

The Associated Press reported this past week that a South Korean national who met with John Kerry's fund-raisers and discussed setting up a new political group for Korean-Americans was actually an intelligence agent for South Korea.


We couldn’t let the following Kerry tidbit go by unmentioned. Naomi Wolf, creator of the new and improved Al Gore of the 2000 presidential race, has some serious concerns about how John Kerry is being "emasculated".

Naomi, who gave us Al Gore’s airbrushed crotch "packet" in Rolling Stone, 2000, has this say about her worries:

"Teresa Heinz Kerry’s (Democrat convention) speech, which all but ignored her husband, did more to emasculate him than the opposition ever could. By publicly shining the light on herself rather than her husband, she opened a symbolic breach in Kerry’s archetypal armor. Listen to what the Republicans are hitting Kerry with: Indecisive. Effete. French. They are all but calling this tall, accomplished war hero gay.

"The charges are sticking because of Teresa Heinz Kerry. Let’s start with ‘Heinz.’ By retaining her dead husband’s name—there is no genteel way to put this—she is publicly, subliminally cuckolding Kerry with the power of another man—a dead Republican man, at that. Add to that the fact that her first husband was (as she is herself now) vastly more wealthy than her second husband."

- Columnist Naomi Wolf

CIA Anti-Bush?
Came across this interesting tidbit from the, the online editorial content of the Wall Street Journal.

Seems the CIA has been, and continues, leaking unfavorable stories about Bush. Not that the CIA shouldn’t be like, doing their jobs, and not that they are elected or anything. We all know about the lying Joe Wilson and his "spy" wife, Valerie Plame.

Keep in mind that none of these CIA officials were ever elected to anything, and that they are employed to provide accurate information to officials who present their policy choices for voter judgment. Yet what the CIA insurgents are essentially doing here, with their leaks and insubordination, is engaging in a policy debate. Given the timing of the latest leaks so close to an election, they are now clearly trying to defeat President Bush and elect John Kerry. Yet somehow the White House stands accused of "politicizing" intelligence?

Maybe More to Iraqi Kidnappings Than Meets the Eye

Some intriguing news coming out last week about some of the kidnapping "victims" of late.

Seems the Italian ladies released after a ransom of a million dollars was reportedly paid by Rome took advantage of their public forum to, what, compliment, the kidnappers? Also turns out one of these ladies used to live in Iraq, who’da thunk the kidnappers would target in on a former resident so handily?

And below we have from a news update on America Online. Seems Kenneth Bigley’s brother is being held by Iraqi kidnappers. So why do the Dutch authorities raid his brother’s home?
And what sort of five page document would an innocent man sign?

Dutch home of Bigley's brother "raided" Sat 2 October, 2004 00:31

LONDON (Reuters) - Dutch armed intelligence officers have raided the Amsterdam home of Paul Bigley, brother of Liverpool engineer Kenneth Bigley who is being held hostage in Iraq, the Independent has reported.

It said they seized Bigley's computer and interrogated him about links with the group holding his brother captive.

He signed a five-page statement and the officers sent information from his computer hard disc to London for analysis, said Saturday's

Congressional Gossip

Congress critters often get their complaints out about other congress cirtters by leaking them to a handy press outlet. Mike Novak reports:

A footnote: Republican operatives are grumbling about Republican Sen. Mike DeWine, who has taken the Senate floor repeatedly over the last year and a half to deliver long, mournful eulogies of Ohioans fallen in battle. The complaint is that DeWine's funereal posture is not helping President Bush carry the key state.

How could Grandmother not help the Republican complainers out by repeating their charge in her own Blog?

Sen. DeWine, get a clue. If every senator did this sort of thing then nothing would ever get done. Which, when you think about it, might not be such a bad thing.

Quick Comebacks

Finally we simply must quote two cute comebacks noted this past week. One is pretty lame and typically Democratic. The other is kinda cute though aimed at a Republican.

Yahoo News reports that Lynn Cheney, Dick’s wife, tried to describe a shade of orange by comparing it to Kerry’s recent tan.

Responding to her comments, Kerry campaign spokesman Bill Burton said, "Is Mrs. Cheney jealous considering how hard it is to get sun in the undisclosed location with her husband Dick? Or is she distracted over how red-in-the-face George Bush (news - web sites) should be considering his failed presidency?"

According to the Washington Post of 9/29/04, Tom DeLay returned a copy of Kitty Kelly’s new blistering tome on the Bush family with a long and rather harsh note that cast really bad aspersions on the lovely Mrs. Kelly.

The publisher’s response to the return?

"Considering the many ethical inquiries surrounding Representative DeLay, we understand why he prefers not to accept anything free right now."


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