TV This Week:More CBS Propaganda, Sports, Twins!

The TV is mostly background noise to Grandmother but at times there may be a show actually worth attention.

TV This Coming Week: What You Missed Last Week, World Series, Award Shows, 60 Minute Propaganda Piece, Makeover of Twins.

How Exactly DO They Collect Horse Semen?

In last week’s TV missive Grandmother mentioned a show on the Discovery Channel titled “Dirty Jobs”. I said “
Every week I pick one show that seems quirky and one show that I’ve never watched before. On Wednesday 10/20/04, Discovery channel has a special titled “Dirty Jobs”. It’s a documentary on the dirtiest jobs some humans hold across the planet. Cleaning dead animals off the road side, for instance. Or scrubbing down a gruesome crime scene.


If yon readers didn’t heed my advice, you should know what you missed.

For I watched, in front of my disbelieving eyes, a man collect a semen sample from a stallion. Which would be, I agree, a somewhat difficult job.

There was involved such as artificial vaginas, semen collection devices, and a ‘tease’ mare.

If this wasn’t amazing enough (yes that stallion did, right on camera, give a sample and yes the host of the show ‘collected’ it), the host also flushed a fertilized egg out of a mare’s vagina and implanted it in another. Pay attention to what I tell you to watch!

Note: The World Series will be playing this week. Monday night football is scheduled to be the Broncos vs. the Bengals. Check local listings.

On Monday, 10/25. NBC at 8 pm is showing something called “The Radio Music Awards”. Never heard
of them but will flip back and forth to the ballgame.

On Wednesday, 10/27, at 8 pm, CBS’ ’60 Minutes’ will air a propaganda piece on the difficulty expected as voters struggle to use new computerized voting machines. As if any normal American hasn’t ever worked a computer or ATM ever in their isolated life.

On Thursday, 10/28, at 8 pm, ABCis showing its HUMAN makeover show “Extreme Makeover”. This week, Twins will be made over. Hey, the things some people will do.

On Friday, 10/29. at 10 pm, The Learning Channel will show its popular wedding series “For Better or Worse”A couple chooses a few friends and/or relatives to plan their wedding. The ‘team’, along with one appointed wedding planner, has one week to plan and execute the wedding on a $5,000 budget.

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