Another Delaware Liberal Lamebrain Idea

Delaware-Three Electoral Votes and Ready to Rumble

In yesterday’s promo blurb for this entry I asserted that absolutely nothing was going on in the state of Delaware. Okay, so maybe there’s SOMETHING going on in this small state of my adoption. But not much. Forthwith:

Slam Dunk Canceled

I have been reading about this issue in the Delaware locals for the past few weeks and remain puzzled. Seems a fellow named Jacobs, a fellow evidently not known for prompt repayment of debt, is the promoter behind this county basketball event. The local businesses in Sussex county are moaning and groaning about lost business due to the cancellation of this event.

Which causes me to ask-what good is this business if payment is not forthcoming?

In 2000, Jacobs came under scrutiny for accepting state money to fund Slam Dunk and then not handing out scholarships to participating schools as promised.

Several local business owners have alleged that Jacobs owes them money from previous tournaments. Chris Quillen of Grand Rental Station in Rehoboth said Jacobs recently paid off a debt of "a couple thousand dollars." "It took a year, but I got it back," Quillen said. "I informed (Jacobs) that if I got the Rental Association of Delaware involved, he'd be looking at a criminal offense as opposed to a civil offense."

Another basketball tournament run by Jacobs, The War at the Shore, scheduled for Nov. 19-21 in Milford, has also been canceled.

Another Lamebrain Delaware Liberal Waste of Money

This little blurb almost passed my jaded eyes until I saw the stupid, silly and lamebrain idea about that “energy exploratorium”.

The arguments might rage over the placement of this visitor center not to mention that little matter about losing federal money. But if the Rehoboth and Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce thinks folks heading to the beach are going to stop at some dopey “ hands-on collection of exhibits designed to familiarize visitors with energy conservation and alternate energy sources” they all need to find some clues. These visitors have beach balls and pounding waves on their minds, not energy alternatives. I got to tell you people everything?


By Dennis Friedel
Coast Press News Editor


The Rehoboth Beach-Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce unveiled plans Friday for a $12 million visitor and transit center which will be combined with an energy exploratorium to draw more visitors to coastal Sussex County.

However, the location of the site, planned adjacent to DART's Park 'n Ride lot on Route 1, next to County Bank, has some state legislators questioning its logic -- a move which could jeopardize state funding.

"I support the concept but I have trouble with the location. At a time when we're trying to reduce congestion on Route 1, this will cause more congestion," state Sen. George Bunting said Monday.

Noticeably absent from Friday's announcement ceremonies, Bunting said he purposely chose to attend a different meeting. "I didn't want to attend and make it look like we were in support of this," he said.

Plans for the facility, called Destination Station Center, call for a service area, a lobby, a snack bar, a souvenir shop and restrooms in addition to the energy exploratorium. The plans call for at least a 50,000-square-foot building, according to Carol Everhart, the chamber's president.

The energy exploratorium, according to Everhart, is basically a hands-on collection of exhibits designed to familiarize visitors with energy conservation and alternate energy sources.

Called a "green building," project chairman Kay Wheatley said the project "will all take place in an environmentally friendly building" whose purpose would be to educate and entertain visitors about energy conservation principles.

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Originally published Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Coast Press News Editor ennis Friedel contributed

Egregious Behavior in Dewey Beach

The genius’ at Dewey Beach are at it again. I have no idea what it all means except feuding businesses are using the town council to resolve their differences.

A long-standing feud between a Dewey Beach commissioner and the owners of the Ruddertowne complex and the Bottle & Cork nightclub took a new twist this week when attorneys asked town officials to intervene.

As a result, a special meeting of Dewey's Ethics Board has been scheduled Dec. 9 to hear complaints against Dewey Commissioner Courtney Riordan lodged by attorneys representing Highway One L.L.P., which owns several properties in Dewey including Ruddertowne and the Bottle & Cork.

Highway One is asking officials in Dewey Beach to investigate Riordan for what they call inappropriate and egregious behavior.

Like I said, absolutely nothing happened in Delaware last week.

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a dewey beach fan said...

what exactly is happening with the dispute between dewey beach and the highway one LLP over ruddertowne?