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Re-Visiting the F-5 and Help Keys

In a recent missive to young Kaitlyn, Grandmother made a little bit of a mis-statement. It wasn’t exactly an error in that I did know all about the correction, as corrected.

A Freeper named dinasour corrected my wording as follows:

Underlined words in the world of Microsoft, Kaitlyn, mean the word can be clicked to obtain more information.

Dinasour says: “Actually, menu items are always selectable, unless they are "greyed out".

The underline indicates that you can combine the underlined letter with the alt key to select the item using the keybord only

For example, for Help, the "keyboard shortcut" would be Alt-H

Grandmother thanks Dinasour for this correction as my original text was misleading. If a letter in a menu word is underlined, it means that the menu item can be accessed by hitting the alt key and the underlined letter together. This keeps hands from leaving the keyboard as hey, you really don’t have to use the mouse to get to the sub-menus. Such actions slow one down.

This minor correction doesn’t change the point of my missive to young Kaitlyn in that too few of us avail ourselves of such as handy help menus. And we used to complain about having to find the software’s manual, go on.

I couldn’t resist Dinasour’s follow up to my profuse thanks. One must smile.

Thanks for being so gracious.

No error, no matter out obscure, gets past the fact checkers of the FreeRepublic.

Just ask Dan Rather.

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