Week Just Passed: Kofi Resign! And Bill Clinton's New Job.

The Week Just Passed: Notes of important events from the week prior as Grandmother has determined, not the Old Media. With, as expected, Grandmother’s input

Watch to Hit the Radar This Coming Week

Yeah I’ve Said It Before

Sooner of later this United Nations’ Oil for Food scandal is going to hit the radar big time. Although I understand it’s the staff of Bloggers most recently and the cable talk shows are starting to hit on it.

Further, it is my belief that the administration has been loosely trying to keep a lid on it all in that once Iraq has a legitimate election it will be that country that will hit the UN with one humdinger of a lawsuit. Which is as it should be.

But this scandal is only the largest fraud perpetuated upon nothing less than the planet earth…EVER. How do I know when it’s hit the national radar sufficiently? I have one standard for such a thing. When my niece, owner of a beauty salon and my own sweet hairdresser, asks me about a political issue then I know it’s hit the national radar. It’s as good a standard as any I dare anyone to rebut.

At any rate, ingredients keep getting added to the scandal. Let’s review.

Claudia Rosett has been the reporter snooping on this and God love this woman because she is doing a most wonderful job. Now she breaks this story in the NY Sun:

NYSun: Annan's Son Took Payments Through 2004 [Oil-for-food]

The New York Sun
November 26, 2004

One of the next big chapters in the United Nations oil-for-food
scandal will involve the family of the secretary-general, Kofi Annan, whose son turns out to have been receiving payments as recently as early this year from a key contractor in the oil-for-food program.


Okay, so Kofi’s son took severance payments from Cotecna, the Swedish firm charged with overseeing Saddam’s scam. Naturally, after the article hit, Kofi said he had no idea. Imagine the nerve of these people knowing that they were under scrutiny yet Kojo continues to take payments, continues to steal from the Iraqi people!

As for Kofi having no idea about his son’s dealings, we have this from the NY Post:

The son of U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan used his father's worldwide connections to wheel and deal with heads of state — at U.N. gatherings — on behalf of a controversial Swiss company that won a lucrative oil-for-food program contract, The Post has learned.
The intense lobbying by Annan's 29-year old son, Kojo, was disclosed in a raft of internal company documents — including Kojo Annan's expense reports — that the company recently turned over to congressional committees under a subpoena.


Okay, so Kofi says he didn’t know anything about son Kojo’s activities although hey, the son’s been all over the world selling his father’s influence.

Last UN oil for food update from the week just passed comes from Newsday. Senator Coleman has called for Kofi Annan’s resignation. It’s a shot over the bow at this point but it is the first public cry for the man to step down. Not that he’s going to leave this position of great wealth right there for the theft.

“Mr. Annan was at the helm of the U.N. for all but a few days of the oil-for-food program, and he must, therefore, be held accountable for the U.N.'s utter failure to detect or stop Saddam's abuses," wrote Coleman.


I Told You So Department

The nuts that can’t accept this past election outcome are demanding recounts and seeing psychiatrists. Only now they are getting a little help in their demented crusades from a source I’d already calculated was their pocketbook. I must quote myself: “I bet those two Libertarian candidates got Democrat money for this stupid endeavor but that's just me.”

Thus, just as I said in this column last week, we find out that the Democratic coffers were behind this recount mania. Below:
Ohio — Today, attorneys representing the Kerry-Edwards campaign filed papers in Delaware County, Ohio to intervene in legal proceedings in defense of Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb, Libertarian Michael Badnarik and their legal counsel, the National Voting Rights Institute, who are seeking a recount of all votes cast for president in the Ohio 2004 general election.



Yes, the man now is designing crossword puzzles for the NY Times! The more interesting thing is this quote on FreeRepublic.

Always a raucous and irreverent group, in response to a posting about President Bill a freeper known as ken5050 posted the following:

Up from the Presidential Record Books

One might therefore deduce than many of the trick clues pertain to US presidents. Right?

Except right below the title, there's this little paragraph, which in itself is very unusual..

"Former President Bill Clinton, whose presidential library opened in Little Rock on Nov18, is a regular crossword solver. He pretested this puzzle for us, finishing it in "less than an hour." ( How does your time compare?) His completed solution grid will be shown next week.."

Now for the barf alert.. In addition, there are several squares in the puzzle that have circles inside them, which means a tick or hidden extra message inside the puzzler. To my "surprise",when completed, it spells out "William Jefferson Clinton" in a semi-circle in the middle of the puzzle block.

The Sunday Times puzzle is usually quite difficult. I usually manage to complete it over the course of the weekend, working a few minutes at a time..and I do it in pen. This one was a piece of cake, a gift, a took me 34 minutes..

So even the puzzle editor of the NY Times is in the tank for Bubba..

BTW, there's one clue, and answer, which, inadvertently, is a hoot..

Clue: 22 Across: Theodore Roosevelt, who was never known as the modest type, is the only US president ever to give an inaugural address...

Answer: "without saying the word 'I' "

And before you even ask, there are NO clues, or answers, pertaining to "Lewinski", "stain" "dress" "impeachment" or "liar"

Note: If anyone is interested, I believe you can download the puzzle off the NY Times Website.

Of course I couldn’t bypass this gem in another response by freeper attiladhun2 who provides suggested “clues” for this Bill Clinton crossword puzzle.

37 Across MONICA
18 Down CIGAR
3 Across WAG THE DOG
45 Across FELLATIO

And Finally We Have This
Possible Botulism-Botox Link Probed

Monday, November 29, 2004

A couple who underwent Botox injections (search) last week were
hospitalized with botulism poisoning, and health officials were
attempting to determine whether the injections were to blame.

The man and woman, both in their 50s, were in critical condition Sunday at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center and were breathing through ventilators, said Dr. Charles Schallop, a neurologist treating them. Hospital officials did not immediately return a call Monday to update their condition.


The drug manufacturer denies that the botulism came from the Botox injections. Hey, it doesn’t take Dr. House to figure this out. Sooner or later such as playing around with deadly bacteria would cause a payback.

Somebody tell Nancy Pelosi.

TOMORROW: For the first time ever, the Fly on the Wall is Republican! The same fly on the wall that used to monitor various Clinton administration meetings now attends a GOP political strategy session. The fly learns quite a bit about GOP strategery as planned in the coming four years from no less than Karl Rove and the President himself. There's plans afoot to deal with The Jersey Girls, the UN's plans to expand, and much more, which the fly happily reveals to those of us without his insect perspective.

In Quotables/Notables there’s wisdom from Coulter, Morris and a real surprise.
Also, must check this liberal’s definition of “values”. Very sad.

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