Grandmother's Predictions for 2005!

Grandmother’s Predictions for the Year of Our Lord, 2005

My predictions for this coming year will follow the same pattern as my posts of events in the year just passed. Yes, I’m going to go out on a limb and make some wild and wooly predictions just for interest.

We shall check my predictions at the year’s end of the year of our Lord 2005, and see how I did.

International Predictions

The Wise I predicts that Iraq will have elections to form a constitutional committee, scheduled to happen by Jan. 19, I believe. They will be successful and slowly but surely that country will embattle its way to freedom and democracy. The House of Saud will shake in fear and little Assad in Syria will be peeing his pants.


I also predict, duh, that the United Nations will continue to be sidelined in the current tsunami crisis. Also, and this is very important, I predict that the death toll from the tsunamis will be WAAAAAY less than originally predicted.

Just a hunch.


The year 2005 will bring major gains in efforts to bring peace to Palestine. Indeed, this pathetic thorn in the world’s side will finally be brought, kicking and screaming, to a current reality. Israel, meanwhile, will continue to build the Wall as a “trust but verify” method of easing its citizens to a restless peace. It won’t all happen this year, but look for great gains in this arena.

National Predictions

This is a tough one. There’s a lot of irons in the fire right now.

First, I predict that Bush will get most of his judicial nominees confirmed despite Democratic bluster. The Dems have overplayed the public’s abortion fears, which is their main reason for denying these nominees last year.

Now the Dems are forced to play their filibuster threat knowing they do NOT have the public’s backing. I say they back down.


Here’s a wild and wooly prediction: A serious, almost successful attempt, will be made on President Bush’s life. Although, it must be understood that on this I hope I am wrong. Yet for so long I’ve been uneasy in that an assassination might be considered as a final desperate action to stop democracy where the thugs have oil-moneyed control. In fact, I suspect that behind the scenes there’s been plenty of interruptions of possible assassination attempts, either in their plotting infancy even up to an almost implement able plan. I fear the best laid plans of mice, men and all that. Sooner or later a tiny mistake, an underestimation, who knows.

I don’t, however, think such an action will be successful. But the American public WILL know about it.


Again I don’t think the Dems are going to gain any ground by fighting Bush’s overhaul and partial privatization of social security. This is another of their favorite issues but again, over-playing their hand. This country’s demons of yore are not the demons we face today.

I predict Bush will push through social security reform handily.


Here’s my final wild card. As a result of the many questions over the recent elections, both local and national, Bush will, in a surprising move, push through election reform.

He will use his national podium to describe a better, more efficient and accurate system of voting. He will use the Dems own words against them, that “making every vote” count thing.

Although it is unconstitutional for the federal government to dictate voting methodologies within the states, the federal government can control this like they do every other thing in the states: offering beaucoup federal dollars towards the installation of new state voting systems and methodologies.

This might even be announced in Bush’s 2005 State of the Union speech.


Major Events for Kaitlyn Mae

Not that it’s all that hard to predict where a going-on-two year old will go in that year of life following her first.

She’s an American baby, sweet Granddaughter, and will likely continue to learn about life, for sure she will start talking, who knows, maybe she’ll start reading my Blog.

My wild prediction for sweet Granddaughter is that she will become, in her second full year of life, quite the dancer.

You read that right. For Kaitlyn has been a baby wanting to dance since she learned to bounce up and down. She’s struggled to walk just as soon as her limbs would allow, even, at one desperate point, inventing her own way of walking.

Ah, but it is the art of the dance this child wants to embrace.

Check out this Blog to see how Kaitlyn progresses.


How About the Pop Culture?

The Wise I does not disdain American pop culture like the more famous pundits like to put on. Indeed I consider our pop culture to be almost as important an indicator of the country’s personality as our politics.

I predict that Michael Pervert Jackson will finally go behind bars. His trial will finally come to fruition and this time I think the prosecutors got him solid.

Only, okay, here’s my wild card. Jackson will NEVER go to jail. Predict a Michael Jackson suicide should the day arrive in 2005 when it’s time to lead him to the Big House.

The West Wing, in a bow to last year’s elections, will have more conservative influence. President Bartlett can not run for re-election. Fine time to get a Republican in the picture.


Garden Predictions for 2005

I’m not sure how to predict for a garden.

But hey, let’s go out on a limb and predict that my Rose of Sharon bushes, twigs really when I planted them in front of my front side fence last year, will take off and show me how they enjoy their new spot.

And don’t forget the Canna! This year, Grandmother’s daughter will have blooming canna.

Finally, 2005 might be the year Grandmother finally finds a weeping crab apple tree somewhere on this planet.

For more information on what the hell I’m talking about, refer to my garden catalogue missive.


True Crime Predictions

Well how can I predict future true crimes? Without actually predicting them then going out and committing them?

I will assert that any true crimes in the future will heavily involve the Internet in some form or fashion. The medium is, regrettably, a find vehicle on which to plot, scheme and implement nefarious deeds.

Finally, Lisa Montgomery will go on trial late in the year and if you think Scott Peterson’s trial was excruciating, wait until you experience this bizarre trial.

Perhaps by then I will have completed, insert wink here, Carl Boman’s book about his life with this famed murderer.

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