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Mahmoud Abbas, President of Palestine, joins the President in a press conference. I must wonder if Abbas came over to tattletale on Israel. Bush did mention some things ISRAEL would have to stop doing.

Now I understand Abbas has somehow reduced the number of terror attacks on Israel. Which makes me really wonder if those two countries can ever live in peace. When Abbas had his time to talk he said that Israel was going to have to take down check points and roadblocks. Bush, who spoke before Abbas, said nothing of the sort.

From Foxnews:
President Bush welcomed Mahmoud Abbas (search), the democratically elected leader of the Palestinian people, to the White House on Thursday and commended the leader for agreeing that terror against Israelis must end in order to create a two-state solution in the Middle East.

Here's One Way to Avoid Arrest
Guy kills his former girlfriend then climbs on a crane, stopping traffic on a major thoroughfare. Why don't the cops or someone just move the crane?

Murder Suspects Waits It Out on Crane Posted by Hello

Fro m
A man wanted in Florida in the death of his girlfriend climbed an 18-story crane at a construction site and remained there Thursday morning as authorities tried to talk him down.
The man got onto the crane around 5 p.m. Wednesday and stayed there, indicating he was contemplating suicide, Atlanta police spokesman Sgt. John Quigley said Thursday.
Florida officials identified the man as Carl Edward Roland, 41, who was wanted by the Pinellas County, Florida, sheriff's department in the slaying of his former girlfriend.

Repubs Schnookered; Bolton Not Nominated
It's a filibuster that's not a filibuster. The Dems are demanding some classified documents and it the DOCUMENTS they are filibustering.

At least that's what they say.

I'm tired of hearing excuses from those I helped put into power. I have no respect for any Republican senator right now and am not sure I ever will again.

I'm just going to ignore them from now on.
Did Anybody Hear "Law & Order's" Slam of Tom Delay?
First the chairman of the Democratic party says Tom Delay, who did nothing wrong and has been charged with nothing, should return to Texas to serve his jail term.

Then on TV for God's sake, in an episode when two judges are killed, one of the characters comments that they "should look for someone in a Tom Delay Tshirt".

Why on earth? Tom Delay did recently comment that he is tired of judges legislating from the bench and would work to unseat them. The man never mentioned murder.

Is this the network's idea of a joke?

Tom Delay fired charges but sheesh, how bad are these guys going to get beat up for daring to win the last election?
Scoop on Filibuster Deal
We heard that the Republican leadership and the White House were not sure they had the 50 votes to invoke cloture on the nomination of Owens. All concerned were worried about how Arlen Spector was going to vote. Arlen Spector has been a thorn in the Republican's side and recently narrowly was not appointed to the judiciary committee chair because of those concerns.

So, as the rumors go, Senator DeWine and Graham were sent with the Dems to make the deal.

Hmmm. Spector is again a problem. The Repubs still keep them around. I know the voters elected Spector but the Repub leadership did NOT have to make him chairman of the judiciary.

But who am I but a mere voter?

Who's more than a bit bitter.

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God Bless America
If there’s a story, if it will sell, if Ebay will auction it off, than an enterprising American somewhere will capitalize on it.

Some cite this tendency the reason why America is hated but come on, ‘Jennifer’s High Tailin’ Hot Sauce’? Runaway Bride action figures?

Yes if Jennifer Wilbanks, shoplifter, kook and owner of buggy eyes, thought her life so muddled that she had to run from it, well her trials and tribulations are just beginning. For she will now have to face a lifetime of ridicule and by me that may be the best punishment of all.

ATLANTA (AP) — Maybe hot sauce is the cure for cold feet.

‘‘Jennifer’s High Tailin’ Hot Sauce,’’ a nod to the saga of runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks, has sold briskly since its debut Wednesday.

‘‘I’m in the hot sauce business and this is the hottest thing I’ve got right now,’’ said ‘‘Pappy’’ David Ryan, who runs Pappy’s Peppers in Lawrenceville, Ga. and says he’s sold 10 cases of the private-label sauce.

He’s not the only one cashing in:, a Danbury, Conn.-based manufacturer, has sold out of its first batch of 250 Runaway Bride action figures at $24.95 each.

The foot-tall figures feature a dark-haired woman in jogging pants with a colorful towel similar to the one Wilbanks wore over her head and a midriff-baring jogging shirt that says ‘‘Vegas Baby.’’

Wilbanks items have also flooded eBay since a man auctioned off a slice of toast carved with a drawing of the runaway bride for $15,400. (The winning bidder has refused to pay.)

‘‘It’s an unbelievably incredible story,’’ said Emil Vicale, who owns ‘‘We had over a million hits in one day. That’s never happened before.’’

As a public service for yon readers eager to order this merchandise, links are so provided.



You are very welcome.

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The Mysterious Piano Man
Many consider it an ongoing scam of some sort, the sudden appearance of a man on an English beach, dressed in full party regalia with missing tags. He has since remained mute save for the surprise of playing the piano fluidly.

If it is a scam then it’s a very well-thought out one.

The man, in his twenties or thirties, was found dressed in a smart suit and tie, wandering aimlessly near Sheerness, Kent on 7 April.

He has not uttered a word and is nervous of people, but surprised his carers by giving a virtuoso performance on a piano.

A spokesman for West Kent NHS Trust, which is following up the leads from the National Missing Persons Helpline, said it will take several days to sort through them.

But many of them have already proved fruitless. Dozens of people had suggested he was Swedish musician Martin Sturfalt, 26, who bears a striking similarity to the mystery man.

The concert pianist, who spends time in London and Stockholm, even received calls from worried friends asking if he was well.

Michael Camp, the Piano Man’s social worker, said he was hopeful that one of the calls would prove fruitful, but was beginning to lose faith that the man’s identity would ever be known.

He said: "It’s been such a long time. If nobody can name this guy then I don’t see how we can possibly find out."

In a recent update

Care worker Michael Camp said: "He has still not uttered a single word. He will take meals three times a day but returns immediately to his music and still recoils from human contact."

Despite 300 possible identities, there was no breakthrough. Police said they have cut the list to three.

American Idol Finalists
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Rapist School Teacher Finally Marries Her “Victim”
We hear the rights to photos and videotape of the wedding ran anywhere from $60,000 to $100,000.

We also hear that Vili and Mary Kay need the money.

Not that theirs is not a marriage of wedded bliss and not that we don't wish them well.

This spacey lady twelve years older than her “husband”. Said husband having no discernible job with a bleak future being a high school dropout. I’m pretty sure Mary Kay won’t be teaching school anymore.

And so God Bless America again. They are playing the public as fools. We’ll see if they win.
Mary Kay & Vili's Wedding!
Entertainment Tonight
May 20, 2005

After seven years apart and eight months of wedding preparations,ex-teacher MARY KAY LETOURNEAU and her former student VILI FUALAAU have finally said "I do" in a private ceremony on Friday. JANN CARL was the only reporter invited to the wedding.

The bride wore a white gown embroidered with handmade lace flowers and approximately 200 people attended the ceremony, which was held at the Columbia Winery in Woodinville, WA, about 20 miles northeast of Seattle.

The Smoking Monkey
Husband has been bemoaning the fate of the smoking monkey for a week now.

“All she wants to do is have a quiet smoke,” husband lamented. “The tobacco police won’t even leave the monkeys alone.

For the monkey has been fitted with a patch and has been weaned from her nasty habit.

The exact thing the tobacco Nazis would love to do to every smoker in America.

Soon. It’s coming soon.

Then the SUV Nazis and Fastfood Nazis can begin their campaign.

With enough time we will be a sainted, albeit miserable, nation.

A chimpanzee has taken up smoking and spitting, according to China's Xinhua news agency.

It is unclear why Feili, 13, has started smoking but her zoo keeper said it was because she was frustrated.

She has turned from a "gentle girl" into a "shrew", said Liu Bing, director of Zhengzhou zoo, Henan province.

Mr Liu said Feili's partner at the zoo was 28 years her senior, and was unable "to meet her sexual demands".

Feili was not addicted to nicotine, he said, but was just imitating tourists.

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Visit Delaware Compilation Page for all Delaware posts. It’s a veritable history of corruption as it occurs across the first state.

GOP lawmakers call for tax rebate
Delaware Republicans, do NOT take heart. The GOP in this state is RINO (Republican in Name Only). The entire state is controlled by Biden, his cronies, including the Nanny Governor.

So any talk of a tax rebate, or even that vaunted decrease in the business sales tax, probably won’t happen. Last year the Delaware Repubs talked circles round and round about ending the horrific public employee pay raises proposed by some Nanny controlled committee or other. In the end, the pubs did what? Absolutely nothing.

I know the state GOP reads the Delaware entries on this Blog. The head of Delaware’s Republican party somehow ended up on my buddy list.


Sussex county will see to it.
As reported on 1150 AM, WDEL, May 12, 2005

Some members of the General Assembly want to see Delawareans get a five hundred dollar tax rebate check in the mail.

The group of republican lawmakers say the state has surplus funds that it shouldn't hold and simply add to next year's budget.

Talking to a Hair-Plugged Wall
And so some more GOP email asks that I sign the petition to persuade our senators to stop blocking Bush judicial nominees.

Has anyone told these RINOs that no way Jose no way should the cows come home no way so long as there is still a camera on this planet, will Joe Biden EVER stop blocking nominees. Biden is owned lock, stock and barrel by the Clintons and he controls Nanny Minner.

Still, for Delawarians who might want to waste their time, the petition link is below.

Delaware-the Schizophrenic State
Face it. Delaware doesn’t know what it wants to be.

The north is urban with no ocean. The south is conservative with a big ocean nearby. The south used to be farmland. The south is now being populated at an amazing rate by residents from other states.

It used to be that Delaware took great pride in its congenial politicians, once declaring that Dems are the same as Repubs in this state.

But Democratic corruption and hysteria is creating a divide between these so-called political chums. Just as soon as we un-elect all these RINOs we’ll have a decent competitive two party system in this state.

Until then, take this to the bank: Nanny Minner will do everything in her power politically to stop the growth in Sussex county. The new folks pouring into Sussex county, hey, they’re conservatives! Can’t have that.

Now the farm people are all in a twitter over Nanny’s latest initiative to “improve Delaware”. Ah, if only I could believe. For the limits suggested by Nanny’s five part plan might even be a good thing. I’ll never believe a thing she and her handler Biden do will ever be for anything but their own political benefit.

For there are vast tracts of farm land in Sussex county that farmers are looking to sell to developers. No use denying it. These big farms are all getting queries and the farmers know that Delaware as a farming area, especially Sussex county, will likely be no more. There’s a huge resort area nearby and such as huge agricultural areas will likely be reserved for the Midwest and not in the Northeast.

But ah so. Nanny wants to “improve” Delaware by making it difficult for those farmers to sell their tracts of land to developers. Figuring, I must conclude, that by making it difficult to build new homes that the influx of the conservatives from other states will be stemmed.

Don’t even try to look for any “greater good” here. It’s always about the liberals keeping their few remaining bastions of power.

They NEED the great Wilmington dead vote.

The farm bureau's top worry is a bill being prepared that would ban the use of community septic systems in rural areas outside designated growth zones.

Instead of having septic systems for individual houses, developers build a large system for many houses, allowing them to build at a greater density.

The bill also would limit growth in those rural areas to one home per four acres.

What Does Chaffinch Have on Nanny Minner?

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The man tells smutty jokes and refers to his penis as “Willie”. The state has paid out thousands in lost lawsuits because of his behavior. He gets five months PAID leave at $138,000 a year. Finally he resigns and the state breathes a sigh of relief.

But oh no. The pervert is going to collect a $69,000 a year pension from the police force and possible take on another state job, which Nanny recommends him for, as Delaware administrator of harness racing.

Yes Chaffinch laughs and denies.

We shall see.

He’s got something on Nanny. Maybe Biden. No politicians would put themselves out for such a creep unless there was waaaaay more to the story than the taxpayers who underwrite this creep know.

L. Aaron Chaffinch, who resigned this month as head of the state police after a stormy tenure of more than three years, now wants another government job: administrator of harness racing.

Chaffinch is one of about 20 applicants for the newly created post, which will pay $60,000 to $75,000 annually.

Controversy marked Chaffinch's tenure as state police superintendent. He was a defendant in several lawsuits, which alleged retaliation, cronyism and reverse race discrimination. In the most recent case, a female captain accused him of telling smutty limericks, propositioning female employees and referring to his genitals by a nickname.

An internal affairs investigation into the captain's claims led to unspecified discipline for Chaffinch, who returned to his $138,000-a-year state police job in March after five months on paid leave.

Rumors have abounded in Delaware

Minner, who had praised Chaffinch this month after he resigned, would not comment on his bid for the harness post. Her spokesman, Gregory B. Patterson, said Minner wants the best-qualified candidate.

Beth Steele, a riding instructor who chairs the five-person commission, said her panel has not been pressured to pick Chaffinch, who built political connections during his long tenure with the state police.

"No one has talked to me," Steele said. "No politician has approached me."

Chaffinch, who will receive a police pension of about $69,000 a year, did not return calls this week. But in April, during an interview with The News Journal in which he denied he would be leaving the state police, Chaffinch acknowledged knowing many thought he would soon have the harness post.

"I've been told I've got the job, and I said, 'That's interesting. I didn't apply for it,' " Chaffinch said then, with a chuckle.

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