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Daily Update:
No Ten Commandments in the Court Room. Also, Greatest American vote in. Some real surprises here.

Also, BTK murderer pleads guilty to ten counts of murder. Does he have an ulterior motive?
It's a True Crime Update.

Breaking news on a horrific murder in Arizona.

Also, Couey, Wilbanks and little more on that alleged military murderer, Albert Martinez.
It's Notable Quotables.

Schafly discusses the missing fathers in our society. There's more on Gitmo.

And Orwell provides the quote this week that says it all.
Lots of Comments this week.

Including Schiavo, Aruba, Baltimore's Gwynn Oak, Hell's Kitchen, Dancing With the Stars.

Goodness, let's not forget John Conyers. This really has the liberals riled.
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The Supremes and The Ten Commandments
It’s okay to have a plaque of the Ten Commandments outside or around the court house, but NOT in the courtroom.

Because the Supremes don’t want to have to tear down all of their historical and majestic statues which I bet, somewhere, include some religious reference.

We really don’t want this country to become like the middle eastern countries, where the law is the Muslim religion essentially. We can plainly see that this sort of governance doesn’t work.

Still it does seem that with all of the demands that we respect the Koran that just once our own courts would kindly respect our country’s Judeo-Christian ethic.

Just once.

I mean, come on, the Ten Commandments are hardly the stuff of insult. Even the Muslims, ESPECIALLY the Muslims, should mind the simple truths of the Ten Commandments.

BTK Murder Dennis Rader Pleads Guilty to Ten Counts of Murder
Saving the Kansas court system a ton of money.

The picture included with this news brief shows an almost kindly man. He is standing with his wife. Who, it is rumored, is the one begging the man to plead guilty and save his family the horrific publicity of the trial.

It’s also rumored that Rader is suffering from cancer and has refused treatment. I wouldn’t believe this right now. The man is a determined publicity seeker. This is exactly the sort of thing that he would fabricate to boost his exposure to the bask of public attention.

Now his family can all write their books and aid in the production of their Lifetime movie.

All those murders and nobody suspected a thing.

Ronald Reagan Voted “Greatest American” on Discovery Channel Poll

1-Ronald Reagan
2- Abraham Lincoln
3- Martin Luther King
4- George Washington
5- Ben Franklin

I am hardly an expert on George Washington but he definitely should have come in first. The man gave up his life almost for this fledgling country. Not that they teach this sort of stuff in public schools or anything.

And in an era when there was no effective mass communication, Washington was greatly beloved by all of young America.

Oh, and George W. Bush came in seventh; Bill Clinton came in eighth.


Here's a Miscellany post.

This Consumer Blogger comes across some grocery store cheating.

And boohoo, the saga of the ceiling fan "palm fronds".

Ending with a laugh over airplane repair humor.
Still the surprise hit of the season, here's an updated review of "Dancing With the Stars".

Who knew the rhumba was such a sexy dance?
It's time for a FishGiggle.

Instructions for giving the cat a pill.

Been there; Done that.

TV Events of Note
New reality series: Average Joes Can Get the Girl

NBC Tuesday, June 28 8:00 PM
Reality, Romance

Anna meets the Joes, and then spends an evening getting to know them at a cocktail party before deciding which Joe will be sent home.

President Bush will address the nation on Iraq at 8:00 pm tonight.

I Want to Be a Hilton
NBC: Tuesday, June 28 9:00 PM

When Kathy tries to teach the teams that giving back is part of the good life, she has the teams organize an auction and estate sale to raise money for breast cancer.

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