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It was a busy news week this past week. All documented and linked in this "Week Just Passed".

And besides Aruba, lots of other stuff happened. Including Durbin the congressional traitor, earthquakes, Schiavo, and Michael Jackson.

Having had enough of CBS' "Hell's Kitchen" and its nasty chef, I chance upon a cooking reality show that is spot on.

A review of Food Network's "Next Food Nextwork Star" here.

Here's a way to determine how long you expect to live given your responses to the questions asked in this web site of the week.

Should it be time to make out your will, remember, the name is "FISH". Just like it sounds.


Daily Update Below.

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It was all Dick Durbin on the Sunday talk shows yesterday.

Who never apologized and will not apologize.

But hey, Al Jazeera is quoting him.

Also, in the Aruba case, Van Der Sloot's parents WERE both brought in for questioning.

The rest of the island will be taken into custody later this week.

It's MONDAY! Start the Week with a Smile.


It's a true crime update.

Final notes on the Michael Jackson case.

Alarming news about John Couey, murderer or Jessica Lunsford.

And of course, Aruba.

Finally, a new and very intriguing true crime flying right now under the radar.
It's Notable/Quotables and we have, of course, Howard Dean.

An interesting quote on Deep Throat and Linda Tripp.

Some thoughts on socialized medicine and how it works, or doesn't work, in Canada

Lots of comments this week, including plenty on the Aruba case, bird calling, and Rush Limbaugh thoughts.


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