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Holloway/Aruba-Story Changes Hourly
Only a few new tidbits on Natalee Holloway’s disappearance during her vacation in Aruba. Below, from a true crime newsgroup, this post was made by an Ashley79. It might well be the first Internet note about Natalee’s disappearance. Copied below in its entirety.

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Just wanted to warn everyone:
My best friend and her husband chaperoned a senior trip of 160 kids down to Aruba, and she returned last night. Her husband had to stay b/c they think that one of the girls was kidnapped, and is possibly in Venezuela now. Her parents flew down, and the State Dept., DEA and several other groups are involved now. She left with a guy from Carlos and Charlie's, and the cops found out that he is a local drug dealer. Just wanted to let everyone know to please stay safe. If anyone in Aruba has any info., please let me know. I should know more later today. Just please say a prayer.

Below is an interesting article. It reports the by now old news that a disc jockey was picked up for questioning in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. As the news dripped out after this occurrence, the fellow’s name was finally learned to be Steve Croes.

Note that the spokeswoman for the attorney general’s name is also Croes.

I am told, let me state very loud here, that CROES is a very common Aruban name.

Could be the truth. Still, one more block in the rubble that is this investigation.
From AP.org:
A judge on Saturday ordered the teenage son of a prominent justice official and two of his friends to stay in jail for at least another week while investigators search for clues in the disappearance of a young Alabama woman.

A disc jockey on an Aruban tourist party boat who also has been detained in the case was to appear before a judge Monday, the attorney general's spokeswoman Mariaine Croes said as the search for 18-year-old Natalee Holloway neared the end of three weeks.

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The most recent info as of this writing (Sunday eve) everyone on the island of Aruba has been arrested and is being held on suspicion of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

No, wait.

Let me take a deep breath.

The disc jockey Steve Croes, as well as the Aruba Three are being held somewhere in Aruba for something.

Van Der Sloot’s parents were also questioned by Aruban investigators but were released. Speculation about the questioning of Joran’s parents has run amok.

His father is an officer of the Aruban court. Although that's been disputed of late and he is now referred to as a "judge in training", whatever that is. These are not lower class persons.

Could it be possible that Joran’s father helped him cover up his crime?

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Michael Jackson-the Aftermath
One might suppose that some gloating is in order.

Jackson had been chased by LA prosecutor Tom Sneddon twice. And twice he got free.

Gloating would be in order, indeed tolerable, were this some sort of contest or betting wager.

In the case of Michael Jackson, he has been set free by a California jury to molest young boys with dysfunctional mothers, dark complexions, aged around, say 13. And he shall do so unfettered by any niceties of law.

Because who’s going to go after him again?

So on the first day after the verdict, Jackson’s hype team compares the not-guilty verdict to the freeing of South Africa’s Nelson Mandela.

Michael Jackson.com

Now we have this, a verbatim copy of a newsgroup post:
MICHAEL JACKSON's defence attorney is urging the pop superstar to return to court and file a "malicious prosecution" suit against Santa Barbara District Attorney TOM SNEDDON and his team.
THOMAS MESEREAU feels his client was unjustly treated from day one as Sneddon and investigators aggressively sought to bring child molestation charges against Jackson after raiding his Neverland Ranch home in November 2003.

And he's convinced the pop star would be more than justified in going after the prosecution team in his trial, which ended on Monday (13JUN05) with Jackson being acquitted on all charges.

Speaking exclusively to US newsman LARRY KING on CNN on Tuesday night (14JUN05), Mesereau stated, "Do I think this was done maliciously and unfairly? Absolutely.
"I think that he was treated in a way that no one else would have been similarly treated. It's because he's a mega-celebrity."

Mesereau insisted the prosecution team lost its case early in the trial because it failed to do its homework.

Now Jackson might sue the TAXPAYERS!

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Finally, the Jackson family, who finally wrested control of Michael’s money from him due to his very poor health and confusion, held a shindig at a casino.

Here’s the interesting part…the juror lady who asked us all what mother would allow her child to sleep with Michael-as if Michael were totally helpless over the matter- was a guest at this post-verdict victory celebration.

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Read Sample Prize Winning Story for Mystery and Mirth

Distressing News on the Jessica Lunsford Case
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Cindy Adams, a gossip columnist for the NY Post of all things, reports in her column that she visited Mark Lunsford while he was in NY recently.

She says that Mark told her that John Couey might go free because he wasn’t read his rights before his confession.

Below is her column in the entirety. The information provided by Mark to Cindy is quite interesting.
June 13, 2005 -- MARK LUNSFORD. Don't know the name? You may remember his story. Four months ago his 8-year-old, Jessica, asleep in her own bed, was kidnapped, assaulted and killed by a sexual predator. Mark was all over TV. Long hair, tattoos, this trucker from Homosassa, Fla., looks a little like a bum. What he is - or was - is a single parent who lost his sweet-faced kid. Here last week, begging New York legislators to strengthen existing laws that permit convicted offenders to pose a threat to children, he wound up at my house for lunch. I asked how he's holding up.

"I cry when I'm home alone," he said. "I hurt a lot. I just don't want anybody to see it. I guess it's a pride thing.

"I've mainly tried to avoid dealing with it. Rather than lay down in pain, I'm fightin' to save other folks' children. You can't accomplish nothing by falling apart. It may yet come that I do, but for right now I haven't got time."

We know what happened to Jessica. She was eventually found 150 yards from her own bedroom, buried underneath the killer's mobile home. But what's happening to her murderer, John Couey?

"I don't know," said Mark. "I only know for sure he should burn in hell . . .
Look, three people were inside that trailer with Jessica. Couey, his sister who bought him a bus ticket to get out of town, and another person. Couey, who even the sheriff said is wacked out of his mind, confessed. Admitted to investigators he kept her locked inside his bedroom closet.

"But we may lose this confession because cops neglected to read him his rights. Forget any death penalty, we may even lose the charge of killing my daughter, raping her and burying her alive because of a technicality.

"Two state attorneys told me, 'We got problems with this case. We may lose it.' Florida law enforcement is unaggressive. Prosecutor Brad King won't prosecute because, he says, he now can't get a conviction. Herb Cohen, who's my lawyer for free because he believes so strongly in what we're trying to do, says we'll have to go to court because, what's happening is, they're making a deal with a criminal. We still have no results of the autopsy. How long's it take for an autopsy?
"Jeb Bush said he'd appoint a special prosecutor. This special prosecutor then said he'll 'look into it.' "

Wearing a necklace with his daughter's picture, speaking quietly and slowly, Mark Lunsford then said: "But we just got some evidence they don't even know about.
"The mobile-home owner who rented it to Couey wants it re-rented. So he needs to fix it up. So who's he hire to redo it? A friend of mine. This friend calls me and says, 'Hey, a carpet's in the closet with bloodstains.' Cops never even saw it. They just sat on the bed talking with Couey's sister while he and Jessica were inside. They never even checked. Never even opened the closet to look inside. They said he only kept Jessica there, 'one night.' Couey himself admitted he kept her there six days.

"The cops erected a command center so dogs could track the scent. So where did they erect this command center? Right in the path of everyone coming and going so the area's been contaminated. Florida's got Keystone Kops."

Lawyer Herb Cohen hasn't said it in so many words but could be there's some lawsuit down the line. And what are he and Mark Lunsford telling District Attorney Jeanine Pirro, Sen. Martin Golden and other New York legislators?

"That your laws here are weak. Sexual predators are off control after 10 years. They must be monitored for life. The children they attack are branded for their whole lives. You need to increase penalties, 25 years to life. If there's not yet a punch-in federal data base then there has to be a New York one. Anytime a child anywhere is raped or killed because some guy says, 'Get in the car or I'll kill you,' we're all responsible. You're talking about our kids.

"Couey's probation officer didn't even know he was a sex offender.

"We need a GPS global monitoring system. Martha Stewart's wearing an ankle bracelet, and sickos who can't be trusted are on the honor system to register when they move?
"You kill a child? You rape a child? I want an express lane to death row. Don't tell me perverts have rights. So did that kid. So did that parent.

"I lost my child and suddenly I'm trying to be knowledgeable. I'm not educated. I have no money. I live with my parents because I can only work two to three days a week because I'm spending so much time on this. But Jessie was my partner. My pal. Every weekend I took her to karaoke.

"When she came up missing, detectives said I had a partying lifestyle. They asked me, 'Did you take your daughter?' I said, 'You may be official and you may be able to whip my ass, but I'm figuring to hit you.' "

This has also been reported on Fox’s O’Reilly factor. I watched it on Friday 6/17/05. Lunsford’s lawyer said that Brad King, prosecutor for this case, won’t bring charges against the others in the mobile home because he is protecting the sheriff.

Who did not read John Couey his rights.

Now it COULD be that Couey blurted out a confession before the sheriff had a chance to read him his rights. Much less find a tape recorder.

Although it would seem that the cops would tell him to shut up until all of this was tended to. But at the time, as I recall, it wasn’t known if Jessica was dead. Yes, everyone believed so as a child missing over a day is usually not a good thing. So the sheriff might have tried to keep Couey talking in case he revealed where Jessica was.

I’m not saying this is true and I’m not saying I even believe this.

But I simply don’t believe the sheriff’s office botched this case so badly as to not read a criminal his rights or get a tape recorded confession.

What’s to stop the sheriff from getting a tape recorded confession now? Just grab a tape recorder and go in there and have him state it all again.

Of course that’s too simplistic. But I’m sensing smoke here with no fire.

In due course it will come out.

Because if Couey walks then all of America will be outraged.

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No comment.
Runaway Bride's Dowry Deal
Top Agent Offers $500,000 for Story Rights; NBC Gets Interview

By Howard Kurtz
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, June 16, 2005; Page C01

New York superagent Judith Regan has bought the rights to the life
stories of runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks and her fiance after
offering them $500,000 for a package that -- in an unusual twist --
included the first news interview with the couple.

NBC anchor Katie Couric interviewed the couple last weekend for an
hour-long prime-time special to air Tuesday.

Looming, an Interesting True Crime
It’s flying low under the radar, but it seems that an army sergeant has been charged with the murder of two superior officers.

This true crime will be interesting in two ways: how it’s “proved” and how it’s prosecuted.

It’s a war zone!

Bullets fly. IED’s ignite.

What a perfect place to kill someone you loathe.

This story has been reported on in a few places. I heard Greta was heading to Kuwait.

For this case will be tried by the military.

Look for much more on this to come.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - An Army National Guard staff sergeant has been charged with premeditated murder in a “fragging incident” that killed two senior officers at a U.S. base near Tikrit last week, the U.S. military said Thursday.

Army officials told NBC News that Staff Sgt. Alberto B. Martinez had been disciplined by the two officers, a possible motive for the attack. The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, did not disclose the nature of the disciplinary action.

(snip) A military statement said that Martinez, 37, a supply specialist with the Headquarters and Headquarters Company of the 42nd Infantry Division, was charged Wednesday in the June 7 deaths of the two officers at Forward Operating Base Danger, near Tikrit, Saddam Hussein’s hometown 80 miles north of Baghdad.

The 42nd Infantry Division is a New York-based National Guard unit.

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Canadian Health Care

Soon to be American Health Care if we get “Hillary Care”.

"The (Canadian) universal health-care system--while considered one of the fairest in the world--has been plagued by long waiting lists and a lack of doctors, nurses and new equipment. Some patients wait years for surgery, MRI machines are scarce and many Canadians travel to the United States for medical treatment. In most Canadian provinces, it is illegal to seek faster treatment and jump to the head of the line by paying out of pocket for public care. Private health clinics have sprouted up even though they are technically illegal, though the provincial governments tend to look the other way."

- Associated Press

One’s a Hero; the Other’s a Bitch
From Jay Bryant, Townhall.com
if you rat out a Republican, you are an honored and reliable source of information. If you rat out a Democrat, you are a skulking low-life scoundrel.

Mark Felt. Linda Tripp. Two truth-telling whistle-blowers whose revelations contributed to the resignation or impeachment of Presidents. To one, encomiums are sung in the newsrooms of the world, while the other is written off as a heartless busybody.

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Explaining Howard Dean

Ah. Makes sense now.
"Howard Dean...has the sense of humor you expect to find in Vermont, which is not really a state but a collection of cheese and craft boutiques squeezed between New York and New Hampshire. The winters are so cold in Vermont that summer, which arrives in August and sometimes lasts for nearly a week, never can quite thaw everything and the governor's sense of humor remains locked in ice the year 'round."

- Wes Pruden, Pruden On Politics, 6/10/05


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Commenter Sums Up Reality Show “Hell’s Kitchen Handily”

First Blog review-Hell’s Kitchen

Second Review-Hell’s Kitchen
Comments: The show is like a train wreck: I can\'t help but watch.

On Baltimore’s Gwynn Oak Park

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Reminisce-Hairspray, Gwynn Oak and Civil Rights
I am from Baltimore too and have many remembrances of Gwynn Oak Park and Enchanted Forest too as a matter of fact. It is a shame that neither one of them are still around. Kids today have no idea of what they are missing.....I am still in Baltimore and miss both places terribly.

Posted by Cathy to The Kaitlyn Mae Book Blog at 6/10/2005 09:54:27 PM

On Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh Trivia Here
Received the following comment via email.

I must disagree with the commenter. Because I heard Rush say with mine own lying ears that when he does “re-va-rund jack-son” in an exaggerated drawl that he is imitating his personal hero, Bill Buckley.

Though that drawl DOES sound a lot like Jesse Jackson himself I must say.

Also some other interesting information in the comment.

Rush is NOT parodying Bill Buckley when he says Rehv-rund Jax-sund. He is mimicing the reverand Jackson's own pronunciation. When Robert Reich was asked how to pronounce his own name, he said "Ryiiii Ssssheh!". All you need to do is say something you wish you hadn't and Rush will make sure that your nightmare is fulfilled. The Islamic leader Farrakhan was once a calypso singer; therefore Calyso Louie.

Rush lost his hearing due to the high amounts of aspirin contained in his favorite addictive drug. It is generaly referred to as an "auto immune disease" to save embarrasment. The House Ear Institute did his coclear implant and they are the premier hospital for this operation. They have done many implants for others who have lost hearing from this same drug. Here is the link to their artical about Sensorineural Hearing Loss (due to aspirin, quinine, ect).

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Rush does not tie his brain behind his back. He ties HALF his brain. Just like money is not the root; it is love of money that is the root.

When Rush says that his talent is on loan from Gawwd he copies Chuck Heston's pronunciation. And who is a better authority than someone who has personly talked to the being?

There is no one who does this schtick better than the Lovable Fuzzball. I just wish he was more Libertarian and never discused women's body parts and functions. I can't think of a worse advisor on marrage.

-- Colin- Flawda
You deserve a pat on the back.

Calling the Birds

A reader emails a question about calling birds. Something very possible to do.

Cardinal Fiction-“Red Calling”

A Reader Raises a Baby Cardinal
Have you ever called up a cardinal? This morning I was playing around with a male cardinal in my back yard by mimicking his call. Tweeeeet, tweeeeeet, tweeeeeet-- Tweet, Tweet, Tweet, Tweet. He went nuts trying to locate the new bird. Have you ever witnissed such? What is your experience with calling up red birds?


Below, my response to the question.

Oh I believe the cardinal responded to your "noise".

Not to cast aspersions at your imitation of a cardinal, but I suspect your red bird buddy was responding to your "noise", which he likely thought might be a strange bird trespassing on his territory.

In fact ALL birds can be coaxed from the brush and trees by any noise they might interpret as coming from another bird.

A popular bird calling technique is to "kiss" the fleshy area between your thumb and wrist. Said "kiss" to consist of sucking air from that area in such a manner as to produce a noise that birds might not know from which "bird" it comes but they WILL think it's another interloper and come down to check.

There are also many bird-calling devices that can be purchased. These devices can often be twisted or blown in like a whistle and the birds will all come down to check it out.

Birds are very nosey and they worry constantly who might be about and ready to take over their territory.

Keep practicing. Soon you'll have them landing on your head!

Question About Randolph Dial
Who is that Rasputin like criminal who ran off with Bobbi Jo Parker. Who he kidnapped so it is said. But Mrs. Parker was held by Dial for almost ten years.

Dial was in jail for murdering Kelly Hogan, a Karate instructor. Dial claimed he was paid to do the hit job. The commenter is asking who Dial allegedly did the hit job for.

My response was that I was not sure that ANYONE paid Dial to kill Hogan as the investigators did not put much stock in his claim.

If any yon reader has more info please email me with any confidentiality required and all details known.


Who Is Randolph Dial
I know Kelly Hogan's wife (she is now married to a member of my family) and would be very curious to know if there is any information about who may have paid Dial to kill this man. Could you email me with any ideas about getting the information? This woman does not communicate with anyone I know of about this matter. Thanks

The Aruba Saga

A reader asks:
Is Freddy flashing a gang sign in the picture of the Aruba 3? Lynn

Posted by to The Kaitlyn Mae Book Blog at 6/12/2005 10:03:50 AM

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I don’t know. Is he?
Call to Boycott Aruba

It really might come to this.

BOYCOTT ARUBA and the other Dutch Islands! Since that is what they care about - the almighty dollar and tourists - teach them the lesson that the safety and return of our children mean more than their tourism.

Please help Natalee Hollaway and her parents, and other parents. In 1998 another girl named Amy also went missing in the Dutch islands hours after being in Aruba. She has been seen since by numerous people still in the islands area as a prisoner in sex brothels.

Back then, as now, those parents could not get any help to actually find their daughter. Both parents of both girls have been on TV asking the worldwide public for help to get their daughers back. Amy's parents were on this weekend to remind people that their daughter is also still missing there, and Natalee's mom was on TV last night and this morning begging for help.

The main boy who took Natalee and knows where she is (alive or her body) is a rich spoiled kid whose father is an Aruban judge. His parents have hired the best big shot lawyer their law has to get him off scott free - meanwhile Natalee's parents can't find her and are being stonewalled everywhere they turn.

Aruba is making a show of helping, even attempting to railroad 2 guys while they let the 3 kids that actually had Natalee go free for over 12 days to get rid of any evidence. Their only interest is in protecting their judge's son and their tourist reputation and economy.

The main news channels all weekend told of this kid's bad reputation, bad temper, etc. including that the Aruban law states that you have to be at least 18 to drive, drink or be in casino's - yet he has a new car, drinks and uses casinos - all because his dad is the law on the island so he thinks he can get away with anything he wants. The news shows told of this kid's website that told about his conquests with other foreign tourist girls, etc. but they now have disabled it. The boy has his judge dad and big shot lawyer - Natalee has nothing - unless we - the world - helps.

Help even up the situation and show Aruba that Natalee and Amy have to be found FAST. If their economy is what really counts - then - BOYCOTT ARUBA, go to US Virgin Islands, or somewhere else - but stop spending any money towards Aruba until Amy and Natalee (or their body) are found and the perps are in jail permanently. Worldwide - please BOYCOTT ARUBA ! Help find these girls!

Posted by J to The Kaitlyn Mae Book Blog at 6/13/2005 10:35:22 AM

Finally, a compliment via email:

Love your blog!
I've profiled it on mine in the right sideblog at
Capital Region People Blog


Check it out. Complete with my little fish logo. Too cute.
I thank you Dave.

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