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Daily Update:

While The Old Media spent all day harping on the Karl Rove story orchestrated by the Democrats and creepy Joe Wilson, an American soldier was killed by a bomber while giving candy to Iraqi children.

Also, there’s waaaaaaay more to this Joseph Duncan of Idaho/Groene fame than meets the eye.
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Just some pics of KAITLYN MAE and her favorite food as she enjoys her vacation at Wildwood New Jersey.
Here's a REMINISCE about revenge.

Does anyone out there remember Western Electric?

Does anyone out there know what Icky Pick is?

Check out how this Grandmother once got a well-deserved revenge.

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Soldier Distributing Candy to Iraqi Children Killed

Oh, and there’s the investigation into the London bombing, a horrific train crash in Pakistan and Joseph Duncan who murdered three people in their home so he could steal the children.

But it was all Rove all the time by the pathetic Old Media. The biggest non-story of the year orchestrated by creepy Joe Wilson and his Democratic buddies. And man, The Old Media is having a blast aren’t they?

They are almost fun to watch. Deep in their tiny black hearts they know this isn’t a story. They know it and if they say not they are peeing upon our feet and describing it as rain.

Let’s talk about that evil American soldier killed while giving Iraqi candy.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think that Islamic bomber who killed all those innocent people is waaaaaaaay worse than Karl Rove.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - A suicide car bomber sped up to American soldiers distributing candy to children and detonated his explosives Wednesday, killing up to 27 other people, U.S. and Iraqi officials said. One U.S. soldier and about a dozen children were among the dead.

At least 21 others, including three U.S. soldiers, were injured in the attack, the second major suicide bombing in Baghdad this week. A suicide attacker killed 25 people Sunday at an Iraqi army recruiting center.

The fireball from Wednesday's blast also set a nearby house ablaze, the U.S. military said. The attack stunned the impoverished east Baghdad neighborhood of mostly Shiite Muslims and Christians. An elderly woman dressed in traditional black beat her chest in front of her house in grief.

"There were some American troops blocking the highway when a U.S. Humvee came near a gathering of children, and U.S. soldiers began to hand them candies," said Karim Shukir, 42. "Then suddenly, a speeding car bomb showed up and struck both the Humvee and the children."


Why Are All These Businessmen Helping Pervert Joseph Duncan?

If Aruba wasn’t constantly occupying Greta and evil Karl Rove taking all the air out of the atmosphere by the happy media people, THIS would be the story of the year.

Year’s a fellow who broke into a home, horrifically bludgeoned three people, then stole THEIR CHILDREN!

And it gets better. For this guy, already having served 16 years time in jail for raping a 14 year old boy at gun point, accused again of sexually molesting children, and it seems that prominent businessmen all over the Fargo area are jumping to give this guy money!

Duncan got, get this, $15,000 smackaroos from a “well-known Fargo businessman” that allowed Duncan freedom to do his terrible deed.

And how about this Doctor man who not only lent Duncan money but pled with the parole board to release Duncan to come and live with him and his vulnerable children?

There’s a connection between these people.

Somebody please tell Greta.

Businessman helped Duncan
By Dave Forster,
The Fargo Forum
Published Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A well-known Fargo businessman wrote Joseph Duncan a $15,000 personal check to cover his April bail for two Minnesota child molestation charges, police said Monday.

Joe Crary, 51, wrote the check to Duncan on April 5, the same day a Becker County judge set his bail at that amount, said Detroit Lakes Police Investigator Chad Jutz.

Duncan, a registered Level III sex offender who moved to Fargo from a Washington state prison in 2000, was in court that day on charges he molested a boy and tried to touch another in July 2004 on a Detroit Lakes playground. A couple of weeks after posting bail, Duncan went missing.

He's now charged with kidnapping siblings Shasta Groene, 8, and Dylan Groene, 9, and is suspected of murdering their family in rural Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Dylan Groene was found slain last week in a western Montana forest.

Idaho prosecutors said Monday they would charge Duncan with first-degree murder in at least three of the deaths.

Crary, a former executive member of the Fargo-Cass County Economic Development Corp., explained his connection to Duncan in a statement he faxed Monday night to The Forum.

"We both enjoyed biking on the bike trails in Fargo and we became acquaintances," Crary wrote. "In my contact with him, I saw him like many others apparently did - he was polite, soft spoken, and seemed sincere in turning his life around."

Duncan was also having financial problems, Crary wrote.

"I was trying to help him get things straightened out, just like I have tried to help many others over the years."

Duncan mentions a "Joe" in a Jan. 30 post to his Web journal, Blogging the Fifth Nail:

"My friend Joe has agreed to take me by the hand financially and show me how to spend my money constructively. Now that is a good friend! I've been out of prison for almost five years now and I'm still living from paycheck to paycheck."

Crary's faxed statement was responding to interview requests from the newspaper. He said he would make no other statement on the matter.

A subpoena of Duncan's bank records

Dr. Richard Wacksman, a pediatrician who once lived in Fargo and worked at MeritCare Hospital, told police he gave $6,500 to Duncan before his first court hearing to help with attorney fees.

In 1997, Wacksman asked a prison board in Washington to allow Duncan to be released to live at Wacksman's home in Harwood, N.D., just north of Fargo. The board members, who were considering whether to send Duncan back to prison for parole violations, rejected the proposal, saying they wouldn't "expose his children to that kind of risk," prison records show.

Joseph Duncan Charged


COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho Jul 12, 2005 - A convicted sex offender charged with kidnapping and murder spent days stalking the home where three people were bludgeoned to death and two young children were abducted, according to court documents.

Joseph Edward Duncan III had spotted 8-year-old Shasta Groene playing in a bathing suit with her 9-year-old brother, Dylan, the documents say.

"(Duncan) told her he watched her two or three days, and at night would peer
inside the home," Detective Brad Maskell told the judge, according to records from a closed-door probable cause hearing Tuesday. The records say he used night-vision goggles to learn the home's layout before bursting in.

Duncan, 42, was charged with first-degree murder and first-degree kidnapping
in the bludgeoning deaths of the children's mother, Brenda Groene, her 13-year-old son Slade and her boyfriend Mark McKenzie.

If convicted, he could face the death penalty.


Time for some GOSSIP.

Featuring some celebrities who think they are above the law.

There's Portman complaining about her lapsed car registration. Martha Stewart still whines for being punished for breaking the law.

And folks, you ain't seen suffering until you read what Bill Gates and Brad Pitt had to endure during Live 8.
It's a DELAWARE post but check it out even if not living in Delaware.

It's about mobile homes and a small historic campground going out of business in Delmarva.
Okay. It's not X-rated but darn it's right up there with an "R".

Plus it's for women only.

Unless men enjoy pics of scantily clothes male chefs as featured in this PICOFTHEWEEK.

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