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Second Place American Idol Gets Married

American Idol's Bo Bice Marries

Thursday Jun 30, 2005 2:00pm EST
By Nancy Wilstach
Bo Bice

American Idol runner-up Bo Bice and his girlfriend, Caroline Fisher, have gotten married in their Alabama hometown, PEOPLE has confirmed.

The couple, who have been together for almost two years, exchanged vows at the New Hope Presbyterian church on June 15.

Bice and Fisher's marriage certificate was granted Thursday in Shelby County, Ala. The singer's rep had no comment.

Fisher, 24, met Bice, 29, before he stole the spotlight on FOX's talent hunt - when he worked as a guitar store clerk and frequented the Ragtime Cafe in Hoover, Ala., where she waited tables.

Bice finished in second place on this season's Idol, behind Oklahoma native Carrie Underwood. But being a runner-up hasn't hurt Bice's career: He signed a record deal with RCA less than 24 hours after the Idol finale and his single of the show's original song "Inside Your Heaven," has topped the charts.

Bice, known for his down-to-earth-rocker style, tattooed a bird on his wrist to commemorate his finale performance with longtime idols Lynyrd Skynyrd, whose "Freebird" he sang earlier in the season. "It was such an incredible experience," he says.
Another Disease We Can’t Poke Fun At

Remember the Vermont Teddy Bear company? It designed a cute little teddy bear with a sign stating “I’m crazy about you”. Seems all the crazy people took issue with it.

Now, damn, Hepatitis C jokes are no longer allowed per the American Liver Foundation.

Still no foundation to protest mine own disease. NO DEPTH PERCEPTION.



Officials at the American Liver Foundation are fuming with a joke in Nicole Kidman's new movie, "Bewitched," which pokes fun at those suffering with hepatitis C.

In the film, a woman spurns Michael Caine's character by telling him she has the blood disease.

But the ALF's president Frederick Thompson isn't laughing: "This remarkably tasteless comment plays into the stigma that many people with hepatitis C have to cope with every single day.

"I can't imagine anyone in Hollywood making a joke about HIV infection, for instance."
Why Is Natalie Portman Bald and Why Isn’t Her Car Registration Current?

Inquiring minds want to know. And hey, Natalie babe, being out of the country to make a movie doesn’t get you off the hook for an elapsed car registration.

From the DailyDish:


Actress Natalie Portman was stopped by New York police recently, and has blamed her newly shaved head on raising suspicions with officers.

The Golden Globe-winning beauty, 24, was driving through the Midtown Tunnel -- which connects the New York City borough of Queens with Manhattan -- when she was pulled over for questioning.

Portman has recently shaved all her hair off for her next movie, "V for Vendetta."

She tells Newsweek magazine, "I've never had that happen to me before.

"It's supposedly random. My registration was expired because I had been out of town, and it was my first day back. I'd been in Israel and Berlin for the shooting.

Martha Stewart Still Griping About Being Punished for Breaking the Law

She really should just shut up and let her new “Apprentice” type program bring her back to national prominence.

You did it, Martha. Get over it.

Stewart Slams US Justice System for Making an Example of Her

Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart has slammed the American justice system for unfairly imprisoning her to scare others from committing stock fraud. The multimillionaire businesswoman was sentenced to five months in prison, five months in home confinement and two years under supervision by the probation office last July for obstructing a federal securities investigation, by lying about her personal stock sale from her company Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc.

Stewart was released from a West Virginia federal prison in March but she's still bitter about the punishment, because she believes she'd have received a lighter sentence if she was not in the public eye. She says, "It was to scare other people. Of course that is what it's all about. Bring 'em down a notch, to scare other people. If Martha can be sent to jail, think hard before you sell that stock."


Pitt and Gates Suffer? NOT!

Brad Pitt didn’t do anything but talk. So he’s suffering for having to share a dressing room with Sting? Bill Gates suffers too? Indeed, standing around in un-ironed trousers is a form of torture. I heard they were forcing prisoners in Gitmo to do the same thing.

Such suffering.

From the DailyDish:
London Live 8 organizers were left red-faced when they realized they had forgotten to reserve dressing rooms for Brad Pitt and Bill Gates at last weekend's historic gig.

The fiasco saw Pitt having to share with British rock icon Sting, while Microsoft tycoon Gates was forced to use U2's room.

To add to the humiliation, Gates reportedly had to hang around outside in his un-ironed trousers while he waited for the Irish rockers to vacate the room.

More on the Oprah/Hermes Uproar

Hey, Oprah, Hermes was stupid not to close that store for you and your money. Whatever happened, not for a second do I believe it was a racist thing. No one’s that principled that they would turn down your money because you’re black.

Winfrey Plans To Discuss "Racist" Hermes on TV

American talk show host Oprah Winfrey believes she was refused entry to the
Hermes shop in Paris, France because she is black, and she is planning to discuss the incident when her TV show resumes later this year.

The luxury goods company was forced to issue an apology to Winfrey last week, after the talk show host was turned away at the door of the Paris store earlier this month, while she was shopping for a gift for pal Tina Turner.

A friend of Winfrey, who was recently named the most powerful celebrity in the US by Forbes magazine, tells the New York Daily News, "If it had been Celine Dion or Britney Spears or Barbra Streisand, there is no way they would not be let in that store."

Her spokesperson adds, "Oprah does have plans to discuss the incident on air when she returns in September."

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The Last Campground In Ocean City Closes Shop

Below is a snippet of a little story about Delaware. Below this is a story that could well have been caused by the story below.

IF this makes any sense. Be patient with me here.

From DelmarvaNow
Leaders of the Delaware Manufactured Home Owners Association urged the group's members -- during their monthly meeting in Angola -- to remain focused on landlord-tenant issues, especially rent increases that tenants insist are unjustified. Association President Ed Speraw recommended members concentrate especially on building support for a bill introduced last week in the Delaware General Assembly to set up an administrative board that would rule on whether park rules and rent increases were reasonable.

In the above story, note that the president of the Delaware Manufactured Home Owners Association (trailers for those in Rio Linda), is asking tenants of trailer parks to press the Delaware General Assembly to set up an “administrative board” to oversee trailer park rules and rent increases.

Now folks, the Delaware General Assembly has no more business overseeing trailer park rules and rent increases than they do overseeing apartment complex leases, rules or rent increases.

It’s only because of all the televised boo-hooing over trailer parks either implementing rent increases, for the land on which the trailer sits, or in so many cases, tenants being left with no place on which to park their trailer because the land owner of the trailer park is going to sell to developers.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. One of the pitfalls of living in a “manufactured home” in a trailer park is not owning the land on which it sits. Sit a five thousand pound trailer on a plot of land owned by someone else, well if “someone else” decides to sell than the trailer has to go.

Delaware, a very liberal state, loves to televise these mobile home owners as they boo-hoo that they’ve nowhere to go now that the land owner of their park is going to sell.

The owner of the trailer park, folks, in every state in the union and sometimes Canada, has every right to sell his/her land. And it’s not like every developer who has a mother isn’t out offering big bucks for this land. Big bucks that the land owner might try to recoup through land rent increases rather than sell. Rest assured that the land owner cannot increase land rents beyond those stipulated by the lawful lease and no General Assembly overseeing something they have no business being involved in can change a legal lease.

Or else, the owner COULD just sell the place. God Bless America.

Now this is where the story gets more difficult. At least for me.

For below is a story about Ocean City Maryland’s only campground located within the confines of Ocean City proper. This is not Delaware but it is solidly the Delmarva, which really should be a separate state, and is only 30 miles down the road from Delaware.

There’s also another connection.

More than one campground in Delaware under assault and constantly fighting the government of Delaware, as well as the below indicated campground in Ocean City, is owned by the same company.

A company for which I consult and have been a consultant for over five years now.

All in the interest of fair and balanced so let yon reader now know that I do have a personal involvement here.

From Delmarvanow

OCEAN CITY -- The only spot where tent and RV campers can lay their heads in Ocean City has been sold.

The Ocean City Campground, a 200-lot facility on 70th Street's west side, has stayed in place for several decades while the resort's restaurants and condos grew up around it.

The campground is a mix of nightly rentals, including some tent sites, and longer-term leases on lots big enough for trailers. There are summer Bible study classes, fall picnics, Fourth of July decoration contests and daily morning gatherings for prayer around a flagpole.

Specifically, on the closing of the Ocean City campground, I was instrumental in urging that the owner sell the place.

Indeed that cute little campground has a long and varied history and hey, a little bit of Ocean City’s history goes along with it.

While the owners of the Ocean City campground have decided to sell it, they do own two prosperous campgrounds in Delaware, one five miles down from mine own house here in Serendipity Shore. These owners have NOT been the subject of all the boo-hooing on Delaware TV that liberal politicians are trying to capitalize on but can not, no matter how they kiss ass for votes, do a thing about.

But you can believe that these owners watch all this activity very closely.

Sometimes folks, the government just chases people out of business.

Then they boo-hoo all over the place that they’ve nowhere to live.

All I can say Delaware liberal politicians, watch out. Your meddling could bring about a worse result for those tenants who you lie to than government oversight of a privately owned business. Make it too tough and hey, those developers really, really want that land.

Then where you gonna put those people?

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