Daily Update 9/08/05

Daily Update:

Katrina aftermath updates, including the hyenas using the storm for attention and publicity and two intriguing questions from this humble Blogger.

And guess what law California passed yesterday while no one was looking?

It's the second installment of the "Katrina for Kaitlyn" series.

Some homespun poetry, a new take on Johnny Horton's "Battle of New Orleans", a horrific new flyer sprung from the storm, advocating overthrowing the "Bush Regime".

AND...please folks, tune in for the entire ludicrous Sean Penn story, told with witty sarcasm and appropriate pics.

That Kaitlyn Mae get a true and unaltered history of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.
Time for a Laugh.

In this pic of the week we have a typical woman very concerned about her ill husband.

The doctor gives her detailed info on how to care for her spouse.

Oh, and her reaction to the instructions is also a typically female one.

Daily Update Below.

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Below is a link to the City of New Orleans Disaster Evacuation Plan.

It calls for the city to use school buses, even garbage trucks, to evacuate those without transportation.

Evacuation Plan-City of New Orleans

Mayor Nagin did NOT do this.

Image hosted by

Why on earth have a plan if it is not used?

All of those school buses, sitting in water and ruined, while people suffered and died in the Superdome and NO Convention Center.

But hey, Hillary wants another Omission-Commission of blue ribbon elites to lie and cover for the little factoid that SHE voted to have FEMA moved under a new, feel-good-named Department of Homeland Security.

Now, I'm not making this up, she says she wants FEMA returned to the way it was under the Clinton Administration, before 9-11 mind you.

So why did she vote to change it to begin with?

Gotta cover, gotta cover. The lady wants to be President. Can't have it look like there might be some bad legislation here. Can't have congress taking the blame for doing what they do best, create another big, bloated bureaucracy that will bring them votes.

Now she's introducing legislation to REVERSE the bad legislation. That SHE voted for. Why doesn't some Lamestream reporter ask Her Highness this while she's up and making her grand pronouncements? Is there some kind of rule against it?

On to some additional thoughts by The Wise I.

First, cruise ships?

Hey, I'm the first to endorse thinking outside the box. But those cruise ships, by me, are never going to work.

Which they're not.

Duh. A lot of the victims of the hurricane don't want to be in any vessel surrounded by water so shortly after their ordeal.

Further, well further nothing. A cruise ship just isn't home and is no more like a home than a shelter.

Next, whose big idea was it to let those people BACK into their homes this past Tuesday?

Now they don't want to leave. Now our air waves will be filled with sight bites of police forcing people to leave their homes.

Just a couple of questions passing through this inquisitive mind.

Gay Marriage
Most Americans, as I understand it, have no problem with some sort of legal recognition of homosexual unions.

Americans being reasonable people.

Most Americans do NOT endorse homosexual "marriage". Marriage being, hey, silly us, the sort of thing men and women do mostly as a legally recognized way to raise children.

Witness the few states with homosexual marriage on the ballots this past election. All of them came in with 80% OPPOSED to gay marriage.

For what the politically correct culture won't allow us to say openly we say handily in the privacy of the voting booth.

In Massachusetts the courts over-ruled the will of the people and forced that state's legislature to enact a law allowing gay marriage.

Yesterday, while the country was involved in the Katrina aftermath, and even though the voters of California ALSO turned down a referendum on gay marriage, the state legislature passed a law recognizing gay marriage.

Will Arnold veto it?

We shall see.

They are going to get their way, folks.

No matter what it takes, they are going to get their way.

From MercuryNews:

The decisive 41st yes vote was cast by Simon Salinas.

``Leadership is doing what's right even when it's not popular,'' said Assemblyman Lloyd Levine. The Van Nuys Democrat said gay marriage is a civil rights matter.



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