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The Good Ship Penn

Of all the celebrities involved in the Katrina disaster, the story of Sean Penn has to be the funniest, silliest, stupidest and most dishonest of them all.

This loser, known mostly as a former husband of Madonna and not for any great acting or wisdom of his own, takes a boat the size of a dinghy out, ostensibly to “rescue” people.

Not that Penn is a stranger to publicity stunts, below is a pic of him with an Iranian Ayatollah, bad-mouthing America and sucking up to these bunch of sons of camels as if he were some grand diplomat.

Sell out your country for a photo op. That’s the ticket.

But it gets better.

From the HeraldSun:
Sean Penn's rescue bid sinks
Herald Sun (AU) ^ | 05sep05

EFFORTS by Hollywood actor Sean Penn to aid New Orleans victims stranded by Hurricane Katrina foundered badly overnight, when the boat he was piloting to launch a rescue attempt sprang a leak.

Penn had planned to rescue children waylaid by Katrina's flood waters, but apparently forgot to plug a hole in the bottom of the vessel, which began taking water within seconds of its launch.

The actor, known for his political activism, was seen wearing what appeared to be a white flak jacket and frantically bailing water out of the sinking vessel with a red plastic cup.

When the boat's motor failed to start, those aboard were forced to use paddles to propel themselves down the flooded New Orleans street.

Asked what he had hoped to achieve in the waterlogged city, the actor replied: "Whatever I can do to help."

With the boat loaded with members of Penn's entourage, including a personal photographer, one bystander taunted the actor: "How are you going to get any people in that thing?"

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After Penn goes out with his great rescue boat that had to be bailed out with a Dixie cup, the man actually invents some big lies about the “negligence of the Bush administration” and on and on and on.

The man even had a photographer on his dinghy!

From Fox News (Greta's show)-heard with mine own ears:
Oscar-winning Hollywood actor Sean Penn, who has been assisting rescue efforts in New Orleans, said the US government did not "seem to be inclined to help".

"We were pulling drowning people out of the water, it's the ultimate distress and human suffering ... dead bodies," he told GMTV.

Penn said he had spent nine hours on Monday searching the water for people and during all that time he saw just three boats carrying US officials.

"There are people that are dying right now and I mean babies and old people and everybody in between - they're dying. There are people dying and (the US government are) not putting the boats in the water, I think that's criminal negligence. I don't think anybody ever anticipated the criminal negligence of the Bush administration in this situation."

Michael Jackson Rises from the Ashes of Katrina
Indeed the gloved-one-who-sleeps-with-little-boys is going to sing a song about the hurricane. It will be called “From the Bottom of My Heart”


Guess who’s financing the thing? The Bahraini Crown Prince Sheikh Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, who owns the record label “2 seas”, the proposed distributor of the single.

What? Jackson had to go get an Arab to back him?

We hear they approve of Jackson’s bedroom behavior over in Camel land.

Celebrities Caught in Katrina

New Orleans Queen of Soul Irma Thomas evacuated to her aunt's house in Baton Rouge and is safe.

In addition, Fats Domino, beloved recording artist, was thought to be missing but has been found safe and alive.
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The Wisdom of the Celebrities as Regards Katrina
Because goodness knows that being able to act or sing automatically makes one and expert on all things social, political and weather related.

Kanye West- “George Bush doesn't care about black people.”

He further suggested that Bush granted national guardsmen permission to randomly shoot African-Americans. Not to be overlooked in the ensuing controversy, Matt Damon gave props to West for his groundless tirade, telling Access Hollywood, "I'm not a fan of [President Bush], so I let out a big cheer."

Angelina Jolie- "It is wonderful to hear of the relief efforts that are finally coming into New Orleans…but as we all know, it is simply not enough."

Colin Farrell-who has only resided in the U.S. since 1999 “"If this had been a bunch of white people on the roofs of their houses I don't have any f***ing doubt there would have been every single helicopter, plane and means that the government has trying to help."

Pierce Brosnan “This man called President Bush has a lot to answer for.”
You Didn’t Think It Was a Talking Point?

Back during the 2004 presidential race, while Florida was getting pounded by hurricane after hurricane, the NAACP was already blaming Bush for hurricanes.

Below is a billboard displayed along Florida roads in 2004. Sponsored by the NAACP.

Is this really the kind of thing they should be spending their tax-exempt money on?

It was their talking point before, be looking for more after Hurricane Katrina.
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From CNSnews:
Florida Billboards Blame Bush for Hurricanes
By Susan Jones Morning Editor
October 26, 2004

( - Because President George W. Bush has "ignored the threat of global warming," Floridians can expect to be hit by increasingly destructive hurricanes, a new billboard campaign says.

The billboards, going up along Interstate 4 between Tampa and Orlando -- a week before the presidential election -- read, "Global warming equals worse hurricanes. George Bush just doesn't get it." The billboards show a photo of a hurricane swirling toward Florida.

The campaign is co-sponsored by Scientists and Engineers for Change and Environment2004. The NAACP National Voter Fund is also involved in the effort to blame Bush for ignoring global warming.


More Gossip/Speculation HERE
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Lots and Lots of Money

As is the norm, the congress critters are throwing money at the Katrina problem.

The newest, and most innovative I suppose, is the distribution of Debit cards to the evacuees, each card worth $2,000.

Having been a person responsible for the distribution of money my entire life, the first thing pops into my head, how on earth are they going to police this thing? Can anybody stand in line and get a card so long as they claim victim status? The 2K allegedly is for a family. For a family how big? Two children, three children? And who is going to determine eligibility?

Not that I begrudge this move, dear Granddaughter, as I can’t imagine anything more debilitating than having absolutely no cash. Food, water and clothing handouts notwithstanding, sometimes there are things you have to by that will likely not be donated. Besides, there’s something enabling about having money in your pocket and goodness knows those poor people don’t need to feel any less human than unfortunate circumstances have left them.

It would be really nice if all people were honest but they’re not. The money is supposed to be spent on necessary goods and services such as rent, food and such. I can’t imagine the government is going to follow these people around to see what they’re spending it on.

Still it’s a small enough sum what with all the donations pouring in to the many Katrina disaster relief funds.

It’s when the evacuees are demanding these neat little debit cards a year from now that there will be problems.

Take it to the bank.

From CBS2Chicago:
Cards Would Be Used To Buy Food, Gas

AP) WASHINGTON The federal government plans to dole out debit cards worth $2,000 each to victims of Hurricane Katrina, The Associated Press has learned.

The unprecedented cash card program initially will benefit stranded people who have been moved to rescue centers such as the Houston Astrodome. The program was outlined by Homeland Security Department officials in a conference call with state leaders Wednesday morning, according to a governor and another state official who spoke on condition of anonymity because the program had not been publicly announced.

The cards would be used to buy food, transportation, gas, and other things the displaced people need, Homeland Security officials told state leaders, according to an official who participated in the call and spoke on the condition of anonymity.

More Money

With unlimited taxpayer dollars at their disposal, congress has been furiously signing emergency aid bills for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Today they approved $51.8 billion. Last week it was over $13 billion.

Having been an accountant all my life, I must wonder how they can so quickly come up with these amounts of money.

In addition, evacuees have been assured that they will continue to receive Medicaid, food stamps and “other federal benefits”.

Kaitlyn, I pray this whole thing doesn’t become another handout event that will last the rest of my life and well into yours.
Jabbar-a Hero of Katrina
The mayor of New Orleans lamented that he did not have enough drivers to drive those now-flooded school buses out of town with the evacuees. Thus those without means to leave the area were directed to New Orleans’ Astrodome and then were left with no provision of supplies for almost four days.

Jabbar, a young man, went over to the school bus lot, found himself a set of bus keys, started it, rounded up a bunch of other folks who wanted to leave town and guess what? He drove himself and the whole bus to Houston even though he had never driven a school bus before in his life!

Mayor Nagin, I don’t know, he must have wanted those over five hundred school buses to flood and be ruined in that hey, it didn’t occur to HIM that citizens could drive the buses?

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Red Cross Denied Entry to New Orleans

This is the big story of this day, Kaitlyn.

Because all week I’ve been listening to a hackling group of congress hyenas, all taking the occasion of this disaster to show their mugs on TV as they vowed to find out why it all went wrong.

The Democrats of this era are desperately pointing the finger at, of all people, the President of the United States. Of course he’s a Republican so hey, let’s score political points and solutions be damned.

Hillary Clinton, who I hope is never in your history books as a former President, sweet Granddaughter, dolls herself up and goes down to Texas of all places. She holds a press conference to announce, TADA…creation of a “Katrina Commission”. What in the hell is a Senator from New York doing in the middle of all this?

Well we knew it was bound to happen. Which is why this is written to you, Kaitlyn, because they want to change history.

Beginning with the vaunted Mrs. Clinton’s vote to move FEMA under the Department of Homeland Security. Which she now wants to reverse.

At any rate, let the record show that the reason that the Red Cross did not go to New Orleans’ Superdome or Convention Center to help those suffering people was because the STATE OF LOUISIANA WOULD NOT ALLOW IT!

All of these congressional showboat investigations and Clinton’s proposed “Katrina Commission” want to beat up the President.

Kaitlyn, if President Bush did something terribly wrong during this storm I’d want his head on a platter too. But the man had to beg the Louisiana officials to declare a disaster, he’s had to put up with their lies and aspersions.

Congress, with their love of creating bloated bureaucracies, and local New Orleans and Louisiana state officials, were alone responsible for leaving storm victims stranded, not by Hurricane Katrina, Kaitlyn, you must understand, but by a flood caused by the breaking of levees in a city stupidly built ten feet below sea level.

By the time all the dust settles, perhaps when you are in high school and able to read this, Kaitlyn, it will be well known that:

…1/3 of the New Orleans’ police force left their job after the storm.

…Red Cross was denied access to the evacuees held up in the Superdome because the state of Louisiana did not want to attract even more people there. So Louisiana chose to let the 25 thousand people that THEY told to go to the Superdome to sit and suffer for four days until the Feds came to the rescue.

…Over 500 school buses were lost due to flooding as they sat in the school yards. This while Mayor Nagin wept and claimed he had no means to evacuate all those people AND even as it is plainly written as part of an evacuation plan for New Orleans in their Disaster Plan.

…The state of Louisiana and New Orleans specifically has been run by Democrats for the last 60 years.

…It was the military that eventually rescued those people, not their Democratic run state and city.

…Louisiana is the most corrupt state in the union and I do believe there will indictments when it all is said and done. The common saying is half of New Orleans is under water and the other half is under indictment.

If this so-called independent “Katrina Commission” does not note these above truths, Kaitlyn, then let this Blog and many others tell it like it really happened.

From Hugh
The Fox News Channel's Major Garrett was just on my show extending the story he had just reported on Brit Hume's show: The Red Cross is confirming to Garrett that it had prepositioned water, food, blankets and hygiene products for delivery to the Superdome and the Convention Center in the immediate aftermath of the hurricane, but were blocked from delivering those supplies by orders of the Louisiana state government, which did not want to attract people to the Superdome and/or Convention Center. Garrett has no paper trail yet, but will follow up on his verbal confirmation from sources at the highest levels of the Red Cross.

Finally, There’s Global Warming

According to the environmentalist whackos, Kaitlyn, by the time you read this you will be suffering from 365 sweltering days of heat caused by global warming. A concept some scientists who wanted their name in the papers conjured up.

For days, Kaitlyn, this country, indeed the entire world, sat tense and scared as this monster of a storm roiled and boiled, hitting Florida first and killing seven there. Then it churned in the Gulf of Mexico, drawing strength from the warm waters.

Over the course of a week this country watched this monster and you know what, Kaitlyn? We couldn’t do one goddamn thing about it.

The notion that we have the ability to actually change the temperature of the planet is laughable.

Third world and countries governed by thugs and thieves have jumped onto this global warming concept, Kaitlyn, because in their bogus attempt to ward off the myth of global warming, they’d like to put restrictions on…guess who? The United States of America. The countries that REALLY pollute, such as China for one, would not be subject to the Kyoto treaty, that pissing-on-our-feet and telling-us-it’s-raining document that would allegedly avert global warming, would be exempt.

Anyway, below, well of course we have to blame Hurricane Katrina on global warming.

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