Daily Update 9/16/05

Daily Update:

Bush speech. Summary and grade.

A Roberts confirmation hearings synopsis that pokes some fun.

What would happen if the Gangsta Rappers took over police duties?
It's a Gossip post.

Featuring more Sean Penn lies, Rod Stewart's mean daughter, and Hunter Thompson's suicide note.
In this Katrina post we discuss the dogs and cats we won't leave behind.

And the heartbreak of one man who had to leave his dog with strangers.
Speaking of dogs, in Fishgiggles we have three dogs at the Vet.

Two will not leave.

One, wink,wink, will live on to happy old age.

Slightly off-color.

Daily Update Below.

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The President's Speech 9/15/05

President Bush has never been a great speaker. He has gotten much better at reading the teleprompter.

As a critique of his speech on Thursday, 9/15/05, the best indicator would be that I actually listened intently to the entire 23 minutes of it.

As a written speech it gets an A. As a spoken speech, it gets a B. That spoken part being about the speaker more than the words. But hey, I usually give him a C.

The flow began with summary of all efforts being done now. He provided a phone number for families who need to contact other family members. I'm betting this is the first time a President has ever done this.

Bush made proposals to be approved by congress, including a Gulf Opportunity Zone, Worker Recovery Accounts, and an Urban Homesteading act. All involving re-building homes, jobs and businesses.

It's a broad brush the President painted.

I loved his emphasis on home ownership. Presidents so seldom dwell on those things so important to us little people who carry this country on our backs.

A home owning citizen is a good citizen. Home ownership requires a job, an interest in local politics, a good credit rating, and most important, a peaceful sense of community that is a source of personal pride.

The President also called for more participation by the federal government in local emergencies.


Failure to recognize that the local authorities might be overwhelmed by a disaster was one of the biggest "failure to think outside the box" of the bureaucratic planners.

THIS is where the Feds went wrong. THIS is the blame that the President must take.

Whether it's from massive death of local authorities to flooded roads to no communications to, in the case of Louisiana, overwhelmed local authorities, the notion that local authorities wouldn't be able to handle a disaster is one the Feds missed.

Bush proposed massive social programs. With guarded mind, I support it.

Homes, jobs, a new life.

Because surely we won't rebuild the ghettos in New Orleans?
Here Come Da Judge

The Senators have bloviated. The special interest groups have had their speak. Next Thursday, 9/22/05, they will vote.

I watched all the Senators, the wretched refuse of our teeming shores. They were supposed to be conducting a job interview.

Any fool with a mother would not conduct a job interview in such a manner.

Beginning with, Job Interviews 101, "let the applicant do all the talking".

Which the bloviating Senators did not.

For many of the vaunted 100, the occasion was but a chance to smile inappropriately, read the talking points of the interest groups and contributors, or launch into a long and tired tirade about subjects not germane.

Not all of the Senators obfuscated and preened. Two I would give notable praise. Orrin Hatch asked two of the most piercing questions of the day.

Image hosted by

Planned Parenthood, now a huge organization into abortion so deep that they cannot see it cease for loss of jobs, was one special interest group to present their views to John Roberts.

I must wonder what sort of life it must be to spend endless days and dollars going after the abortion buck and the twisting of conscience required to be in a position of actively promoting the practice.

Planned Parenthood has a nice sounding name but they run abortion mills and that's a fact. Americans will not tolerate the sight bite of a woman put in jail for having an abortion. Or will they ever accept that a 12 year old girl should be forced to have a baby fathered by a rapist or incest.

Abortion should be rare, so they all declare. Yet Planned Parenthood, well they don't want it rare. Rare abortions cost some big yahoos to lose their jobs. Not to mention all the federal funds.

It was Orrin Hatch, the Senator from Utah that I consider a bit of a milquetoast, who pointed out to the abortion special interest groups that they were the ones that screeched that Justice Souter would overturn Roe vs. Wade. Justice Souter, snort, is the most liberal judge in that bastion of Darth Vader known as the Supreme Court.

Hatch also asked, insert another snort here, a special interest representative from the National Organization of Women Who Have Never Represented This Woman and Never Will, if they have EVER endorsed a Republican Supreme Court nominee.

"No, we have not ...," the representative responded, insert lots of snorts here because that pretty much says it all.

Arlen Spector, looking oddly like a plucked chicken may God forgive me and bless the man with recovery from cancer, also did a fine and fair job during the hearings.

Known as a RINO-Republican In Name Only-in Conservative circles, Spector was once under attack by the Republican base to be removed from the Judiciary Committee. He hung on by a thread and he did, as the Conservatives worried he would not, a fine job.

I loved when Joe Biden, mine own Cheshire cat bloviating Senator, whined that Roberts' answers were misleading.

"They may be misleading but they're HIS answers," Spector said. Gotta love it.

But the coup de grace, the supreme shining moment of the day, the moment when the sun arose above the black clouds and shone the clean, clear, shine of truth, came from the Chief Justice nominee himself.

Asked by yet another liberal bloviating Senator about interpreting the constitution in such a manner as to help out "minorities and the poor", Roberts responded:
if the Constitution says that the little guy should win, the little guy is going to win in court before me. But if the Constitution says that the big guy should win, well, then the big guy is going to win because my obligation is to the Constitution

Chief Justice Says It All in a Simple Truth

Liberals don't like truth or success. The above is such a simple truth it almost hurts my eyes.

Interpreting the constitution to favor the "poor and minorities", whoever they are, scares the living hell out of me.

Please. We need to get rid of this Darth Vader supreme court and get Judges who do their jobs. Which is to assure that laws passed by our elected representatives adhere to the constitution.


Those nine unelected people are NOT there to make law.

Across the fruited plains we have millions of local, state and federal legislators. We have expensive elections and complicated electoral laws. We invest in the process of voting, the expense involved, the time we spend.

And nine unelected people can overturn it all?

The Massachusetts judicial system commanded the state's legislature to pass a law legalizing gay marriage. The California judicial system commanded school children to stop saying the country's Pledge of Allegiance.

I'm with Roberts and I'm going to hold him to the moment of shining truth above.
Terrorists Now Police
Suppose there was no National Guard. Suppose there was no United States Army. Suppose there was, say, a New Orleans' police force with 1/3 leaving the job, left in charge of maintaining law and order.

Now New Orleans is a city under control. For a scary and long period of time it was an anarchy. There was no leadership anywhere.

We've all watched the weeping and wailing as Israel removed the residents of the Gaza strip. We understood and sympathized.

In comes the lawless Palestinians. A group of people who've never had the benefit of decent leadership. There was Arafat, who was the puppet of all the thug sons of camels in the Mideast. Arafat, now thankfully dead, did nothing for the Palestinians, nor did any other Mideast country. Those people, even after having trillions of dollars thrown at them for many years, had no industry, lived in refugee camps and never left their squalor.

But hey they were good for sound and sight bites at the UN to bash Israel that the Mideast thugs be left alone. The Joooooooos did it, as all the sons of camels like to moan.

Now suppose no law and order looked to be coming soon in New Orleans. And the local gangsta gangs, being the only ones with power, might and contacts, themselves take over the job of maintaining law and order in New Orleans.

It would be different.

Yet that is exactly what is happening right now in the Gaza strip. Seems the new Palestinian president has little power and their pitiful police force was unable to stop the Palestinian looting and pillaging of the many greenhouses, purchased from the Jews then occupying the Gaza by American Jews. The greenhouses were then donated to the Palestinians.Which pathetic people were tearing them apart, unable to see the cottage industry they could create, the future they could help build.

So Hamas, a terrorist organization, has taken over police duties and are saving the greenhouses.

I covered the story yesterday's Daily Update.

Indeed this is what happens when there is no effective government. The new Palestinian President is trying desperately to work with both Israel and the United States. It's not easy. He has a population raised on hate with no hope.

Terrorist groups, those with power and contacts, fill a needed void in such a society.

Just as the gangsta rappers would fill a void in a lawless New Orleans.

As one might imagine, this is not your ideal police organization. They exist with no laws. The people they police have no rights.

It's a sad commentary on what happens when thugs, thieves and sons of camels run the show.
Terror Group Takes Over Gaza
KATIF, Gaza Strip - Armed militants set up checkpoints in Gaza's evacuated Jewish settlements for a second day Thursday, doing the job of Palestinian security officials who have been unable to rein in the chaos since Israel's withdrawal.

Dozens of gunmen from the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades - a militant group linked to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas' ruling Fatah movement - were determined to restore order and stop fellow Palestinians from looting valuable equipment from greenhouses Israel left behind.


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