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Korea Renigs on Nuke Deal

A Democrat Boldly Lies and Cries to Fool Us? Say it ain't so!
Another reader raises a baby cardinal!

Details in this Bird post and some beautiful pics.

It's a Miscellany post and we take on the insensitive memorial design for the 911 victims of Flight 93.

Also, info on another pro-America march and a shockingly true history test.
It's a TV review.

For it's down to the final eight on Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance?"

Let's take a look at the finalists and some wise words on dancing from someone with a dancing dachshund.

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North Korea Changes Mind

Yesterday it was reported HERE that Dear Leader Kim Jong Il would be dismantling its nuclear-weapons-instead-of-food-for-its-citizens-program.

Today Dear Leader is demanding a light-water nuclear reactor before it adheres to its agreement.

Sure, Dear Leader.

Now if this was the Clinton administration and the Secretary of State was Madeline Halfbright they might agree to this demand.

No wait. The Clinton administration DID agree to this demand in the early 90's.

Condoleezza Rice is not quite so stupid and she reminded Dear Leader that this was not what they originally agreed to.

This nuclear proliferation has got to stop. North Korea, for one thing, is in the nuclear arms business only to keep Dear Leader in power. A decent leader who cared about his people would be emphasizing such things as, well hey, food and other staples of life.

North Koreans are starving to death in the millions.

Except the army, of course, and those working on that illicit nuclear program.

Further, North Korea is sending its nuclear technology to such pretty places as Iran and other terrorist countries.

Ssssshhhhh. The Libs will wipe off their old talking points and tell us that North Korea has no weapons of mass destruction.

WASHINGTON - North Korea pledged Monday to eliminate its nuclear weapons and nuclear programs in exchange for energy and security, but a day later it demanded that the U.S. give it a light-water nuclear reactor before it rejoins the international Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and ends its weapons program.

Hit for the Blogosphere!

Indeed, not one Lamestream or newspaper reporter even questioned the gentleman.

It only took a couple of Bloggers but minutes to get to the truth.

His name is Broussard and he is the President of Jefferson Parish in Louisiana.

I saw the interview with my own lying eyeballs.

It was on Meet the Press for God's sake, not like some middle of the night PBS special. There Broussard was, in all his lying glory, boo-hooing all over the TV and telling some great big lie about a colleague's experience during Hurricane Katrina. Broussard also gave his big lie boo-hoo when the state and local officials were hellbent on pointing fingers at the Feds for their total inability to evacuate citizens even though hundreds of school buses lay idle and under water to this day.

The following week, I'd argue in a large amount because of Broussard's brazen lie, Bush's approval ratings tanked.

It's not like a small thing here is what I'm saying.

So Broussard goes on and on with Russert about the local head of Homeland Security being so busy rescuing Louisiana citizens left to die by the Federal government, at least as the lying Broussard wanted it perceived, that the man's own mother died by drowning in a local nursing home.

Remember, I watched this lying character with mine own eyes. This account is first hand.

Broussard blubbered and sobbed and told the story in great, dramatic detail.

"The fellow's mother called him and asked him when he was coming to rescue her," Broussard blubbered. Broussard went on to recount how every day the fellow's mother would phone her son, still busy saving citizens the Feds left to rot, and begged them to come save her.

"On Friday, his mother drowned," Broussard lyingly concluded.

A couple of Bloggers actually contacted the fellow of Broussard's lying story, name is Rodriguez I believe. His mother WAS a casualty of the St. Rita's Nursing Home Tragedy. She drowned the Monday immediately after the levees broke and flooded the nursing home. Along with 34 other helpless patients that the OWNERS refused to evacuate. Said owners, ahem, now under indictment for their neglect.

The Feds, it would seem, had nothing to do with it.

In addition, Broussard's literary license had Rodriguez' mother calling him every day for a week and not dying until Friday.

Makes for better sound bytes.

If Broussard were telling the truth, Rodriguez' mother would be phoning up her son for four days in a row AFTER she died.

My own Blogging Entry on Broussard

Image hosted by

New details and interviews with the son whose mother died in the flood show that the tragedy unfolded from Saturday through Monday, Aug. 29 - not Monday through Friday, Sept. 2 as recounted by Broussard. The owners of the nursing home were indicted Tuesday for the deaths of more than 30 residents, which officials say occurred on Aug. 29.
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In the course of the interview, in which Broussard was expressing frustration with the slow-footed response by the federal government to the hurricane, he related the personal story of a man whose mother had died in the flooding caused by Katrina. Broussard, who did not identify the man by name at the time, broke down in tears as he related the story.


It's a Katrina for Kaitlyn post.

With a sweet and sad pic of one animal that took matters into its own paws.

Also, updates on what New Orleans might become.

Are they really going to rebuild the ghettos?
Here's a Blast from the Past.

An entire Blog post from May of this year is re-posted.

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This Pic of the Week features a man who's been out and about quite a bit lately.

I speak of Bill Clinton and in this pic, created with my own hands, we see how the man REALLY behaves.



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