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Daily Update:

DOD Stops Judicial Committee Testimony on Able-Danger. Why?

Hurricane Rita, its track and a state doing it right.

And how about that Jet Blue Landing?

It's a Katrina for Kaitlyn post.

With a sweet and sad pic of one animal that took matters into its own paws.

Also, updates on what New Orleans might become.

Are they really going to rebuild the ghettos?
Here's a Blast from the Past.

An entire Blog post from May of this year is re-posted.

Because at times it's fun to look back and see what was worrying us then.

Lots of true crime links, and American Idol info.
This Pic of the Week features a man who's been out and about quite a bit lately.

I speak of Bill Clinton and in this pic, created with my own hands, we see how the man REALLY behaves.

Daily Update Below.

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Rita Looms and Texas Does It Right

Sure there were lessons learned from the Louisiana debacle.

Consider, however, that Florida has been hit by now six hurricanes in the past year. Consider that you never heard the boo-hooing and poor management coming from Florida as you did from the so-called leaders in Louisiana.

Now Texas has already evacuated all hospitals and nursing homes. Heck, even New Orleans had BUSES at the convention center to evacuate all those people Naginhead begged to return and who now must leave again.

The very first words I heard from the Texas press conference regarding Galveston, a target of Rita, was that evacuation was mandatory AND people could take their pets.

Okay, it's a small thing. Many would argue pets aren't as important as people.

Folks, human beings will MOST not up and leave their beloved pet. Right from the start in New Orleans not being able to take pets was an issue. Indeed the inability to take pets might have cost human life.

In Texas provisions for pets have already been made. THIS will make that mandatory evacuation order much easier to enforce.

Now the pets do NOT go to the same shelter as the owners. Which is fine. Most reasonable people would not have a problem with their pets being taken care of at another locale. So long as then can reclaim their beloved animals when the danger is over. Most reasonable people DO have a problem with leaving their pets to simply die.

Best advice I heard yesterday: When forced to turn over a pet to another care giver in a situation like this, take a permanent magic marker and write your name and phone number, as well as the pet's name, directly on the animal's belly! The marking will last two weeks, even in water, as I read.

In addition to avoiding the pet trauma, Texas is well prepared. The Salvation Army is already to enter the stricken areas AND already have needed permission from the state powers that be.

Don't forget, it was Texas that took all those Louisiana evacuees with a smile on their face.

Time for the rest of the country to give the great people of Texas a hand.

From the United States' Hurricane Center:
The satellite signature of Rita gives every impression that rapid intensification is continuing...and while the equatorward outflow channel mentioned earlier is not as apparent now the poleward outflow channel is still going strong. Thus intensification could continue until a concentric eyewall cycle occurs or until the eye moves west of The Loop current in about 24 hr. The GFDL model peaks Rita at about 120 kt in 12-18 hr...the SHIPS model peaks it at 122 kt in 48 hr...and the superensemble peaks it at 131 kt in 48hr.

Image hosted by

The intensity forecast will bring the system to 125 kt in 24 hr as a blend of these forecasts. would not be a surprise if Rita became a category five hurricane in the next 24 hr
before weakening somewhat due to a concentric eyewall cycle or the lower ocean heat content west of The Loop current. Rita should maintain major hurricane status until landfall...then weaken after landfall.

Able-Danger Blocked by Department of Defense

Rumors are swirling over the testimony today before the Senate Judiciary committee by members of the Able Danger group. Many of whom were blocked from testifying by no less than Donald Rumsfeld himself.

I couldn't watch the hearings but I did hear a bit and read as much as I could.

The consensus in the Blogosphere is that Arlen Spector did a wonderful job. Indeed Spector has vowed to get to the bottom of the blockage of testimony by DOD lawyers.

Stay tuned for more on this.
From the NY Times:
September 20, 2005 Pentagon Blocks Testimony at Senate Hearing on Terrorist By PHILIP SHENON WASHINGTON, Sept. 20 - The Pentagon said today that it had blocked a group of military officers and intelligence analysts from testifying at an open Congressional hearing about a highly classified military intelligence program that, the officers have said, identified a ringleader of the Sept. 11 attacks as a potential terrorist more than a year before the attacks.

The announcement came a day before the officers and intelligence analysts had been scheduled to testify about the program, known as Able Danger, at a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Jet Blue Magnificent Landing
Late last night a Jet Blue flight was forced into an emergency landing. The jet's landing gear, plainly visible by a casual viewer as the landing was televised on all the cable stations, was stuck in the DOWN position. The landing gear was also twisted in a ninty degree angle, visible in the picture below.

Viewers were treated to a nail-biting emergency landing at Los Angeles airport.

Kudos to the pilot, who couldn't have done a better job landing the crippled craft.

All 139 passengers and six crew members are well, if a bit shook up.

Image hosted by


It's Fishgiggles coming on here with a lesson learned.

Something about Lying to Your Mother.
It's a Gossip post and we're chock full.

Including Prince Charles of the jug ears and his story about singing to the seals.

Of course, there's the Babs Steisand and Bill Clinton story.

Some lawsuits and Palestinians make a record?



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