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Daily Update:

Rejoice! The Iraqis voted on their new constitution this past Saturday.
We're Winning! With photos that say it all.
Craziness in Toledo Ohio. Nazis and gangs, Looters and thieves.

Auxiliary Blog Post
It was a Week Just Passed with more of the same and much that was new.

More Miers, more Delay, more NO corruption.

A horrific earthquake hit Pakistan.

A well-justified rant against Justice Breyer
As the debate rages on about nominee Hariett Miers, we must consider, in this week's Notable/Quotables-Justice Barney?

And the American Presidents Hugo Chavez admires say enough about him.

Many more pearls of wisdom and derision.
I wrote a review of this Web Site of the Week for another Blog.

It's a commercial.

Cute. But a sneaky commercial.

Hint-you better like fried chicken.



Vote Complete on Iraqi Constitution

If I were bipolar, this past Saturday, 10/15/05, I would have been in the manic phase.

Although the notion that a peoples far across the sea voting on a constitution would make me so gleeful seems odd even as I think about it now.

For all the negativism of the Democrats and all the bad-news-first- of the Lamestream press, the Iraqi people showed up at the polls in a far greater number than Americans ever would. Lines to vote were blocks, if not miles long. Iraqis proudly held up their purple fingers.

With not a little sarcasm, I've compiled a list of famous American politicos and pundits and below are their comments on the Iraqi election:

Joe Biden-giving cheshire cat smile-"I talked to foreign leaders in France, the Netherlands, Belgium. They all say our mission in Iraq is failing."

Chris Matthews-"Karl Rove is going to jail next week

Maxine Waters-"We understand darker skinned Iraqis had to wait longer in lines. And they ran out of purple ink."

Dick Durbin-"The terrorists are winning."

Chris Matthews-"Karl Rove testified before the Grand Jury for four hours yesterday. You tell me."

Nancy Pelosi-"There is no guarantee of same-sex marriage in this new Iraqi constitution."

Harry Reid-"This President is a failure."

Chris Matthews-"Karl Rove NOT guaranteed he won't be indicted."

Ted Kennedy-"We must get out of Iraq NOW"

Cindy Sheehan-"It's all a sham. My son died for nothing."

Chris Matthews-"Will Bush fire Karl Rove when he's indicted?"

And below, a lovely poem written and reproduced with permission, by Mnjohnnie of FreeRepublic

A Battle Won"
Through the heat of the day their hope burns bright
After long years of death, despair and darkness
Hope is kindling
As with any birth, there is blood and pain and suffering
Doubts and fears wage war with hopes and dream
Councils of cowardice vanquished by the courage of the free
And the Liberty's champions around the world, smile secret delight, as their newest comrades takes their first tentative steps,
while Uncle Sam's brave children add the name "Iraq" to their forefathers proud battle flags


Voting in northern Iraq gets robust start
(TFF Press Release)

MOSUL, IRAQ (October 15, 2005) - Polling centers opened early throughout Iraq today allowing citizens to stand up for democracy.

Voters went to the polls by the thousands to cast their ballots and participate in this historic national referendum in the city of Tal Afar, which during the January elections had the second-lowest voter turnout in the country. Iraqi Army and Police were the first people to vote in Tal Afar this morning.

Image hosted by

The people of Mosul turned out in huge numbers and felt their presence was a great step to rebuilding a new Iraq. They felt voting was positive and were happy to vote without restraint. Iraqi Police and Iraqi Army are fulfilling their duties by helping polling personnel in the voting process, which was quite successful.

Lines in a city south of Mosul extended more than 200 meters. Iraqi Army Soldiers from 3rd Iraqi Army Brigade reported 34,000 voters at 39 sites in the Tigris River Valley, averaging 290 voters per site an hour. Governor Kashmoula of Mosul thanked everyone who voted and encouraged more voting in a televised address. He said it was a great day for Iraq, and that he was proud to vote.
Image hosted by

Iraqi Blogger Site


Craziness in Toledo, Ohio

Even as I was in a state of euphoric happiness over the Iraqi constitutional vote, a drama unfolded before my lying eyes that same Saturday that left me confused.

But I saw it with my eyeballs.

Allow me to describe what I saw as it unfolded.

The occasion was a scheduled march by a neo-Nazi group. It was alleged on Fox news that about 14 members of the American Socialist party had obtained a permit and were scheduled to demonstrate in complaint about black gangs in the northern Toledo, Ohio area.

A counter-demonstration group showed up. Since I had no idea there was even scheduled a march by the neo-Nazis, I surely didn't understand this counter-protest, who they were and why the confrontation.

At around 3 pm or so I laid down for an afternoon nap. The events unfolded with my mind foggy from sleep. But I saw what I saw and hey, I'VE GOT EYEBALLS!

First, this counter-demonstration group was comprised of individuals, well it's not clear just who these people were but they were mostly younger black males and many wore "gang colors".

The violence began with this group throwing rocks at the many police that were there originally to PROTECT the neo-Nazis. Whose little "parade" had been cancelled early on so this gang of thugs who showed up looking for a fight had no argument or business hanging around. The neo-Nazis were long gone.

Then I saw this gang of thugs begin a campaign of what can only be described as unfettered criminal activity. They tore down a fence and used the boards to ram a building, evidently a business. They entered the peaceful neighborhood and began to break into what were homes. In one case two people ran from a home broken into this way.

Page Hopkins of Fox News was narrating the events as they occurred in front of our lying eyeballs. Page was just as shocked as I was.

The rampage continued. On and on the gangs roamed the streets. Soon a building erupted in flames.

Unbelievably, the helicopter panned to the many cops described by the local reporter as being three blocks away from the criminal activity we were witnessing. Those cops were strolling around as if nothing was happening!

Poor Page Hopkins was shocked and her shock began to show in her narration. "This is just plain crime," she said.

Which is was.

At some point a local councilman came on the air. He alleged he was driving around the area and he saw nothing. By this guy's narration the serenity of the area would damn near kill you.

All the while, mind you, I'm seeing, Page Hopkins is seeing, the camera is showing, rioting and looting. Some of the thugs broke into the homes and could be seen running out with stolen items. Down at that "store", the ramming of the board finally worked and a bunch of thieves went inside.

Again, with my lying eyeballs, I saw the thieves throwing stuff out to the crowd. I could swear, but I'm not sure, that at one point they were throwing COINS out into the crowd.

Eventually that cadre of cops three blocks away from all this began to make a move. But it was at least fifteen or more minutes before they moved a muscle.

Now I don't know what that was all about, folks. Even this Sunday morning the Mayor of Toledo is out and about on the Sunday talk shows, denying that the city has a gang problem and going on about how peaceful Toledo is.


Well this Grandma Blogger saw what she saw and no one's going to tell me I didn't see. And what I saw were large groups of looters and thieves, all rampaging and acting like animals, breaking into private homes and businesses, stealing stuff.

I heard some local spinmeister telling me that everything was peaceful.

I saw scores of cops strolling around as if nothing at all was happening.

Ladies and gems, something DID happen. Something horrible, anarchic and criminal.

I don't care what they say.


Below is an item published BEFORE this past Saturday. So if the Ohio cops say they didn't know, well hell they're trying to tell me what I didn't see, so why not more lies.

As for those Neo-Nazis, well they were long gone. This being the United States of America even the most heinous of groups is allowed peaceful assembly.

BUT, hey, didn't the local criminal gangs prove the NAZIS, of all people, to be absolutely correct?

They wanted to commit crime and loot.

It's as simple as that.

As for those cops, I haven't seen anything so pathetic since, well, since New Orleans.


Members of a neo-Nazi group plan an Oct. 15 march through a North Toledo neighborhood to challenge two local black gangs there and to prevent the "victimization of whites by blacks," a spokesman for the group said yesterday.

Members of the National Socialist Movement's Toledo-area unit are planning the march in response to crimes and threats allegedly committed against whites by the Dexter [Street] Boyz and Stickney 33 gangs, said Bill White, a national spokesman for the group and leader of its Roanoke, Va., unit. He said a few dozen members of what the movement claims is the largest socialist group in the United States are expected.....

Police said the problem in North Toledo apparently began over a dispute between Bronson Avenue resident Thomas Szych, who is white, and his neighbor, who is black, about a fence....
Image hosted by


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Auxiliary Blog Post
Here's a True Crime Update with some more unusual crimes.

How about a runaway groom who stabbed himself to avoid marriage?

Or a convicted Good Samaritan who didn't help?

And what happened to pretty little Evelyn Miller?
We keep up the Katrina for Kaitlyn updates.

Because New Orleans will have to be rebuilt.

And the liberals will keep trying to change history.

This week-Cadillacs and Cops.
More Comments on the missing New Orleans Cops, the new show "Commander in Chief" and the usual brickbats thrown at yon editress.


TV Events of Note

MLB Baseball (New)
FOX Monday, October 17 8:00 PM
Sports event, Baseball, Playoff sports

St. Louis Cardinals at Houston Astros
NLCS, game 5. From Minute Maid Park in Houston. (If necessary; alternate prime-time lineup two episodes of ``Prison Break'' and local programming.)
NFL Football

ABCMonday, October 17 9:00 PM
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St. Louis Rams at Indianapolis Colts



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