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It’s been an interesting Week Just Passed. The duel between Texas prosecutor Roy Earle continues. Earle lied, lost documents. Delay filed a countersuit. Meanwhile Osama runs loose and terror cells abound across the country.

The debate of Bush’s Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers continues. Within the CONSERVATIVE ranks!

The NY subway attack threats prove to be a hoax. A French diplomat arrested, accused of being hip deep in Saddam’s oil-for-palaces program.

Pakistan suffered a horrific earthquake. Death toll now up to almost 38,000.

A New Orleans’ citizen in the midst of a brawl with those corrupt cops. Who’s telling the truth?

Based on a speech heard on the Rush Limbaugh show, I launch into an almost embarrassing rant on this Breyer fellow.

And the Week ended with a head toward the vote on the Iraqi constitution.

Delay/Earle Saga Continues

Delay/Earle 1
Delay/Earle 2

The Miers Conundrum Continues
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Miers 1
Miers 2

Pakistan Suffers 7.8 Earthquake
Pakistan Earthquake

Who is Robert Davis & Is He Telling the Truth
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Robert Davis

The French Involved in Saddam’s Thievery?
French Diplomat Arrested

I Told Ya So
Bloomberg wanted face time.
The Gret Subway Hoax

Never Heard Him Speak; Sorry I did
Justice Breyer-a liberal Judge that shouldn’t be anywhere near my country’s Supreme court.
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The Great Breyer Rant

Countdown to the Iraqi Constitution Vote
History in the making begins in this Week Just Passed
The Iraqi Constitution Vote

The Political Cartoon of the Week
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On Black versus White Crime
Bill Bennett launched into a lengthy explanation about a supposed drop in crime rate if all black babies were aborted. He was speaking rhetorically, or so he claims. The brouhaha brings up some interesting thoughts.


"It is a fact that blacks in America have a far higher violent crime rate than nonblacks. MediaMatters and politically correct folks everywhere do not want you to think about this fact, at least if you are white. But which is a bigger problem, the fact itself or white people's thinking about it?"

- James Taranto of Best of the Web


On Harriet Miers
Bush’s Supreme Court nominee to replace Sandra Day O’Connor. From all across the political spectrum.

"(Harriet Miers' nomination is) an inspiring testament to the diversity of the president's cronies. Wearing heels is not an impediment to being a presidential crony in this administration!"

- National Review columnist Ramesh Ponnuru

"Harriet Miers, President Bush's nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court to replace Sandra Day O'Connor, is on record as supporting the establishment of the International Criminal Court, homosexual adoptions, a major local tax increase and women in combat, WorldNetDaily has learned."

-, 10/4/05

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About the Party of Non-Government Spending


"After years of decrying the practice from the outside, the Republican Party has had a taste of pork, and they like it."

- Steve Ellis of Taxpayers for Common Sense, CNS News, 9/27/05


From Thug and Despot-Chavez of Venzuela

The American Presidents this dictator admires say quite enough about where this friend of Castro is coming from.

From the WAPO:
“What I said is that this U.S. administration -- the current government -- is a terrorist administration, not all U.S. governments. I entertained the best of relations with the Clinton administration, and I consider myself a good friend of former President Carter.”


From No Less an Icon Than Our Own Liberty Bell

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A Subliminal Advertisement

Another web site for which I write,, got this promo blurb in the in-box:
Sick of taking the boss' orders? Think it's time you had the power to make some real decisions? Be defiant! Throw caution to the wind! Rip the covers off of your TPS reports and surf over to! From the safety of your cubicle, you can navigate through the precarious world of office politics on a whirlwind adventure that might find you battling ninjas, uncovering hidden time capsules or engaging in a dangerous non-denominational holiday decoration battle!

As critics are charged to do, requests for reviewers went out to the Bloggers.

Out of curiousity I clicked in.

The entire thing, guised as a game of some sort, was a big commercial for Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Myself quite likes KFC chicken.

I don’t like to be fooled. In this “game”, the characters walk around, oddly, carrying little boxes of chicken nuggets.


Click on the KFC logo below and check it out. See if you don’t agree this attempt at subliminal advertising is, well it’s not very subliminal at all.

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