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He Has a Name

Tradition is to wait for one hundred days before naming the panda cub.

Tai Shan

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Rush Limbaugh Reveals Gossip Tidbit

Normally known for his political vitriolic, Rush Limbaugh recently revealed to estimated audience of over twenty million, that Rocker Bono has a mistress!

I heard this with mine own ears. Rush was discussing the new phenomina known as “Ubermale”. Then he mentioned that Bono cannot be an Ubermale because he has a mistress.

My goodness, Bono is all over the world including the Oval office, trying to get free loans for thugs and thieves of the third world, and now we hear the hypocrite has a mistress?

Oh my. Seems Rush opened his mouth and inserted foot. There was a big backlash over Rush’s comment. Said gossip provided to Limbaugh by his current love, rumored to be a CNN infobabe. Who evidently warned Rush that Bono’s mistress gossip is NOT common knowledge.

An “Ubermale” of so goes the hype, is, well it’s an ordinary man with appropriate levels of testosterone who is devoted to his wife and family.


In other words, what most males are even though for years the Women’s Libbers tried to change this natural factoid.

A Rocker with a mistress who pretends to still be devoted to his wife and high school sweetheart?

An Ubermale?


Ted Kennedy to the Rescue!

I can’t find any documentation on this but I saw it and heard it with my own lying eyeballs and ear holes.

Seems a group of fishermen were stuck on some sort of jetty in the harbor close to Teddy’s home.

Huge waves kept whipping up on the jetty, leaving the fishermen stranded essentially in the middle of the sea.

Ted Kennedy, who did grant an interview about his would-be rescue, and a few others tried to rescue the hapless fishermen, only to themselves be driven back by the raging surf.


Ted Kennedy.

Known around the world for his water rescuing abilities.

Just ask Mary Jo Kopechne.
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The Vikings Gave a Little Party

Like the football Divas they think they are, the Minnesota Vikings are demanding a new stadium at taxpayer expense.

So to show their sincerity, they behave like gentlemen in public that their wish be granted.


So let’s be sure to stipulate it wasn’t all the Vikings and even those in attendance on the cruise to hell and back didn’t participate in the open sex acts.

Oh, and Stephen Doyle, attorney for the boat owners, tells us the incident is way overblown, that not every player had sex on the boat.

Hey, if even ONE Minnesota Viking had open sex on this cruise, serviced by underaged personnel just trying to earn a living, then it’s NOT overblown.

All accounts stipulate it was more than one so stop insulting us idiots out here in la-la land with the notion to so complain about this total lack of class is “overblown”.

Dear Lord don’t let these cretins get that new stadium without a public apology by the participating cretins and their outright dismissal from the team.

From the WeeklyStandard:

ACCORDING TO allegations aired in the local news media and confirmed in the main through player interviews, team members flew in high-priced prostitutes from Atlanta and strippers to accompany them on a two-boat cruise on Lake Minnetonka. The partying quickly got out of hand, with players having sex with the prostitutes while the cruise boat personnel had to stand by and continue serving the athletes. The cruise ship personnel alleged that some of the players harassed female staffers and others forced their way behind the bars to ensure that the booze flowed freely. Forty minutes into what was supposed to be a two-and-a-half hour cruise, the two captains compared notes about the activities on both boats, and then informed the cruise company--which ordered them to return immediately to shore.

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The players claim that this has been blown out of proportion. The Saint Paul Pioneer Press reports that they want it known that not every player had sex on the boat:

"Some of them were gentlemen," said Stephen Doyle, the attorney for boat owners Merritt and Daryl Geyen of Al & Alma's Supper Club and Charter Cruises in Mound. "I agree with them all the way. As a Viking fan, the last thing I want is all the players involved in these accusations."


Asked and Guessed. Blind Item Fun


Which hugely cool US rap legend gets his
road crew to pull out handsome young men from the audience at his show, and bring them backstage to hang out. If they fail to deliver, one of the road crew has to strip naked and crawl across the dressing room floor and administer oral attention to the sweaty star.

WHICH forlorn singer is scraping the barrel in an attempt to recapture his former chart glory? The singer stood out like a sore thumb while performing for a group of drag queens at a recent Soho bash - and they
even received louder applause than him.


I would say it's Nelly, but I do not consider him a legend. There isn't many rap legend, so it shouldn't be that hard to figure out....could it be refering to "Snoop dog'?

Hugely cool = Ice somebody?

Just a wild guess, but I've always heard Dr. Dre liked the boys

Boy George?


More Bad News for “Sports Heroes”

They get the big bucks afforded America’s sports heroes. While no one’s espousing government intervention, let public opinion do the job.

Because us idiots out here in la-la land are getting tired of these sports Divas acting and dressing like hoodlums.

Evidently the owners and powers that be are getting the message. Now they want NBA players to dress and act right at team functions.

How many of us average Americans who carry this country on our backs have to act and dress right at job functions?


The idea of an off-the-court dress code isn't sitting well with some NBA players.

Though it hasn't been finalized yet, players have been warned a dress code likely will be instituted this season for team functions. Players will have to wear business casual clothes -- such as a sport coat and slacks -- for all team affairs. Commissioner David Stern told The Boston Globe that the dress code would exclude jeans.

Team functions would include team flights, traveling to and from games and at public appearances. The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported the dress code would be backed up by NBA fines.


Madeline Albright an Actress?

We hear the Czechs thought she was a cleaning lady during an important summit during the Clinton years.

So yeah, there’s a possibility Albright can be a big Hollywood star.

Just as soon as she figures out whether she’s Jewish or not.


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The politician admits to being a staunch devotee of the series, and was thrilled to turn up on set for her shoot at the end of last month. Albright says, "I am a big fan of Gilmore Girls and I had a great time. It was an opportunity to do something different for a quick minute, and I learned how hard it is to memorize those lines."

And bosses of the show were thrilled with the stateswoman's performance. Executive Producer Amy Sherman-Palladino says, "If you think she seems brilliant and sassy strutting around the Middle East, you should try talking to her in person. We are very honored, very lucky, and so not worthy." Albright joins the likes of Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Norman Mailer and singer-songwriter Carole King who have also had cameos on the program.


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”Bi-partisan” Reform of Delaware Prison Systems

There’s plenty of problems in Delaware prisons. Problems mostly consisting of not enough guards and staff.

Now Delaware’s GOP wants to begin a bi-partisan study into the problem.

Which means the Delaware RINOs will get with the Delaware Dems and they will both figure out to make the most money from the study while allowing family and friends to also profit from the study.

Pardon my cynicism.

Let me say now, they need to hire more guards and staff for Delaware prisons. Oh, and get rid of all of Nanny Minner’s buddies in high management positions.

There. I’ve solved the problem with no need of a study.

I have joined together with other community and elected leaders in a bi-partisan effort to work for reform in our prison system. After personally touring Gander Hill prison to get a first hand look at our prisons from the inside I believe that now more than ever, addressing and reforming our prison crisis is critical, urgent, and in the best interests of all Delawareans.

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At the Concord Pet Store, Rehoboth Beach, across from Giant, 10/30/05, at 2 pm.
See you there!

New Orleans’ Cops Move to Delaware?

We love the way New Castle Councilman Joseph Reda shrugs off the corruption.

Forged checks?

Paying for nonexistent jobs?

And why weren’t the identities of the officers who forged the checks made known?

Someday, like those corrupt and ghost cops in New Orleans, Delaware police departments are going to be put to the test. And like its New Orleans counterparts, they will fail miserably.

It’s the price of ongoing and permeating corruption.

Somebody should tell Councilman Reda this little factoid.

From Delaware
Joe Reda excuses misuse of police funds

Dozens of checks drawn on a New Castle County Police Department off-duty work account were forged and used to pay for nonexistent jobs or to buy items such as bagpipes, personal digital assistants and retirement watches, according to a draft audit released Tuesday.

The 22-page audit of the Police Contractual Fund did not identify the officers who forged checks or the recipients of the questionable payments from the fund. County officials said the police department's internal affairs unit is investigating.

The audit also revealed that the fund was managed poorly. Organizations and individuals who hired the off-duty officers were charged a proper hourly rate but not always billed promptly. Invoices were at times 45 to 60 days late, and not all organizations were billed.

"It was just sloppy, that's all," Councilman Joseph Reda said. "It was a bunch of guys living in a frat house and they didn't clean up after themselves. It was a past practice, a carry-over of the way they had always done things."


Biden Doesn’t Answer Constituents?

Say it ain’t so, Joe!

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Indeed Joe Biden is too busy running for President to pay any mind to such as constituents and such. Biden NEVER answers letters to his constituents. Like the letter writer says, Delaware is a small state.

Somebody should tell the letter writer to check his home city of Wilmington’s Great Dead Vote that keeps getting this unlikeable man elected.

Oh, Chris, if you want an answer from Biden, just take a camera somewhere near Biden and he’ll be there, Cheshire cat smile an all, toot de sweet.

From a Letter to the Editor:
Biden's office ignores constituents' inquiries

It's enlightening to see that I'm not the only Delaware resident being ignored by Sen. Joseph Biden's office. I've written to him about a half-dozen times over two or three years about various topics and have never received a response, not even a form letter. Delaware is a small state. Biden has far less excuse for ignoring his constituents than senators of larger states. I think he feels he should not have to explain himself to us, the ignorant masses he represents. For some reason, though, we keep electing him term after term.

Chris Divis, Wilmington


What Happens When a REAL Republican Takes Over

Delaware RINOs, take note. The Moonbats in Maryland are howling at, well at the moon, over Ehrlich’s changes and elimination of welfare fraud recipients and no-duty public jobs for political cronies.

But it works!

From a Meryland GOP Email:
The fact that Maryland is on the right track can no longer be ignored or dismissed by the media and liberals. Under the leadership of Governor Ehrlich and Lt. Governor Steele, Maryland continues to prosper, including a now $1.7 BILLION surplus but also reports that Maryland welfare rolls are at their lowest in 42 years! Since 1995, Maryland’s welfare rolls dropped 74%. More Marylanders are making their way from welfare to work and they are staying employed. This is significant not only for our economy, but also for the good of the people of the state.


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