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It Is With Great Sadness…
That I must print a retraction.

I am guilty of posting the errors in the rumor about Cindy Sheehan on this Blog. I will not erase that Blog post as I think this sort of thing to be a bit shady. I print the truth below and express my regrets to Mrs. Sheehan for acting like my Lamestream counterparts.

An e-rumor being posted in blogs, on message boards and arriving in inboxes claims to give another view of Cindy Sheehan. The rumor claims a couple of media outlets pointed out that Cindy divorced her first husband and left her son with him to be raised while she became a political activist for the Democratic Party. She had very little to do with her son in his growing years.

She and her first husband both remarried, the father raising his son with his new wife. He and his new wife miss their son and are very proud of him. They said that their son was eager to serve and volunteered to fight in Iraq. After the son died in Iraq Cindy Sheehan showed up to raise a stink, one audience with Mr. Bush wasn't enough so she went to Crawford and demanded another one.

Cindy didn't care about her son, she let another woman raise him. Lots of political statements follow. The e-rumor then claims that Cindy's 2nd
husband has filed for a divorce, probably because he is fed up with her.

The rumor then ends with more political statements.

My focus here is not on Cindy's political stance, rather it is on the truth. The e-rumor is false. There was no divorce, there was no second marriage with a step-mother raising the son. According to, Cindy and her husband, Patrick Sheehan, have been married for 28 years.

The couple had four children, the eldest son, Casey, was killed at the age of 24, in an ambush near Sadr City, Iraq, on 4 April 2004. Sadly though, Patrick and Cindy Sheehan have recently separated and Patrick Sheehan filed a divorce petition at the Solano County court on August 12, 2005, citing "irreconcilable differences", but it certainly didn't happen like this e-rumor claims it did.

the Myth Buster

Patrick Sheehan files for divorce:

To read the full e-rumor:

New Reality Show?

Be careful and don’t be giving out any personal financial information. But this came from a legitimate source so, as a public service, consider it posted.

For more information, please visit:

Attention high school students, college students, recent graduates, newlyweds, and Young America: If your life is a financial mess, a new reality show wants to hear about it. Hearst Entertainment (Modern Marvels) has teamed up with Atchity Entertainment International (Joe Somebody, Life Or Something Like It) and financial author and speaker Peter Bielagus (Getting Loaded Book Series, Mastering Your Personal Finances) to develop a new Reality TV Show about real young people and the interesting money problems they face.

The show is now conducting a nationwide search for unusual, extreme, and entertaining stories about real money messes from funny, outgoing and interesting people who are starting their financial life off on the wrong foot. And, the biggest turn around story may end up winning the resources to start off on the right foot.

Offering a financial makeover to contestants with stories unusual or dramatic enough to capture America's hearts, the show is currently accepting email stories nationwide from America's young people. In addition to appearing on the show, winners can receive financial assistance to help them solve their money problems.

"We want to hear the emotions and frustrations behind your situation,? Bielagus said. "Maybe you are 22, and you have $23,000 of credit card debt. How did you get there? Did you feel you had to have certain items to fit in with a certain crowd?"

Bielagus says the show wants personal financial tales from people who range from a college student longing to buy their first real estate investment property, to a soldier just home from the war who had to put on life hold for 24 months, to someone who had to declare personal bankruptcy at 25 and is now struggling to get back on their feet.

"Maybe you and your spouse have committed to a dream wedding, but are out of money. Perhaps you are so far in debt that you use credit cards to pay your credit card debts," said Bielagus. "We want to hear it and we want to help."

Applicants are encouraged to send an email describing your situation and why you think you would be a good candidate for the show. "Remember," says Bielagus, "we want more than numbers, we want to hear your story: what are the emotions, frustrations and pressure that got you where you are?"

Stories can emailed to

The Propaganda War Comes to Fox

Do enough digging behind the America Haters and you’ll find sons of camels’ money.

The NY Times regularly features handsome pullouts on the joys of Saudi Arabia.

There’s a propaganda war now upon only few people realize it.

And NOW…they’re working on Fox news.

I bet the sons of camels would love to take over Fox news as they have the vaunted NY Times and the Democratic party.

So it begins.

If all else fails, use money to win the war.

From Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal has purchased 5.46 percent of the Fox corporation, according to Gulf Daily News, raising concern that the conservative Fox News may soften its anti-terror stance due to the views of the new shareholder.

Al-Waleed, the nephew of the late Saudi King Fahd, was in the news when he visited the World Trade Center’s remains just after the September 11th attacks and offered then-New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani a $10 million check for relief efforts. Al-Waleed then released a statement blaming US foreign policy and support for Israel for the attacks.

Sam Weisenthal Stops His Endless Hunt

I admired Sam Weisenthal.

He never did find Mengele but he did find over 1,000 Nazis, including Adolph Eichman. Who ended up at the wrong end of a rope.

Weisenthal was in a concentration camp when he was rescued by the American army.

He brought a justice that was needed.

Image hosted by

His critics accused him of lacking humility, but he is one of the reasons that children study the Holocaust today. He's responsible for documenting facts so grisly, so incredible that the facts at first invited skepticism. He fought both the perpetrators of the Holocaust, the Holocaust deniers and the Jews who wanted to forget rather than to bear witness to evil. "Discovering witnesses is just as important as catching criminals," he wrote in the introduction to "The Sunflower," a short memoir.


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The HammerHead Shark -Hammerheads are efficient predators and feed on bony fishes, other sharks, crustaceans, and especially stingrays that they can find buried in the sand.

So who else would get the distinguished Hammerhead award but the man known as The Hammer in the House of Representatives?

Yes, it’s Tom Delay, a shark the Democrats have been chasing for years.

In a planned and calm action that the administration would do wise to emulate, Delay immediately went on every talk and cable show that would have him and gave his side of the story.

He could be guilty though I doubt it.

Most important, he DEFENDED himself.

Someone should tell Dubya this is not a crime and Jesus will still love him if he would do the same.
Angel Fish-Either one Angel to an aquarium or more than 3. Angels are Cichlids and like most Cichlids, if you keep just 2 or 3 in the same aquarium, the strongest one will make the others miserable.

General Russell Honore of Louisiana gets the Angel Fish award for his verbal contribution to the culture for many years to come.

“Don’t Get Stuck on Stupid,” he told silly reporters asking inappropriate questions.

So many of them are still stuck on stupid.
Great White Shark-"There is a creature alive today who has survived millions of years of evolution without change, without passion, and without logic. It lives to kill. A mindless eating machine, it will attack and devour anything. It is as though God created the devil and gave him jaws

This week’s Shark award goes to, tada, Peter King and his trashing of Chris Matthews on Hardball.

“How come the President wasn’t watching TV during the Katrina aftermath,” I paraphrase Matthews’ verbal barrage of Representative King.

King’s response to Chrissy?

"Just because the president doesn't watch you on television, it doesn't mean he's not doing his job."
Bottom Feeders-Unfortunately, it's really a bit of an old wive's tale that adding bottom-feeding fish to your aquarium will make the tank cleaner. Although many bottom feeders will eat scraps of food that have been missed by the other fish, they still need to be fed a diet of their own and will contribute as much dirt to the tank as any other fish.

The Bottom Feeder of the Week award goes to Bill Maher. Who compared Laura Bush to Hitler’s dog when responding to comments that the First Lady was well-liked by the American public.

Which means, I guess, that we would all like Hitler’s dog too.

So little class, so much time.
Crab-Crabs do not take kindly to being steamed alive. They fuss and fight, claws come off until the steam finally kills them for fine eating.

Poor Cindy Sheehan got in a snit over the constant coverage of Hurricane Rita, which she sniffed was only a little wind and rain.

People DIED during Hurricane Rita, Cindy. Or is it only pertinent when they die in Iraq?

Cindy wins this week’s Crab award.
Flounder-Flounder are bottom-dwelling creatures which use their flattened shape and ability to change coloration and pattern on the eyed side of their bodies to partially burrow in the sediment, lie in ambush and wait for their prey.

The Flounder award this week goes handily to Judith Miller of the NY Times. Who has changed her colors and spots so many times, all the while remaining in jail for refusing to name a source who already admitted he was a source.

Sting Ray-The most distinctive features of this sting ray, among other Gulf of Maine fishes, are its very long, whiplash-like tail without dorsal fins, and the long, saw-edged spine or spines with which the upper side of its tail is armed.

The Sting Ray award goes to Governor Ahhhnold of California.

For vetoing the gay marriage bill that the people of California had already voted against but still passed by the elite legislators of California who have no time for the peoples’ wishes.
Angler Fish-The Angler Fish lives more than a mile deep in ocean water. On her forehead the female has a "fishing rod" tipped with an lighted "artificial worm" which she dangles over her mouth to attract her next meal.

All of the media gets this week’s Angler Fish award. The coverage was mostly rumor and unsubstantiated during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The Angler Fish gets a meal for its fakery. The Old Media gets nothing but derision.
Sea Snake-Sea Snakes are highly venomous and bites are often fatal.

The Sea Snake of the Week goes to Roy Earl of Texas for obtaining the slimmest of indictments against a political enemy.

A political enemy who has been very successful at his job, Mr. HammerHead Tom Delay.
Minnow-. External features include: scaleless head, toothless jaws, lack of adipose fin, lack of appendages at the base of the pelvic fins, and a single, soft dorsal fin in native species that has less than 10 rays.

This week’s Minnow award goes to a bunch of tiny little human fish known as the New Orleans’ police department.

Many of whom who looted, stole Cadillacs, abandoned their posts or, in many cases, don’t even exist!

Kudos to the few NO police who stayed around and did the work of their colleagues.

The rest aren’t worthy of swimming with the Minnows.

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West Wing-New Day, New Time, New President?

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It is with a guarded delight that I tune into NBC’s “West Wing” this season.

Delight in the new day and time, guarded because the producers still insist on doing that circle-camera thing that makes me dizzy at the watching.

The former Wednesday night time gave me grief in that’s generally a busy night for me. I like the Sunday night time and the earlier 8 pm hour.

I could even handle that dizzying camera thing if they wouldn’t do it quite so often. This camera action is meant, I assume, to create a busy happening reality, a reality exactly like the political world of the West Wing resembles.

Right now I must whisper that I am a political junkee as well as a Conservative.

Conservatives, in general, do not like the West Wing TV series.

Although I’d lay odds that more conservative political junkees watch the show than will admit.

I say conservatives surely can raise some money from the big corporations and put on their own version of West Wing. If they don’t, then stop complaining.

What, exactly, don’t conservatives like about this West Wing series?

The West Wing is populated by Democrats, for one thing. For another thing, almost every plot has a liberal bent and in the end, the liberal thinking wins.

In reality, liberalism brought changes during the 1960’s for women, minorities and soldiers conscripted against their war and sent to a nasty jungle across the sea.

This being accomplished, liberalism has failed at everything since. As Thomas Jefferson’s “law of countervailing forces”, the pendulum must change in a world more subject to danger from those who would have us all dead.

Yet on West Wing, President Bartlett can pluck the equivalent of Yasser Arafat, a son of a camel who did nothing for the Palestinian people during his entire tenure as their President, out of a super secret hiding spot and have the man do noble things to insure the peace with Israel.

Damn this would never happen in real life and so this is why conservatives don’t like West Wing. Americans watch West Wing and think this stuff is how it is when, ahem, it’s how it’s NOT.

As a political junkee, I love to watch the show and laugh at the things liberals think they could do if only they had the White House.

Jeb Bartlett routinely carries an approval rating of over 60%.

Yeah, right, That happens all the time too.

This year the series begins with 101 days until the next election. Bartlett, the viewer understands, will not be the next president. The viewer also assumes there will be a new President and this season will likely dwell on the campaign and eventual victory. Next season would commence with a new President.

Who will likely be either Congressman Matt Santos, a Latino with a conscience, or Senator Vinnick, a Republican with a conscience.

Santos and Vinnick do have their real life counterparts and read no further. This Grandma Blogger will tell yon reader who in the real life political spectrum these candidates represent.

Santos is, of course, Bill Richardson, Democrat Governor of New Mexico.

Vinnick is, of course, John McCain, that beloved RINO(Republican In Name Only) of the liberals.

Conservatives do not like John McCain because frankly, doesn’t matter whether it’s liberal or conservative, McCain is all about MCCAIN.

This season promises a lot of plot twists and turns and I’ll shall pay attention.

Is CJ the leak in the White House?

Will Josh and his former White House secretary ever jump into bed, damn it?

Will Vinnick, in fact, win the Presidency?

Below is a Google link to a newsgroup’s “West Wing FAQ’s”. This fellow does a wonderful job of tracking who is who, even tracking the music played on the series!

All things West Wing

Soon, because God has commanded, I will be writing all about, tada, “Commander in Chief”.

Is she really Hillary?

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