OJ and Petraeus

General Petraeus political cartoon

The children at are so full of themselves they can’t suppress their giggles. Their infamous play on words: "General Petraeus or General Betray Us?" got a full page ad in the NY Times for ½ the normal price of such an ad.

The children in congress too acted like fools this past week as they attacked General Petraeus during his Senate testimony. The wonderful Hillary said his report required the “suspension of disbelief”. That woman is so cool she knocks my socks off.

All the man doing for God’s sake was reporting to the congress critters and the citizens of America just what was going on in Iraq. No it’s not a slam dunk victory. It’s takes time to set up a government, to beat up those who would disrupt a new democracy in that region, to get three religious factions to work together. But political opportunism will always subvert the best interest of the country, especially with this bunch of nasty Democrats in congress.

The jackals can keep carrying on like fools but like expressed in Worldnet
You see, here in America, we may act like we're not paying attention – but needlessly attack a military hero who is trying to protect us from radical Muslim jihadists and you are gonna learn how to spell the word B-A-C-K-L-A-S-H.

Rose ender special

Like many of us I watch the events regarding OJ Simpson and his audacity with a curious interest.

I have a prediction. Write this down.

This country, including all the blacks who supported and cheered him on back in 1992, are sick of this man.

Because no matter if you believe he did it or didn’t do it (and how could anyone believe he didn’t do it now that’s he’s written a book practically admitting it?), we all have common sense out here in la-la land. We know that OJ could have retired on his thirty thousand bucks a month protected NFL retirement. Most of us could survive handily on thirty thousand bucks a month.

OJ could have settled down with his children and lived a quiet life out of jail where he came so close to spending his life. He could have kept a low profile, enjoyed fine wine and pretty spring days, things his two victims have had forever denied them.

Instead this man has done nothing but make a fool of our justice system and I think OJ’s day has come.

Our justice system has its foibles and flaws but mostly it works. And we have mostly a fine system but when a moron like OJ can constantly manipulate the same system while smiling in our stupid faces…well OJ is not making any friends.

I think OJ has had the chance to be a better person.

His actions mock our society and societies tend to banish members who do this.

Sometimes it takes a bit longer than others but I predict that justice will finally be done in the matter of Orenthal James Simpson.

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