TV-Fox's "Celebrity Duets" Eliminates Another, Only the Wrong One; ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" Begins Another Season Only They Get It Right.

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”Celebrity Duets” on Fox Eliminates the Third; ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” Premieres-The Right Celebrity Dancer Was Eliminated.

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Hezbollah’s black-clad legions goose-step and stiff-arm salute in parade, apparently eager to convey both the zeal and militarism of their religious fascism. Meanwhile, consider Hezbollah’s “spiritual” head, Hassan Nasrallah — the current celebrity of an unhinged Western media that tried to reinvent the man’s own self-confessed defeat as a victory. Long before he hid in the Iranian embassy Nasrallah was on record boasting: “The Jews love life, so that is what we shall take away from them. We are going to win because they love life and we love death.”

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We are not kidding here, this web site actually counts down the seconds, minutes, hours and days until Christmas. As of this writing there are 98 days, 6 hours, 12 minutes and 36 seconds until Christmas 2006.

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Days Until Christmas 2006



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  • * Health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.
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    Fox’s “Celebrity Duets”-Third Contender Eliminated; It Was the Wrong One

    My patience is growing thin with this reality series. First, not one of the contestants is any kind of singer and as I’ve stated before, it’s not like practice makes a non-singer have a better voice or anything. Thus the viewer sees no improvement from week to week.

    The sound is simply awful on the series and then there was that little blunder during the second round when the show, poof, simply went off the air before the second round’s contender was eliminated. Even with the addition of top-notch celebrity singers the show has little appeal. The contestants, as the show’s format deems, sing along with their professional singer and these contestants, folks, do not have any idea how to properly sing into the microphone or effective duet with another singer with, how shall we say, any talent.

    Finally, I am irked because Cheech Marin, of “Cheech and Chong” fame, should have been eliminated by the first round, second round tops. This week Carly Patterson got the axe and yes this athlete was mediocre at best. But she wasn’t really awful like Cheech Marin.
    Review of first round HERE.

    Review of second round HERE.

    Celebrity Duets-third elimination

    Highlights of the third round of this reality series included Lucy Lawless singing with Dionne Warwick, Alfonso Rivera and Denise Williams singing “Too Much, Too Little, Too late”, Carly Patterson and Jesse McCartney (is he related to Paul?), Cheech Marin and Aaron Neville, and Jai Rodriguez with Taylor Dane.

    Little Richard is a judge for this series and you know, I think this guy is either high, drunk or both. His comments are so off-the-wall and I’ll tell you something else, he is the one who hogs up all the judicial commentary time and likely why Fox screwed up during the second round.

    Cheech Marin’s plan seems to be to sing far away from the microphone so no one will hear him. This is a good plan because this guy…well I just don’t think so.

    Jai Rodriguez is a possible winner in this competition. He has a pretty good voice and is quite easy on the eyeballs.

    ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars”

    ABC’s Web Site for “Dancing With the Stars”

    The Dancers:
  • Tucker Carlson - News Anchor
  • Monique Coleman- Actress
  • Sara Evans - Singer
  • Willa Ford -Singer
  • Vivica A. Fox -Actress
  • Harry Hamlin -Actor
  • Joey Lawrence- Actor
  • Mario Lopez - Actor
  • Shanna Moakler - Beauty Queen/Actress
  • Emmitt Smith - Football player
  • Jerry Springer -Talk Show Host
    All Contestants 2006 Dancing with Celebrities

    It began on 9/13/06. All the male contenders would be doing the Cha-Cha whilst the female contestants would dance the Fox Trot. Joey Laurence of “Blossom” fame danced a dance that was like no cha-cha I’d ever seen. The judges told him he needed to “work on hips”.

    Next up was country music singer, Sara Evans. She danced a Foxtrot with her partner and by me her movements were very slow. One judge declared her to be either Jackie O or Barbara Bush at various times during her routine.

    Ah, next up, Tucker Carlson. Now Tucker is a favorite of mine in that he is a conservative pundit and that he always wears a bow tie. Someone who always wears a bow tie’s gotta be a good dancer, right? In the pre-dance vignette Tucker’s partner mentioned her desire to get him through at least one show; more would be better. Right then and there, before Tucker ever moved a foot, I knew he had problems.

    One judge declared it an “awful mess” and Tucker, goodness, he sat on a chair during most of the dance. When Carlson did get up and finally dance, well, let’s just say he got 12 points out of a possible 30 from the judges and he didn’t deserve those 12 points. Tucker Carlson was eliminated right after the first audience vote.

    Tucker Carlson Dancing With Celebs

    Actress Monique Coleman (who I never heard of) was next. I thought she had good footwork but a judge declared she needed “more romance”

    Emmitt Smith is a football player and football players do very well in these types of competitive dance shows. I suppose football requires deft footwork that translates well on the dance floor. Smith is a big man but he displayed a penchant for the art of the dance. Judge Carrie Ann told Emmitt “you can dance, you are light on your feet”. Smith and his partner scored a honorable score of 24 out of 30 points.

    Willa Ford is billed as the “bad girl of pop”. She wore a gorgeous orange dress and her routine displayed great choreography. The judges too declared the routine an exercise in great choreography so I now must consider myself an expert on this sort of thing. Heh.

    Actor Mario Lopez performed a cha-cha with his partner and here was a great looking buy attired in a daring masculine black outfit. Mario and his partner scored 26 points out of 30 and a judge declared Mario and his partner the “couple to beat”.

    Former Miss USA Shana Moakler performed a Foxtrot and I didn’t see her routine for some reason. It couldn’t have been too good as she only got a score of 18 out of 30 points.

    Harry Hamlin is the husband of Lisa Rinna, who danced in the last competition in this series. I could see the man counting his steps with his mouth and it was distracting. The judges deemed Harry “stiff and awkward” and frankly he was a big disappointment compared to his wife, who did pretty good in the last contest.

    Vivica Fox of “Kill Bill” fame danced and she displayed good facial expressed and she too displayed a penchant for the dance. The judges declared Vivica “sexy”.

    Finally we had Jerry Springer and who doesn’t know Jerry Springer? I don’t know just what that man was wearing but it looked like an old-fashioned smoking jacket, complete with a satin tie. Jerry did okay for an old guy and his sense of humor added to the enjoyment. I give the man credit, he moved his hips with all the verve of a man half his age.

    For now, be looking at Emmitt Smith and Mario Lopez to be real contenders for this year’s “Dancing With the Stars” competition.

    Best dressed dancing with celebs

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