Political Tidbits 9/27/06-Clinton Loses It; NJ's McGreevy Fools Us All

It's time for some Political Tidbits and first, let us pay attention to New Jersey's "Gay American" Governor McGreevy. For this nice fellow has a book out and it's no mind that he embarrasses his family and insults us, Matt Lauer loves him and Oprah adores him. While he is still a creep who hired his lover to cover NJ homeland security and it's no mind his sexual preferences, this is just plain sleezy.

Also, come on, Hugo Chavez is really a nut, eh?

Also, Walmart strikes back in a capitalistic manner that will confound its critics.

Finally, Bill Clinton loses it re his pathetic 8 year record on fighting terror.

Pic of the Day
Marine bumper stickers

Quote of the Day

"(Pennsylvania governor and former Democrat Party chairman Ed) Rendell was asked what he would do about Iraq if he were president.

"He said he is not running, but if he were and he won, on the day after his inauguration, 'I would go to Iraq and ask to be on TV throughout the Middle East and I'd say, 'We came here with the best of intentions and wanted to create freedom and democracy for all and 3,000 Americans have died. It is clear to me we have become the main problem. I'm going to ask the international community to develop a peacekeeping force and reduce our presence. We're going to help you build houses, provide aid and economic opportunity for your people.''

"That isn't a peace plan; it's a plan for surrender. . . . This is why liberal Democrats cannot be trusted to run the foreign policy of the United States."
- Columnist Cal Thomas

Web Site Worth the Visit
Know Someone Cheating the Government?

Be it an elected official or a conniving citizen, the link below is the site to report it. Put enough eyes out there and they’ll HAVE to be honest.

Report Public Corruption


+-------------- Bizarre Names of Real Places ---------------+

Frozen Run, West Virginia: A man saved his own life by wrapping himself in the skin of a recently killed buffalo. His friends had to thaw it to get him out.

Preacher's Head, New Mexico: A rock resembling the face of a serious-looking man overlooks the town.

Dildo, Newfoundland: Coincidentally, it's the birthplace of Shannon Tweed, Playboy magazine's 1982 Playmate of the Year.

Anxiety Point, Alaska: Sir John Franklin, a British explorer, was afraid that bad weather would prevent his team from reaching a point on the Alaskan coast. They made it, and left this permanent reminder of his nervousness.

Nipple Mountain, Colorado: One formation on the mountain is named "Clara's Bird's Nipple."

Chilly Buttes, Idaho: A cold place in the winter.

Art Texas: As one resident explained, "Well, it's not for Arthur or Artesian, and far as I know people here weren't ever especially arty. We've heard they picked it just because they wanted a real short name."

Sacul, Texas: A reverse spelling of (John) Lucas, an early settler in the area.

Lake Italy, California: The lake is shaped like a boot.

Accident, Maryland: In 1774, surveyors marked off a parcel of land by mistake. They decided to immortalize the error.

Political Tidbits

He’s a Proud “Gay American”. No Mention That He’s Corrupt

McGreevy of New JErseyFormer NJ Governor James McGreevey has a new book he’s hawking. Titled “The Confession”, the book reportedly is a tell-all book ostensibly to blind the reader with lurid details of roadside homosexual trysts along with details of the angst suffered by a public official forced to keep his sexual identity a secret.

The real truth is that McGreevey ran an administration that was so corrupt, even by NJ standards, that his resignation from the NJ governorship was because of the evil deeds he foisted on NJ citizens via their taxpayer dollars. Appointing his poet-lover to head NJ’s Department of Homeland Security would be one such example of corruption.

In keeping with the historical plan, McGreevey then goes on to pull the wool over our collective and stupid eyeballs by declaring that he is a “Gay American” when he resigned, a popular phrase that some PR spin firm deduced goes over well in the ears of busy Americans out here in la-la land. Add the word “American” to any other adjective and it tends to legitimize everything.

James McGreevey wasn’t forced to resign because he was gay, although polls show many New Jersey citizens still think that is the case. Hiring a poet with absolutely no experience in security to protect NJ citizens isn’t exactly good governance. Said poet, reminding again, being McGreevey’s then current male flame.

McGreevey continues to follow the PR spin plan and recently appeared on Oprah. Yes, you read it right, Oprah. And yes, Oprah clucked and sympathized and oohed and aahed. The audience, both in the studio and across the fruited plains, didn’t buy it. McGreevey’s been excoriated for his silly appearance on the afternoon talk show for Kumbaya singers. Somehow reports of McGreevey’s corruption keep following him around and boom, sympathy disappears.

Jonah Goldberg has a good assessment of McGreevey HERE:
In his memoir, "The Confession," McGreevey offers any number of revelations, but they don't add up to a confession. "Some things I'd done, or allowed to be done in my name, were morally repugnant to me," he writes, presumably referring to the various aides, mentors and backers facing criminal charges or mired in scandal. But he dealt with that by "forgetting" or never allowing himself to know. "I had my people strike back-room deals I kept myself in the dark about or forced from my mind if I learned too much. Obviously this is one root of my memory problems."

Matt Lauer gave McGreevey a chance to garner sympathy points as well. Below a video of parts of this pathetic interview.

While McGreevey is viewed as a hero to America’s gay community, the poor, persecuted gay Governor vilified for his sexuality, the rest of the country ain’t buying it.

The WTC Illness

Here’s a new illness that makes a perfect case for the trial lawyers. The “victims” are the first responders to the 9-11 trade center. Right there is insured protection from the Compassion Police. These are people from all parts of the country who came to New York to help with the search for bodies and possible living victims from the collapsed trade centers.

Another clue: the politicians who immediately responded with brow-furrowed concern were all from New York. Hillary, Chuck Schumer, and Rudy Guilliani all held press conferences, the summation being that those who helped dig through the rubble of the World Trade Center are now suffering with lung diseases that could only have come from breathing bad air.

Finally, one more clue…the Lamestream Media, especially the New York segment, jumped on the bandwagon.

It’s a PR Spin Expert’s dream. First responders to the attacks in New York on 9-11-01 are considered heroes. Dare to question them is to cast aspersions on heroes.

I was suspicious just as soon as the manufactured hype hit the air waves. Some element of common sense began to overwhelm me. Sure it was a smoky and likely uncomfortable environment around those collapsed trade towers in September 2001. I simply could not believe that limited exposure to these conditions caused so many to have lung problems the rest of their lives. Human beings have spent their entire lives working under far worse conditions.

If there was anything suspect about this story, soon enough it would come out.

It has.

All the hype comes from release of a study by the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. There have been other reports on the effects on the lungs of first responders to the WTC but the Mount Sinai report fits an agenda.

Only this Mount Sinai report is very suspect.

From the American Spectator:
This study looked only at the minority of responders who came to Mount Sinai to have their health monitored. People who "self-select" to participate in such medical studies tend to do so because they believe they're sick. So you can't make any meaningful comparisons to responders who didn't volunteer for the study or to the general public. This problem alone wholly invalidates the significance Mount Sinai and the media gave the report.

All this hype is based on VOLUNTEERS for this study? As stated above, those who volunteer to have their health monitored have a vested interest in insuring that the study shows that they are not nuts. Or, hey, given enough of an impetus, such as money or political favors, well volunteers then come easy to recruit.

I know the Compassion Police will be on my case for daring to suggest that this form of outright bribery for more money is a genuine cause for our sympathy, not our suspicions. Anyway, those people who actually died in the WTC got a whole bunch of money. Why shouldn’t those who dug through the rubble get a few extra bucks medical compensation for their service?

Hey, I’d go along with that. Give the first responders some extra bucks, perhaps free health care for the rest of their lives. Give it to them for their quick response and good intentions.

Please don’t go making more victims and stop peeing on our feet and telling us it’s raining.

They need money? They think they deserve money? The politicians who represent them want them to get more money?

By all means, give them some.

Just tell what it’s all about. Don’t create a new reality to meet the greed of a few.

Getting Out of the Plame Game

Now that the hoopla is over and after we’ve discovered that the leaker of Valerie Plame’s status as a so-called covert CIA agent was Richard Armitage, Deputy Secretary of State under Colin Powell, isn’t it time for Patrick Fitzgerald to be put out to pasture? This guy has already spent millions investigating essentially nothing and, indeed, could be guilty of getting involved in a political witch hunt instead of spending taxpayer money wisely.

Below, two ways to end this joke of a prosecution.

The judge in the CIA leak case ruled Thursday that if Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald feels that admitting certain classified documents at the upcoming trial of I Lewis "Scooter" Libby can jeopardize national security, Fitzgerald can then move to dismiss the perjury charges against Libby.

In the above possibility, the judge hands Fitz a way out. All Fitz has to do is declare that releasing classified documents in order to prosecute the very innocent Scooter Libby is a danger to the country, well Fitz can just drop the charges.

From The American

H. Marshall Jarrett, Counsel

Office of Professional Responsibility

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Suite 3266

Washington, D.C. 20530

Re: Patrick Fitzgerald’s handling of the Plame Case

Dear Mr. Jarrett:

I am writing to suggest that if one is not underway yet, it is long past due to undertake an investigation into the circumstances of the appointment of Patrick Fitzgerald and the way in which he has conducted this matter.

Above, Clarice Feldman of the American Thinker has written a letter to the Office of Professional Responsibility as regards Patrick Fitzgerald’s questionable conduct and decisions during this investigation. Click on the link and see the many legal misjudgments Fitz might have made, at least according to Feldman. She makes a compelling case.

Seems to me that the Department of Justice is going to have to at least RESPOND to Feldman’s letter, even if they tell her she’s all wet and to get lost.

It also seems to me that somehow, some way, Patrick Fitzgerald and his witch hunt have GOT to be stopped. There are thousands of Katrina victims who could have new homes with the money this investigation has wasted. The problem is that the only way to stop independent prosecutor Fitzgerald is by an Act of Congress. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that lily-livered bunch to do their jobs. This is the problem with “independent” prosecutors. They report to no one. Our founding fathers crafted a government and incorporated many checks and balances specifically to stop placing so much power in the hands of one person.

Whether Fitz bows out by choosing the softball thrown by the judge or is investigated should the Department of Justice do its job, as Feldman requests, it’s time for him to go.

Middle Class Continues to Supply Soldiers

Gather all the singers, actors and actresses in Hollywood, the political elites and ivory tower professors and there still aren’t enough of them to populate the United States’ Army.

Our soldiers come from the Middle Class, that’s you and I guys, and don’t ever forget it. Juries come from this same class and notice now that the things that make this country hum rely on the common sense that Middle Class brings. They call it common sense for a reason. Only the common man has it.

So the Army continues to meet its recruiting goals and this fact gets little notice from the Lamestream. For all the trouble in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Middle Class continues to send its sons and daughters out to protect us from those who would kill us. Don’t wait for the Dixie Chicks to do it.

From the WAPO:
The Army is ending its best recruiting year since 1997 and expecting similar success in 2007, despite the weight of grim war news from Iraq, Army Secretary Francis Harvey said Thursday.

In an Associated Press interview, Harvey said the Army will enlist its 80,000th soldier on Friday, reaching its goal for the year with eight days to spare. That is a considerable turnaround from last year when the Army missed its target for the first time since 1999 and by the widest margin in more than two decades.

The Democrats and Silly Hugo Chavez

Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez came to town last week and he really put on a comedy routine. How often has an American president went to another country and called that country’s leader the devil? Talk about your poor taste.

But we’ll allow that ole Hugo has no class and that he amuses. The bigger scandal here is how the opposition party-in this case the Democrats-came out in defense of the President. Which they sure should have because to tolerate such attacks on our President on our own soil could cost political points.

More intriguing, and currently flying below the national radar, is how so many of these Democrats have allowed Hugo to buy them lock, stock and barrel, and this in our own country.

They have, like Rep. Bill Delahunt, D-Mass., Sen. Lincoln Chafee, R-R.I., and Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., gone on junkets to Venezuela to admire Chavez's "revolution" in his dog and pony shows.

Worse, they've willingly gotten themselves into Chavez's political debt by accepting subsidized heating oil for their supposedly underserved residents. Rangel had nothing but praise for Chavez in February upon taking low-cost heating oil for his Harlem district.

So Hugo gives New York and Massachusetts low cut heating oil and how is this fair to the rest of America? One of these days this nasty little tidbit is going to register on the national conscience. I pay top dollar for my heating oil while these same hypocrites who criticized Chavez ponied up and took his oil for easy votes, now didn’t they?
Hugo Chavez Cartoon

U.N. Experts Say Gitmo Should Be Closed

Heh. Talk about your oxymoron.

First, these “experts” refused a visit to Guantanamo when there were told they would not be able to interview detainees. Well go with me here, but who in the world would trust the UN to talk to these terrorists? Besides, why didn’t they visit and just observe the surroundings, the food, the atmosphere? Why insist on talking to detainees?

And just who are these UN “experts”? One is Algerian Leila Zerrougui, a specialist on arbitrary detention. A specialist on arbitrary detention? What the hell?

Since they couldn’t help the terrorist cause by passing along information to the Gitmo detainees, these UN “experts” relied on, well I don’t know what they relied on but go with me here, how can they condemn Guantanamo Bay when THEY’VE NEVER BEEN THERE???

From SF Gate
U.N. human rights investigators criticized the United States on Thursday for failing to take steps to close the Guantanamo Bay military prison for terror suspects, which they say facilitates torture and violates international law.

Walmart’s PR Coup

The liberals, with the help of the mighty labor unions, are hell bent on destroying Walmart. In an astounding PR coup, Walmart announced a major prescription reduction program that will allow 30 day supplies of certain generic drugs be purchased for $4.00 a prescription.


So good to see Walmart fight back. And how can this be anything but a good thing?

Wal-Mart will make nearly 300 generic prescription drugs available for $4 per prescription for up to a 30-day supply at 65 stores in the Tampa area.

In the Interest of Fair and Balanced

A funny compendium of Bush’s “Top Ten Moments”. It’s a bit of a jab but hey, all in good fun.

While We’re Looking at Videos

For posterity, and in keeping with fair and balanced, a little of Clinton’s performance on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. Surely you’ve heard?

View a bit of Clinton’s wrath when a journalist dares to ask the man a real question.

Clinton Minions Still Insane

Madeline Albright, former Secretary of State for Clinton and total failure, now asserts, get this, that “evil depends on different perspectives”. Heh. What the hell does that mean? I suppose the serial killer doesn’t think of himself as evil. His victims, however, disagree.

Ah, the hell with it. These Clinton minions are so pissed off that they did a lousy job all they can do is criticize. So very small.

Albright was the guest of honor at the fourth annual Snowdon Lecture, a speech by a public figure addressing the intersection of faith and social justice in the world. In the speech sponsored by the InterFaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington, Albright attacked Bush's policies in Iraq and in third world countries.

"I hope I'm wrong, but I'm afraid that Iraq is going to go down in history as the greatest disaster in American foreign policy," she said. "We took our eye off the ball."

Albright and Kim Jong IlBush's practice of calling terrorist organizations and governments haroboring them "evil" was challenged by Albright, who said that human nature does not lend itself to the absolutes Bush emphasizes.

"Evil depends on different perspectives," said Albright, who was the country's first female secretary of state. "This does not imply moral relativism, as critics may suggest, but instead acknowledgement that with great evil often comes a conviction of doing great good."

Bolton Nomination-Why the Delay?

Why does a lawfully elected president, TWO TIMES, have all this crap in confirming his choice for ambassador the UN?

So it seems the UN does not like Bolton. Well by all means, then. Let’s stop this appointment because if Kofi’s mad, well we can’t have that.

From Human
Senate Republican Whip Mitch McConnell sat down Tuesday for a heart-to-heart talk with Chafee, pleading with him to permit Bolton's nomination to reach the Senate floor. The reason Chafee is in this pivotal position can be attributed to Sen. Christopher Dodd's fierce open opposition to Bolton, and UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan's stealthy sabotage, executed by his deputy, Mark Malloch Brown.

Click on the link below and join the Blogosphere’s campaign to get this man nominated.

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