Cooties at NASCAR

If any one action by the Liberals as represented by the Liberal Party of America, AKA the Democrats, illustrates the disdain these people have for the middle class in this country it is certainly the recent congressional edict that staffers who plan to hang out at any NASCAR event should have lots of preventative inoculations.

The dangerous world of NASCAR for Weekly Whispers Dems get innoculation

From the Washington Times:
"I have been to numerous NASCAR races, and the folks who attend these events certainly do not pose any health hazard to congressional staffers or anyone else," thundered Rep. Robin Hayes, North Carolina Republican, to The Washington Times. "Democrats should know that there is no preventive measure yet designed to ward off the blue-collar values and patriotism that NASCAR fans represent," said Linda Daves, chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, to McClatchy Newspapers. "If they aren't careful, they just might catch some of it."

God knows what nasties those who attend NASCAR events might carry for as is well known, the moment any NASCAR event occurs local hospitals are filled with the common folks suffering and/or dying from diphtheria, Hepatitis A and B, plus influenza.

I am not making this up. This news tidbit has gotten some play but will likely fly under the radar.

I’ve another suggestion that will better protect the people of this country. Health vans and other handy equipment should be placed around the perimeter of Washington D.C. Should the political elite in D.C. ever have to venture outside of “the zone” they can easily, on their exit route, stop for the various shots and needles they may require to protect their fine persons.

But BETTER, also the healthy and normal Americans who should, due to events that cannot be avoided, ever have to venture INTO D.C. they too can be inoculated against the political elites and the diseases THEY carry.

Such diseases would include tunnel-vision, lack of foresight, snobbery to the detriment of the greater good, loss of all common sense and, in some cases, attraction to the same sex.

I’m just saying…

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