Rush Has a Formidable Enemy With Hillary

What’s that you say? Hillary is Rush Limbaugh’s enemy?

But of course!

For Hillary’s number one enemy in keeping her out of the White House she so rightfully deserves would be…tada! Rush Limbaugh!

We don’t even have to go illustrating how Hillary Clinton her own fine self took credit for helping to create the far left media monitoring organization known as “Media Matters”. Rush played Hillary’s own words uttering just exactly that so that fact is established.

Second, it was Media Matters who came out with the first blast of Rush Limbaugh-bashing for his alleged reference to an Iraq soldier disagreeing with the war as being a “phony soldier”.

The whole condemnation and smear of Rush Limbaugh as anti-military that has caused hysteria this past week has backfired on the liberals big time. First it gave Limbaugh huge amounts of free publicity and Rush did, as common sense would dictate, play the stupidity of congress over and over on his daily radio show heard by twenty million listeners.

Congress at work on the Limbaugh flap/poli cartoon

In front of my lying eyes and in my disbelieving ears I actually heard my congress all busy attacking a private citizen! One congress critter referred disparagingly to Rush’s former prescription drug addiction. There was a concerted effort to hurt Rush Limbaugh, a fellow using his constitutional right to free speech whilst pursuing his constitutionally guaranteed right to pursue happiness. I was shocked. Today Rush…tomorrow this humble Blogger read by two or three people every day.

Of course Rush is a mighty obstacle against the far left Democrats but I have concerns. The liberals can’t win any debates by persons still in possession of the common sense that should be…eh…common. So they must do what must be done…they must shut the truth-tellers the hell up!

Rush regularly expresses his disdain for liberal nonsense with phrases he has coined his own popular and clever self. He refers to Hillary’s upcoming swearing in as her “coronation”. He calls Harry Reid “Dingy Harry” and Reid knows it. His name for the wreckless media is the “drive-by media” and this is priceless.

Rush Limbaugh angers a lot of people, especially her Highness soon-to-be Queen Hillary.

Hillary desperately wants Rush shut up. Well sure and the other loony looser liberals without a life want Rush to shut up but using common sense, there’s little doubt that the libs expect Hillary to be their nominee. So it all ends up being about She Who Will Be Coronated.

If Liberals ran the world poli cartoon

Rush Limbaugh’s clever brand of mockery has got to grate on these libs, especially the number one lib…Hillary Clinton.

The Clintons have managed to do more bad things than any two people in this country and I could not begin to list them all. Let’s take the big ones…presidential pardons for sale, selling the Lincoln bedroom for fundraisers, getting oral minstrations in the oval office, running off with half the White House furniture at term’s end, and making hundreds of thousands of dollars in a thousand dollar investment in cattle futures.

I worry that Rush might get too complacent. Hillary deserves…DESERVES damn it…the presidency so long denied her.

I bite my nails in fear that she will win.


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