The WORST Thing Our Government Can Do Was Done This Past Week

Rush Limbaugh with pic of Smear letter

I love Rush Limbaugh and will admire to my dying day how the man turned around a senate smear to raise millions of dollars for a very good charity.

The Lamestream media ignored this most amazing story all week but eventually Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had to acknowledge how his smear letter on an American citizen was attracting all kinds of attention across the fruited plains.

Only Dingy Harry, heh, he tried to turn Rush Limbaugh’s great crusade to auction off the original letter of America’s first congressional smear campaign of an American citizen into a fine accomplishment that would include his own fine self.

Heh. Dingy Harry ain’t fooling us. He and those 41 senators who signed that letter, two of whom are running for President of our country that they can use an even greater power to shut up upstart citizens who dare to criticize. Those two Lords in America’s House of Lords would be Hillary (who started it all via her “Media Matters” organization) and mine own Senator-Lord, Joe Biden.

Here’s a transcript of Dingy Harry’s speech given on the floor of the Senate on Friday, 10/19/07. Reid acknowledges the mockery Limbaugh made of his horrid behavior and tries to insinuate that the whole thing was part of his own divine plan.


Political cartoon of congress doing stuff it shouldn't

Yon ladies and gems, it’s not as if there isn’t an enormous immigration problem in this country. It’s also possible Iran is acquiring nukes and Africa is still a mess. We’ve got quite a few domestic socialistic items that might require the sweet attention of our elected Lords.

Instead they’re all busy trying to condemn our ally Turkey for actions that country took in 1916 or they’re breaking their vow to uphold and protect our constitution by using senatorial power to cause a man to lose his job.

While I’ve been smiling and laughing right along with Rush all week as he mocks the Lords who would treat him so shabbily, I am very bitter about what these people did.

Montage of Reid, Casey in Limbaugh smear letter

Because I write these words on my humble Blog read by two or three people every day. Some day, goodness knows under what scenario, but someday they might go after me.

I don’t have a great radio show and millions of listeners to bail me out.

Next…they’ll go after you.

I’m just sayin’ …

Video of Rush’s interview on Fox and Friends

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