True Crime-Quinn, Edington, Duke Update, She Used Her Baby as a Weapon

Time for some True Crime. We have a woman who used her baby as a weapon, a Duke update, some comments about Jonathan Edington who killed his neighbor for allegedly molesting his toddler.

Then there's the murdering soldier, Martinez, and he's facing life.

Oh and the lovely John Karr, ersatz murderer of Jonbenet Ramsey, is grabbing his fifteen minutes before he molests again.

Some bodies are being exhumed for that murder of the Nevada Controller. He killed her; did he also kill her husband?

Finally, that Vermont missing coed found. A creep lent her his cell phone then murdered her.

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She Used Her Baby As a Weapon

But hey, she didn't mean to.

The baby, Jarron, suffered a fractured skull and bleeding in the brain from the incident.

Excerpted from FreeRepublic.com:
Woman used baby as weapon
A northwestern Pennsylvania woman accused of using her baby to batter her child's father said she didn't realize what she was doing until it was too late.

Chyrotia Graham, 27, of Erie, told police she had been drinking when an argument with the child's father turned violent early Sunday morning, according to an affidavit filed to support Graham's arrest.

Graham said she ''snapped'' and began grabbing things and throwing them at Deangelo Troop, 20, not realizing she had picked up her 4-week-old son, Jarron Troop, telling police she held the child by his legs and swung him at his father. Police had said they believed the woman held the baby by the midsection when she hit the man.

The father of this child laments that people are making a "big deal" about the incident, that his mother didn't mean to do it.

The child is in the custody of its grandparents. Graham is being held on $75,000 for "simple assault". If nothing else, this woman should NOT be given custody of this child. With the pathetic record of child welfare authorities in this country, we shall see.

Duke Update

Kim Roberts Pittman was the second stripper performing at the now famous Duke Lacrosse player party during which a rape of a first stripper was alleged to have occurred.

So it seems that Pittman has received the advice of a PR Spin firm and the lady is carefully playing her cards that her book and possibly movie deal not be damaged.

Duke Link 1 on this Blog HERE
Duke Link 2 on this Blog HERE
Duke Link 3 on this Blog HERE

From the Heraldsun:
"She tried to play it down the middle," the source added. "She tried not to offer an opinion as to whether it was a crock. She wants the viewers to decide. But she says she didn't witness any rape. She wants to set the record straight on some things [the alleged victim] has said. She doesn't know whether a rape occurred. She just knows some of the things [the accuser] alleged to have happened did not happen."

Of course this case has been all over the map and depending on whose story you believe, a heinous crime has occurred. It's not yet clear, but becomes increasingly obvious, on WHICH side of the law this crime took place.

For the prosecutor in this case was running for election at the time of the incident and his voters were primarily of the same demographic as these Duke strippers.

Note in the quote above how the source to Pittman's interview with "60 Minutes'" Ed Bradley, declares the second stripper "tried to play it down the middle".

When people involved in a true crime go out and about giving interviews, believe that there is always an underlying motive. Prosecutors cannot stop said involved persons from speaking publicly, of course, as this is a free country. Pittman, it can be argued, is hardly this prosecutor's friend as she stated early on that it's a "crock" that a rape occurred that night.

Now she has to get her name out there and present herself as the self-important person she obviously is for happening to be on a strip job when this so-called "crime" occurred. The dilemma is, for Pittman, that she does not know how this case is going to come down and I got eyes and I got ears-I can tell when someone is being evasive.

Pittman declared that she did not "see" a rape but she does, bottom line, believe a crime occurred.

What happened to that "crock" she formerly declared the rape-accuser's assertions to be? I'm supposing that Pittman doesn't quite know how this is all is going to turn out and she doesn't want to jeopardize her book deal.

As for Prosecutor Nifong and his "victim", this is yet another example of prosecutors run amok in this country and the damage they can do to all sane notions of law and order while they solicit votes to maintain their power.

I am reminded of that zany Colorado prosecutor who, at the urging of John Ramsey, actually imported a pedophile back from Thailand that he can now prey on innocent American children. More on John Karr later.

Those young Duke Lacrosse players were stupider than shit and hey, shouldn't they be studying instead of hiring strippers? There was a big hole in which adolescent erections were invited and these idiots walked right into it. But if they didn't do the crime as accused, their name has been splashed across the newspapers over the fruited plains and their lives will be forever marred. This while the accuser gets to remain anonymous and the subject of faux sympathy.

The accuser already identified the wrong men in the police album, declared that one attacker had a mustache which he did not, and all of the accused have alibis, some of them verified by video evidence.

Below some excellent Blog resources on this crime:

Has links to audio and video elements of this crime and provides many refutations against the Duke case as presented by Nifong.
From Durham Wonderland.com:
Another good link with plenty of documented sources.

Edington Commentary

This is a true crime currently receiving little attention from the Lamestream. As I see it, the repercussions of how this case is decided have lasting social implications.

Initially covered on this Blog HERE:
The quick and dirty story so far is that Jonathon Edington, 29, a patent attorney, was informed by his wife that his neighbor, 59 year old Barry James, molested his two year old daughter. In an apparently savage, emotional reaction, Edington climbed into the window of James and stabbed the man to death.

And a follow up Blog post HERE.
There's still a lot of mystery in this case but a police affidavit was released and the child told her mother what Barry James did to her. Folks, I have a 2-year-old granddaughter and the way this two-year-old described what this neighbor did to her sounds EXACTLY how a child this age would describe the incident.

If the quotes above don't summarize this case sufficiently, understand that a two-year-old child came up with a description of a molestation incident with a neighbor and understand that the youngster is limited in language skills as those that age are. I argued that, with my sum total of experience as the grandmother of a two-year-old, the baby's childish description did sound very much like a toddler would describe the incident.

The baby's father, Jonathan Edington, became enraged and evidently in the heat of the moment, climbed into the bedroom window of the child's alleged tormentor and stabbed the man to death. My Blog posts described a possible scenario as to how the neighbor might have gotten access to the baby and yes, in my own passion and love of my grandbaby, I bold-facely suggested that if this were my granddaughter, I'd stab her molester furiously just like Edington did.

The problem here, as I am sure yon astute reader understands, is this is all based on the "testimony" of a two-year-old. Children this young simply do not have the life experiences to make this stuff up and this neighbor had been a thorn in the Edingtons' side in the past.

There's been some comments placed in both of these Blog posts as evidently someone out there is following this story. Some of the comments were thought-provoking, some just outrageous. Since I consider this a story close to my heart, I'd like to address those comments right here instead of way down the bottom of a Blog post.

Regarding you post about the man that murdered his neighbor due to his 2yo SUPPOSEDLY being molested.

I am sorry, but no matter how much someone is angry, for whatever crime is commited, it should not give ANYONE the right to take another life. I do not care how wicked and insane the crime. If you are not in Law enforcement, you have no right to kill anyone.

I am not saying I think this molester should get away with what he did, but the killer should have phoned the police after hearing what his daughter said. Who knows, this supposed molester may have never done it.

And for all we know, the toddler may have mistaken this man for someone else. Killing another human should not go unpunished no matter what your reason for taking another life.

Posted by Anonymous to The Kaitlyn Mae Book Blog at 10/13/2006 01:13:12 AM

I never, NEVER, suggested in any post of mine that vigilante justice is honorable, even in this case. The commenter above evidently wants to be self-righteous and self-important so he or she posted, duh, the obvious.

If Jonathan Edington killed his neighbor, no matter what his two-year-old alleged, he should suffer all consequences as the law deems appropriate. I did suggest that this is going to be a very difficult case for your average jury. Anyone whoever had a child would have a visceral reaction to some creep helping himself to his selfish sexual pleasure at the expense of a two-year-old for God's sake. A gut reaction of the normal parent would be to eliminate the vermin who would assault the innocent. Doesn’t mean they’d actually do it but evidently Edington did.
I can't shut up. But you know what really bugs me are the words "Barry came to me in starry nights." What stands out here? It's simple. To me, it's 'Barry.' Not Mr. Barry. Not Mr. James, but Barry.

Am I old fashion or an I to believe from the mother's testamony that this child refers to a family hated strange adult by his firstname.

Moreover, from all of the reports reported, these neighbors weren't friends.

Why is this important?

Am I supposed to believe that as Mr. James was going in and out of his house that the Edington's wife, the mother, pointed out this man to her daughter and said there goes Barry and not Mr. James or Mr. Barry.

If mom and dad are in the kitchen discussing how much they hate him in front of the baby that they both refer to Barry James only as Barry. But, to go with this belief then we have to assume that they had to point Barry James out to her daughter through the kitchen window.

Question to most grandparents. Does your 2 year old grandchild know you by name. But, remember before you answer, you never interact with this child.

It just bugs me and somethings wrong here.

The above commenter makes a good point. Hell I don't know how this all came down and the people involved in this case sure are keeping strangely mum on it all. I truly believe that the prosecutors in this case are wheeling and dealing with Mr. Edington as I am quite sure they don't want to handle this case. It's a hot potato.

Thus the question as to why the toddler referred to her neighbor as "Barry" is beyond me. I don't know whether my granddaughter would call a neighbor by his or her first name though I tend to think not. Recall that this child does not live with me but with her parents (my daughter is her mother) so I don't know how they refer to their neighbors.
Edington murder case.

You make me sick. Read today's news. There is no physical evidence of molestation. He did not have access to the girl nor did he have the physical ability to climb through the window. Cut screens? Fingerprints? Footprints at the window? Supposively, Edingtons have 2 dogs? Yes, James the evil molestor was able to pull all of this off and not leave a single trace of evidence. Not a hair or blood or semen.

James seemed to know when the child would be left in her bedroom alone. He knew how long to be in the room with her without someone coming in. The child never raised her voice as he climbed in and out of the window. She never said a word after he left.

But no, this 2 year old child's word is uncontestable.

Step back lady and use some logic.

Now I make the above commenter sick. This is what they call an ad homonym attack and it brings absolutely nothing to the argument. I suspect this is some friend or relative of Barry James as give me a lurid true crime and the players often search the web for references to their new found fame.

I know nothing about the Edingtons having two dogs as the commenter asserts. I did speculate in a possible scenario on this crime that IF the Edington had dogs then my scenario would not fly. You'll just have to read the post for my fine scenario.

As for no hair or blood or semen, this just shows the commenter does not have a clue about this crime. Definitely a relative of Barry James as I see it, choosing to ignore the facts.

There was NO blood, semen or other as this is NOT how this crime came down. A toddler mentioned something that happened to her and there were questions about how it could have come down.

IF the prosecutors are making a deal with Edington, who is a lawyer by the way, then we'll likely hear no more about this crime. I will keep my speculating eyeball on it as I am, unabashedly, intrigued.

To the commenter above, I was speculating. It was COUCHED that I was speculating for the reading impaired. I welcome disputes to my speculation. So sorry I made you sick Mr. Or Mrs. James.

Runaway Bride Sues Former Fiance

So the Runaway Bride is in the news again.

I admit I’ve enjoyed the odd story of Jennifer Wilbanks. Covered on this Blog HERE, and HERE, I’ve enjoyed the exploits of the very confused Ms. Wilbanks as she ran off from her extravagant wedding, lied about an abduction and served her community service for scaring the community half to death and using up precious resources as they desperately searched for her.

Her fiancé, John Mason, finally got a clue and the couple broke up. Now we understand that the calculating Mason sold this story and Wilbanks wants some of the money.

Well hell’s bells, I have to agree with the Nancy Pelosi lookalike. She’s the one who instigated Mason’s claim to fame and God Bless America, if this couple can make money from their craziness more power to them.

There’s also an issue regarding Mason’s abuse of Wilbanks’ Power of Attorney. Good luck, Jennifer. You deserve half of this story. At the very least.

From Foxnews.com:
Jennifer Wilbanks is seeking $250,000 as her share of a home she says John C. Mason purchased through the partnership with proceeds from $500,000 received for selling their story to Regan Media in New York.

She also wants $250,000 in punitive damages for alleged abuse of the power of attorney she granted for Mason to handle their financial affairs.

Military Seeking Death Penalty on Soldier Murderer

In this Blog post, I speculated that a war setting would be a perfect place to commit murder. Which the lovely Alberto Martinez is accused of for setting off explosives that killed two U.S. officers. Seems ole Alberto isn’t getting away with his little bit of nastiness. For the military is seeking the death penalty.

This should be an interesting case. And I bet it doesn’t take thirty years to give this guy the needle he so deserves.

From TimesUnion.com:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com FORT BRAGG, N.C. -- A Schaghticoke soldier accused of killing two U.S. officers in Iraq will face death penalty charges at an arraignment scheduled for Nov. 3 at Fort Bragg, military officials announced Monday.

Staff Sgt. Alberto B. Martinez, a 37-year-old New York Army National Guardsman, is charged with using explosives to "frag" Capt. Phillip T. Esposito, 30, of Suffern, Rockland County, and 1st Lt. Louis E. Allen, 34, of Milford, Pa., in June 2005 near Tikrit in Iraq.

Karr Working on His Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Once again, let’s all thank John Ramsey and that idiot of a Colorado prosecutor for inflicting this creep John Karr upon the innocent children of this country. Imported he was, on the taxpayer dime, right back from Thailand and now he’s going around peeking into schools and once again, thank you John Ramsey and your wife Patsy who killed your daughter. Not only do the Ramseys want to get away with murder, they INSIST that someone else take the rap for it.

Of course John Karr’s DNA did not match DNA found at the crime scene. This is mostly because Karr was nowhere near the Ramseys the night Jonbenet was murdered.

Read here for what happened to Jonbenet the night her mother accidentally killed her.

From a Drudge report on FreeRepublic


So far Karr has been found peeking into school room windows whilst being driven around in a limousine by two ABC producers. Now he’s reported to be drunk for an interview the “Today” show was supposed to air.

But we’re not done with Karr yet. Soon we’ll read his bestselling book not that fine writers like myself shouldn’t have bestsellers instead of child molesting creeps.

Thank you John Ramsey. And hey, Mary Lacy, stupid Colorado prosecutor, we thank you too.

Nevada Death

Here’s another intriguing case covered on this Blog HERE.

Seems a Charles Augustine was once married to Nevada State Controller Kathy Augustine. A Chaz Higgs was Charles Augustine’s nurse and cared for him in a Nevada hospital. Nevada, home of the very honest Senator Harry Reid, I must remind.

All of a sudden Kathy Augustine, age 50, ups and dies. Tests revealed she was subjected to large doses of powerful muscle relaxant, succinylcholine. Kathy Augustine’s career as a politician was frought with problems. She was impeached by the legislature and was found guilty of misuse of state government equipment. Kathy was NOT removed from office because hey, I don’t know, whilst you and I would be kicked out on our patootie should we behave that way with our employers, the precious politicians are sacred.

Chaz Higgs, Charles Augustine former nurse, married Kathy Augustine. Now Nevada authorities are exhuming Charles Augustine’s body to see if this how this poor man met his death.

Once upon a time Charles Augustine was an impediment to the love of Chaz Higgs and Kathy Augustine. Once upon a time Kathy Augustine gave Chaz Higgs a lovely life but what with her problems and everything, well it looked like she would not get re-elected to say the least.

It just could be that Chaz Higgs has a tendency to rid his life of these human impediments to his happiness. Heh.

From CBSNEWS.com:
Chaz Higgs of Nevada The body of the second husband of slain Nevada state Controller Kathy Augustine was exhumed Tuesday so investigators can seek evidence that would show if he also died as a result of foul play.

Air America-Yeah It’s a Crime

The liberals can’t do anything right. This could be because no one wants to hear their liberal cowardly tripe and without listeners, hey, no advertisers. Without advertisers, no paychecks for the help, no money for the expenses.

So the founders of Air America decide to do what liberals do best-rob the poor, lame, blind and crippled. Then they pay Al Franken and keep their failing enterprise on the air and now, heh, Air America has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The criminals didn’t even show a bit of class with their robbery of the poor. Luxury cars? Home renovations?

Liberals love the underprivileged. And they treat them so well.

From the New York Post:
October 6, 2006 -- Managers of the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club in The Bronx looted the charity and used $1.2 million in taxpayer money for luxury cars, home renovations and start-up cash for lefty radio network Air America, a two-year investigation has found.

Duncan Still Faces Death Penalty

The topic of Shasta Groene and her tormenter Joseph Duncan was covered HERE on this Blog.

Joseph Duncan plead guilty in the STATE case against him. He will get three life sentences with no parole for his plea.

The Feds are going to try Duncan as well. As covered on the Blog post linked above, there’s been ongoing negotiations involving Shasta Groene’s testimony, the federal case and the state case.

Shasta was the only survivor in her household on the night the lovely Joseph Duncan brutally killed Shasta and Dylan’s family then went off with these two children. Duncan murdered Dylan at a state park. The state trial was for the murders of Shasta’s Mom, her boyfriend, and Shasta’s older brother.

The feds will be trying Duncan for Dylan’s murder. You can only kill someone once. The feds are going after the needle for this Duncan creep who has aptly demonstrated why he should not be allowed to live.

Vermont Coed’s Body Found

She asked to use his cell phone. She strangely went missing shortly after. Brian Rooney buried her under a cement pad where he worked. Brian Rooney is a creep. He needs the needle. We’ll keep following this case.

From FreeRepublic.com:


details from WCAX-TV Burlington VT

- October 13, 2006

A sad ending to an exhaustive search. Channel 3 News has learned that police have found the body of Michelle Gardner-Quinn, the missing U-V-M student.

Official sources tell us that her body was found Friday near the Huntington Gorge in Richmond. We are told it was not in the gorge, but along Dugway Road.

No other details are known at this time.

Michelle has been missing since early Saturday morning. She was seen walking with a man who has been called 'cell phone man'. A man who loaned her his cell phone so she could call her friends. The police have not identified him, but Channel 3 News has learned he is 36-year old Brian Rooney who used to live in Richmond.

There is still no word why dozens of police officers, including a forensic lab, spent the day at a house being rehabilitated on Spruce Street in Burlington. Police spent much of the last two days there. most of the day.

More True Crime Updates HERE

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