Sick of Hillary

I consider myself as attuned to current events as most every other American without a life. And yes I smiled when Hillary couldn’t decide if she was for driver’s licenses for illegal aliens or whether she was against them.

And yeah, I notice when she wears pink and I know it means she’s trying to be a woman again. Too, I smirked at that witchy laugh and noted she toned it down.

Hell yeah I perceived the subtle and not-so-subtle changes in the woman the whole world watches for her next move. And hell yeah again, I was amused when she got her two-timing husband to appear on the scene. I snorted at any suggestion that those two have any sort or real marriage.

Political cartoon of Hillary Clinton

This past weekend I took pause and looked at the calendar. Dear Lord it’s only November 19 as of this writing. Dear Lord we’ve got a year more of this.

While out there American women will be serving Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless. Females will sing in church choirs across the land and some will deliver meals to the homebound. Thousands of women will lead Girl Scout troops or volunteer to help teachers on scheduled field trips.

Hillary Clinton is, in terms of public munificence, a total zero. She has brought absolutely nothing worthwhile to the greater good. Except, perhaps, one considers a collective smirk at the sight of the smartest woman in the world so easily fooled by her sleazeball of a husband.

I don’t think I’m going to make it, folks. For Hillary Clinton is…she’s a zero.

I’m sick of her. I’m sick, I’m sick, I’m sick…of The Royal She.

I’m hoping that come a year for now, the rest of the country will be just as sick. Then we can make her go away so simply.

Just do NOT vote for It.

With luck, It will go away and life will be peaceful once again.

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