TV Tidbits-The MEN of "Desperate Housewives"; 2006 Winner-"Dancing With the Stars"

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As promised, we meet the MEN of "Desperate Housewives". They're handsome, ugly, weird and unfaithful. All are as important to the plot as the women.

Also, winner of 2006 "Dancing With the Stars"

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”Dancing With the Stars” 2006

The Dancers:
  • Tucker Carlson - News Anchor
  • Monique Coleman- Actress
  • Sara Evans - Singer
  • Willa Ford -Singer
  • Vivica A. Fox -Actress
  • Harry Hamlin -Actor
  • Joey Lawrence- Actor
  • Mario Lopez - Actor
  • Shanna Moakler - Beauty Queen/Actress
  • Emmitt Smith - Football player
  • Jerry Springer -Talk Show Host

    The dancers above began this year’s ABC series. Finally it came down to two fine contenders-Emmitt Smith and Mario Lopez.

    Mario was a fine figure, male-willowy and limber of limb. Emmitt, though a big man in that manner of football players, could dance as well as any thinner man and he obviously enjoyed the contest.

    The Winner?

    Emmitt Smith!

    Smith wins 2006

    Prior reviews on this competition below.

    ”Brothers and Sisters”

    Okay, maybe it’s just me. But this drama series, which has an excellent lead-in advantage of “Desperate Housewives”, has turned out to be a drudge.

    I was never all that enthusiastic about the show but it had some promise. As expected by the programming execs, I was one of those viewers who hung around after “Desperate Housewives” and who the execs hoped would be lured in by this show’s drama.

    One of the things I enjoyed about this show, like “Desperate Housewives”, is that there are several sub-plots ongoing as the show unfolds. I didn’t like “Brothers and Sisters’” liberal slant but even at that we’ll let it go. I also think Sally Field over-acts her part to total distraction and I never much cared for that skinny lady who starred in Ally McBeal, Calista Flockhart.

    But the sub-plot concerning the youngest brother and his military experience is just not believable that this past Sunday night I had to turn the damn thing off.

    First, the boy signs up for the military after the attacks of 9-11. Believable so far. Then he comes back from his service and is a total mess-an alcoholic and drug addict and my goodness, shades of Vietnam. I hadn’t heard this was a big problem with our returning veterans from Afghanistan or Iraq.

    Then he gets called up AGAIN and dear Lord how freaking dramatic can you get? The kid vows he’s going to run to Mexico, something you hear a lot of these days, veterans running off to Mexico to get out of the service.

    At some point the kid goes on an overdose of some kind and almost dies.

    We have to hear Sally Field cry and sob and ask over and over “How many times are they going to take my boy?” I wanted to slap the slobbering woman silly and tell her that no one TOOK her boy-the kid VOLUNTEERED for God’s sake.

    At the point when Calista’s character, an alleged conservative talk show host, admitted on live TV that she gave a Senator a pass on his messy divorce during an interview in return for a possible favor to get her brother out of another over-sea’s assignment, I had to shut the thing off.

    Calista’s character apologized to the audience for her gaffe and then, get this, went on to declare the Iraq war WRONG.

    This ridiculous turn of events had to be some liberal writer’s dream. First, any conservative pundit that did such a thing would be canned toot de sweet. Second, well no conservative pundit would do such a thing. I mean the woman admitted on the air that she tried to bribe a sitting Senator! And the war in Iraq, voted on by 98% of all the congress critters don’t forget, is a failure because her nutzoid brother has no courage, no wonder with his pathetic mother?

    Shame. With all the characters this could have been an interesting series. But that Iraq war bit was just plain overkill and not believable at all.

    pretty ender

    The MEN of “Desperate Housewives”

    In a previous post, I wrote about the WOMEN of “Desperate Housewives”. This series has- as might be expected for what sort of female storylines would exist without males?- many male characters. They are as intriguing as the female characters with whom they interact.

    Mike Delfino, pictured in the montage upper left, is (or was?) a love interest of Susan. This season Mike allegedly suffered some sort of amnesia attack and he’s forgotten all about Susan and their former close loving relationship.

    Which brings us to Ian. Ian’s wife is in a coma, the same medical condition that Mike was in and the way Susan met Ian as they both hovered over their beloveds awaiting a return to consciousness. Ian is a Brit and evidently very wealthy. Susan is torn between her love for Mike who does not remember her, and her love for Ian, whose wife still lies in a coma.

    Carlos is Gabrielle’s husband and those two have a love/hate relationship involving chainsaws and dirty tricks. Gabrielle was once a famous fashion model who married into Carlos’ wealth. Carlos’ luck took a change for the worse and now these two are faced with starting life all over again, this time very non-wealthy.

    Carlos is pictured in the montage, top right, sleeping beside Gabrielle.

    Orson is Bree’s new husband. He’s a strange fellow, surrounded with mysteries wrapped in enigmas. Recently Orson’s mother came to live with Bree and Orson and now we have another enigma. What happened between Orson and his mother to have these two hate each other so? Who is the mysterious but very dead Monique? Did Orson really kill his first wife?

    Finally there’s good old Tom, Lynette’s husband. Lynette is a former savvy career woman who gave birth to many kids in few years and was not all that happy in her situation. Tom was once a traveling executive who quit his job to allow Lynette to resume her career. Now Tom has a dream of his own and it involves opening up a pizza parlor. Tom is in the picture montage, lower left.

    The men of

    Tom is a likeable guy. At some point before I began watching the series Tom had a former girlfriend show up on the scene. Said former girlfriend had a love child with Tom. Said former girlfriend was also a real pain in the marriage of Lynette and Tom. This same former girlfriend was killed in a recent episode and now Tom and Lynette have to raise Tom’s love child.

    The death of Tom’s former girlfriend and the drama she brought into the life of Tom and Lynette was an intriguing sub-plot in the series. At one point the former girlfriend got it into her head that she wanted to win Tom back and went to great lengths to seduce Tom and lure him from Lynette. This is when I began to snort a bit in derision.

    First, Tom…my goodness, what kind of wonderful catch is he? He’s a nice enough looking guy although he sports that constant beard stubble the men of “Desperate Housewives” seem to like. I still think that look is ugly but I suppose I’m not fashionable enough. But Tom? He’s got how many kids? Five or so? And NO job, may I add?

    Tom’s former girlfriend was a beautiful woman and she had just one daughter. Why on earth she thought Tom was such a good catch that she tried to lure him away from Lynette is lost on me.

    Go with me here, unless Tom is hung like a proverbial horse, which his former girlfriend and mother of his love child might know, and can perform endlessly deep into all hours of the night, well he’s not much good for anything else. I mean even IF Tom had a job, which I remind he does not, he’d likely spend his entire paycheck on child support and alimony. Even with the sexual prowess of a satyr is this worth having to work and support the fellow? Because that would certainly be the case had Tom’s former girlfriend got her way.

    Tom firmly turned down the romantic advances of his former girlfriend and you gotta admire him for this. It’s the former girlfriend and her questionable taste that puzzles me.

    There are plenty of other male characters in “Desperate Housewives”. There are younger fellows around, some former yard-care lovers of Susan, some the light of Susan’s daughter’s eyes, some a bit crazy.

    Recently there’s a new male in the DH cast. Lynette thinks he’s a child molester. The viewer is still not sure. This fellow did have a wall full of picture of children in swimsuits and a room full of toys that would allure kids. Only the room full of toys and the pictures disappeared once Lynette reported her new neighbor’s oddness to the local police.

    For now it’s anybody’s guess.

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