Pop Culture-Swan Falls in Love With Boat; Video of MORE Racism from Michael Richards

Some Pop Culture News and amusements.

A swan falls in love with a boat but there's a good reason why.

The father of that boy Madonna adopted gets re-married and Michael Richards hires a PR firm to undo his damage. We also have a video of yet another time Richards went on a racist rant.

Junk food and children and the newest war-the phone companies across the land take on the cable companies.

Comcast declares Jihad on Verizon.

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Swan Falls in Love With His Boat Icon

Poor fellow. And yet, who knows, perhaps he'll be happy with his quiet lover.

A swan who fell in love with a swan-shaped paddle boat has been moved to a zoo with his plastic lover.

Biologists in Muenster, north-western Germany, say the rare Black Australian Swan has been showing all the typical signs of love for its species, circling its plastic lover, staring endlessly at it and making crooning noises.

The swan now refuses to fly south for winter without his mate.

Park keepers say that 'Black Peter' as the lovesick swan is known, refused to leave the boat on the Aasee Lake - which also should be taken off during the cold weather.

Swan in love with boat

Boat-owner Peter Overschmidt has agreed not to lock his boat away for the winter.

He said: "When you see how Peter circles the swan boat you know there could be no other option, it's the centre of his life."

Hearing about Peter's plight Allwetter Zoo then agreed that both Peter and the boat could spend the winter on their pond near the elephant enclosure, which is more protected from the elements than the lake.

Zoo director Joerg Adler said: "This arrangement could go on for ever because the animal now firmly believes he has found a partner for life."

Story filed: 08:16 Friday 3rd November 2006

Father of Madonna’s Adopted Boy Re-Marries

Ole Yohane gave it his best shot to milk more money out of Madonna by fuzzing up the details of his son’s adoption by the singer to make it appear that she somehow duped him. Which is not to give the lovely Madonna a pass as this infamous act gained her a celebrity child to better access precious publicity. Which is not to deny that David Banda is much better off here in America than he ever could have been in his village in Malawi.

Peasant farmer Yohane Banda, 32, wed his second wife on a dusty school playing field, with a wedding feast of tripe and boiled cabbage, the Daily Mail of London reported. The 22-year-old bride wore a polyester wedding dress rented for about $3, and her groom donned a polyester double-breasted blue suit borrowed from his brother-in-law, with his own yellow shirt, red tie and black tennis shoes. More than 600 people gathered for the ceremony Thursday in Lipunga village, 100 miles from Malawi’s capital Lilongwe.

A wedding feast of tripe and boiled cabbage?

More Michael Richards

The problem with pathetic Michael Richards and his ass-licking attempts to absolve himself from the mess his nasty temper got him into is that while people might forgive him for his outburst, they'll always be wary of him.

Of course this is just my own assessment, an assessment based mostly on my abundance of common sense. Richards has hired the most elite of PR firms and it is the job of these Spin Doctors to eradicate our common sense to a new and deceitful reality.

Richards did, in case yon reader didn't know, launch into a racial rant while onstage at a local comedy club. His racial rant was directed at black audience members who'd evidently heckled him while onstage. Richards played the infamous part of "Kramer" in the very successful TV comedy series "Seinfeld".

Richards' racial rant was particularly vicious in that he spouted the racially inflammatory "N-Word" from his bully-pulpit of the stage. As if his ill-advised rant wasn't bad enough had he kept it short, Richards' racial rant lasted over six-minutes. We all have temper flares once in a while but a six minute temper tantrum is a sign of extreme, well the word craziness comes to mind.

In the history of my common sense, I recall times when I've been the victim of sudden personal attacks seemingly out of nowhere. I venture to say that we've all had this happen to us at some time or another, perhaps from an already-angry spouse or a sullen child. Even strangers might suddenly turn angry at us for reasons for which we may be unaware.

The problem with apologies is that they only apply to the one INCIDENT. Once someone has performed in a nasty temper tantrum they lose all trust in the future. Apologies don't prevent our natural instinct to avoid such nastiness in the future. In other words, once identified as a loose canon, we tend to veer away from such people even if we've accepted an apology for a specific incident.

What's going to be the death of Michael Richards is not his rant from the stage. Richards' comedy shows will likely be attended now by audiences who expect him to give them more of the same. I don't see this fellow attracting a more normal audience of folks looking for an evening of yuk-yuks. Richards has now cemented his comedic name for immortality as the comedian who can be baited. I believe his live audiences will now be filled with those who will bait him hoping to get him going again. While this might give him a little bit of fame for a short amount of time, it's not the sort of comedy routines comics can keep up any length of time.

Though the PR firms Richards paid to make us idiots out here in la-la land believe that his racial rant was really Bush's fault or due to Hurricane Katrina, you can only fool some of the people all of the time, or all of the people some of the time, but never all of the people all of the time.

Personally, not that I'd ever attend a comedy show Richards under any normal circumstances, I sure won't ever now. By me the man has shown himself to be an idiot, not worthy of normal human discourse. Out of the billions of people on this planet, once somebody messes up like Richards, there's not a whole lot of reason to hang around.

Oh sure I think Richards is sorry. He's sorry that he did such a silly thing that will likely cost him big bucks. He's sorry that he might take a real ding to his career. Is he sorry his behavior is boorish and tacky?

I'm not sure of this at all.

Below, Newsbusters takes a close look at the media coverage over the Richards' racial rant as compared to Mel Gibson's anti-Semitic rant. Seems Richards gets a pass from the Lamestream Media because the fellow did the politically correct and actually blamed Bush for his bad behavior. Bush and Hurricane Katrina and while other idiots out here in la-la land might buy this logic, I'll sure not.

The coverage of Richards' episode in the Times has been pretty skimpy. In addition the small "Quick Takes" piece, the Times reported Richards' apology in this brief article on the bottom of page B3 on Tuesday. Then yesterday (Wednesday), last Friday's episode was written about in two tame pieces. Opinion writer Erin Aubry Kaplan authored the feeble "The O.J.-Kramer discrepancy," in which she actually wrote that she's an "O.J. neutralist," meaning that "to this day, I'm not sure whether he [killed Ron and Nicole]"(!). Then there was Paul Brownfield's timid "Backlash of the 'Borat' effect," in which he wrote about how the audience at David Letterman's Late Show appeared unaware about what was going in during Richards' on-air apology on Monday night.

Adding to Richards' woes, it seems his recent on-stage temper tantrum isn't the first instance of Richards' racial prejudice.

And this fellow is a Hollywood Liberal, go on. Goodness, what Richards did is almost as bad as Senator Allen's "micaca" gaffe.

The War on Junk Food

My granddaughter, namesake for this Blog, is now a full three years old. For almost a year now the child has been clued into McDonald’s and the act of driving by those golden arches is a call for Kaitlyn to demand we stop immediately.

The notion that a business strives desperately to reach its targeted audience is nothing new. Indeed one would note that manufacturers of old-age medicines tend to advertise on Larry King and an ad for a conservative political book might be heard on the Rush Limbaugh radio show.

It’s not rocket science.

And yet I choose to indulge Kaitlyn and I often stop at McDonalds at her childish request.

Well why shouldn’t the child like McDonalds? She loves their Mcnuggets and French fries and the McDonalds around this way have children’s playgrounds right inside the restaurant! I’m not fooled for one minute and know that I am the “victim” of McDonald’s advertising and yet instead of hating the fast food chain, I admire their good old American business savvy.

It’s on the PARENTS, those with the brains and maturity, go with me here, to insure that their children are properly nourished. I’ll scoff at anyone who tries to convince me that some McNuggets and French fries once in a while will harm Kaitlyn to eventual morbidity.

Now we are to be angered over these junk food mavens resorting to Internet advertising to lure their prey? Sorry. Not buying it.

SOME of Britain's biggest food brands, including McDonald's, Nestlé and Kellogg's, are using "underhand tactics" on the internet to directly target children with their unhealthy products, according to a report.

Stung by moves to restrict traditional methods of selling junk food to children, such as TV advertising, the consumer group Which? says companies are often turning to the less heavily policed internet.

Fast food and junk food are just that, fast food and junk food. Parents who feed their children this stuff on too regular a basis are the stupid ones. And I’ve no problem with public pressure being put upon these purveyors of deep fried nutritional mayhem. Such things happen in a free and vibrant society and it works. McDonalds now offers salads and fruit cups and hey, if it makes them money, go with me here, they’ll do it.

It’s when the liberal Moonbats turn to the government to start forcing businesses to do it their way that I get concerned. Use the market place to pressure companies and hey, how about PARENTS do their job?

Phone From Comcast? TV Cable from Verizon

Came across this article regarding the currently simmering war between established phone companies versus established cable companies. I was intrigued.

For a week ago my own cable and high-speed Internet provider here in the swamps of Delaware, put a flyer in my mailbox that I could not refuse.

“Telephone service from Comcast”, the ad proclaimed. In addition the feature package added high-speed Internet, six premium channels and what they call “digital video recorder”, or what we might call a TIVO.

My, my. And the telephone service offered in the special was astonishing. Unlimited local and, get this, LONG DISTANCE, phone service! Also, voice mail, call forwarding, on and on and on offering every telephonic feature known to man.

All for a mere $170 bucks a month!

At the time I got the flyer from Comcast, I was already paying that much and I didn’t have DVR or four of the premium channels offered in the special. Much less any kind of phone service.

I pay Verizon for my phone service and they charge me almost $150 a month. I have two phone lines with Verizon and I also have a bevy of long distance plans with the phone provider. But do the math…if I’m paying $170 a month to Comcast for hardly a fraction of what’s offered on the flyer, and I’m paying $150 to Verizon for services Comcast will now give me for the same price I currently pay Verizon, am I not saving around $150 a month?

Below, I discover, heh, that the phone companies and cable companies are having a merry old time fighting amongst themselves across the fruited plains.

From The
There has been an outbreak of this kind of finger-pointing across the country lately, a product of the increasingly bitter turf war between phone and cable companies. After decades of relative peace and separation, friction is growing as cable providers sell more phone lines and phone companies get into the video business.

For the most part, the sparring has been limited to advertising campaigns and promotional offers. But here in Phoenix, where Cox has stolen nearly a third of the residential phone business from Qwest, the rancor has escalated. In January, Qwest filed complaints with state regulators over the equipment problems, leading to a protracted legal standoff and public backbiting.

What we have here, folks, is the entrance of new technology. As I understand it, and I am a bit of a technophobe, the phone service Comcast offers comes via the Internet. Which eliminates the need for use of the phone lines for long distance and soon enough we shall wave such as nasty telephone poles and wires a fond adieu.

Meanwhile the phone companies, especially Verizon, are competing to bring TV cable to customers and I’m not at all sure what this is about. I do know Verizon has something called high-speed dial up for Internet but I also know it’s near as effective as Comcast’s high speed Internet service, at least in my neck of the woods.

I am, I say proudly, partaking of the competition available to me by these competing services. Hey, it’s simple selfishness. If it costs me less, than count me in.

Comcast has delivery set-up this coming weekend and I shall report back just how it works.

All in the interest of fair, balanced, and as a public service.


More “Before and After”

Those young girls killing themselves to look like their beloved celebs need to see more pic compilations like the one below. They aren’t born looking like that, young ladies. Add a bunch of makeup, perhaps some plastic surgery, and hey, a little photo-shopping sometimes helps.

before/after montage

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