The Most Shocking "20/20" Episode Ever…I Couldn't Sleep After Watching

Here's some TV tidbits.

This past Friday I watched a "20/20" episode I can't get out of my mind.

A young, vulnerable teen is forced to strip for an alleged search then for three hours is continually humiliated and forced to do unspeakable things.

This while her horrible boss at McDonald's allows it to go on although the teen begs her for mercy.

It really happened. And a whole bunch of people were so despicable, stupid and immoral that it boggles the mind.

And the real perpetrator walked off completely free.

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Thanksgiving dinner prepared by kids

A Thanksgiving Cookbook
by Mrs. Geraghty's Kindergarten Class

NOTE: Mrs. Geraghty will not be reponsible for medical bills resulting from use of her cookbook.

Ivette - Banana Pie
You buy some bananas and crust. Then you mash them up and put them in the pie. Then you eat it.

Russell - Turkey
You cut the turkey up and put it in the oven for ten minutes and 300 degrees. You put gravy on it and eat it.

Geremy - Turkey
You buy the turkey and take the paper off. Then you put it in the refrigerator and take it back out and cut it with a knife and make sure all the wires are out and take out the neck and heart. Then you put it in a big pan and cook it for half an hour at 80 degrees. Then you invite people over and eat.

Andrew - Pizza
Buy some dough, some cheese and pepperoni. Then you cook it for 10 hours at 5 degrees. Then you eat it.

Shelby - Applesauce
Go to the store and buy some apples, and then you squish them up. Then you put them in a jar that says, "Applesauce". Then you eat it.

Meghan H. - Turkey
You cut it into 16 pieces and then you leave it in the oven for 15 minutes and 4 degrees. you take it out and let it cool and then after 5 minutes, then you eat it.

Danny - Turkey
You put some salt on it to make it taste good. Then you put it in the oven. Then you cook it for an hour at 5 degrees. Then you eat it.

Brandon - Turkey
First you buy it at Fred Meyer. Then you cut it up and cook it for 15 hours at 200 degrees. Then you take it out and eat it.

Megan K - Chicken
You put it in the oven for 25 minutes and 25 degrees and put gravy on it and eat it.

Christa - Cookies
Buy some dough and smash it and cut them out. Then put them in the oven for 2 hours at 100 degrees. Then take them out and dry them off. Then it's time to eat them.

Irene - Turkey
Put it on a plate and put it in the oven with gravy. You cook it for 1 minute and for 100 degrees. Then it's all cooked. Your mom or dad cuts it and then eat.

Moriah - Turkey
First you cut the bones out. Then you put it in the oven for 10 hours at 600 degrees. Then you put it on the table and eat it.

Vincent - Turkey
You cut and put sauce on it. Then you cook it for 18 minutes at 19 degrees. Then you eat it with stuffing.

Jordyn - Turkey
First you have to cut it up and put it on a plate in the oven for 9 minutes and 18 degrees. Then you dig it out of the oven and eat it.

Grace - Turkey
First you add some salt. Then you put it in a bowl. Then you put brown sugar on it. Then you mix it all together with a spoon and then you add some milk and mix it again. And then you put it in a pan. Then you put it in the oven for 15 minutes and 16 degrees. Then you take it out of the oven and then you eat it.

Alan - Turkey
First you shoot it and then you cut it. And then you put it in the oven and cook it for 10 minutes and 20 degrees. You put it on plates and then you eat it.

Jordan Salvatore - Turkey
First you put it in the oven for 15 minutes at 100 degrees. Then you cut it up and then you eat it.

Jordan Simons - Chocolate Pudding
Buy some chocolate pudding mix. Then you add the milk. Then you add the pudding mix. Then you stir it. Then you put it in the refrigerator and wait for it to get hard. Then you eat it.

Whitney - Turkey
Cut it and put it in the oven for 50 minutes at 60 degrees and then you eat it.

Jason - Chicken Pie
Put the chicken in the pot and put the salad and cheese and mustard and then you mix it all together. Then put chicken sauce and stir it all around again. Then you cook it for 5 minutes at 9 degrees. Then you eat it.

Christopher - Pumpkin Pie
First you buy a pumpkin and smash it. Then it is all done. And you cook it in the oven for 12 minutes and 4 degrees. Then you eat it.

Christine - Turkey
First you buy the turkey. Then you cook it for 5 hours and 5 degrees. Then you cut it up and you eat it.

Ashley - Chicken
Put it in the oven. Then cut it up. Then I eat it.

Jennie - Corn
My mom buys it. Then you throw it. Then you cook it. Then you eat it.

Jordan - Cranberry Pie
Put cranberry juice in it. Then you put berries in it. Then you put dough in it. Then you bake it. Then you eat it.

Adam - Pumpkin Pie
First you put pumpkin seeds in it. Put it in a pan and bake it at 5 degrees for 6 minutes. Then take it out and eat it.

Siera - Pumpkin Pie
Get some pumpkin and dough for the crust. Get pumpkin pie cinnamon. Cook it for 20 minutes at 10 degrees.

Kayla - Turkey
Buy it. Take it home. Then you cook it. Put it in the oven for 1 hour. Take it out of the oven. Put it on a plate. Then you eat it.

Tommy - Pumpkin
Cook the pumpkin. Then get ready to eat the pumpkin.

Wai - Pumpkin Pie
Get a pumpkin. Cook it. Eat it.

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Final Salute to a Fine Football Player Turned Dancer

Winner 2006 Dance With Stars montage

"20/20" Story, 12.01.06-the Strip Search

ABC’s show aired on Friday, 12/1/2006 had it all. Only I wasn’t expecting it all. In fact, my mind still reels from the horrendous video shown on this documentary-type series that night.

Many across the Blogosphere are complaining that ABC shouldn’t have shown the video, that the 16-year-old girl so horribly abused and humiliated, was abused and humiliated yet again by showing the video.

I do not agree with this because, as anyone who watched the “20/20” show this night with working eyes and ears could see that the young victim was plainly a guest on the show and she had to agree to the release of the video in such a very public fashion. This girl is suing McDonalds for 200 million dollars, as well she should. Although a very small part of me wonders a bit about this vulnerable naive child, more on this later.

As the show unfolded I became increasingly shocked. As the show continued I began to wonder what could possibly motivate adults to act the way the adults caught in the most horrific and abusive sex acts on a young girl one could possibly imagine. It was a story fraught with plots and sub-plots and plenty of really awful adults.

ABC’s site for this episode is HERE-Strip Search Story at

McDonald's Strip Search Woman

The lady pictured above got a phone call. She is a manager of a McDonalds and was on duty the night the picture was taken. She received a phone call from some creep pretending to be a cop.

Evidently there has been a nationwide rash of some enterprising fellow phoning up various fast food restaurants, pretending to be a cop, and ordering strip searches of young employees. On the night of this captured-on-video incident, the manager of this particular McDonalds fell hook, line and sinker for the pretend-cop’s perverted little game.

What the caller does, he says he is a cop and according to “20/20”, the guy took criminal courses and read plenty of books just to perfect his cop imitation. If the manager of the fast food joint is especially stupid, as that lady above clearly is, they fall for the scam.

The pretend-cop tells the manager of the fast food establishment that he is a cop and that one of that chain’s employees was caught on video stealing a customer’s purse. He orders the manager to go get the employee. It wasn’t clear how employees subjected to this scam are chosen. I surmise the manager just “assumes” it has to be the employee currently on duty when the pretend-cop makes his phone call.

This manager went and got a 16-year-old girl that was then on duty and confronted the adolescent with the pretend-cop’s accusations. The pretend-cop is still on the phone, mind you, and the stupid manager is following his commands.

The pretend-cop orders the manager to make the employee undergo a “strip search”. He demands that she remove all of her clothes and that they be taken from the room.

This story continued to unfold and as I understand it, the ordeal for this young girl lasted three to four hours. Of course it was cut down for the hour long “20/20” show. The manager commands the employee to do as the pretend-cop on the telephone instructs. The young girl protests and complains but she does, for whatever God on this planet earth reason, remove all her clothes. The manager gives the girl a McDonalds’ apron to cover her nudity.

The pretend-cop continued to give the McDonalds’ manager demands that she should make upon that young and very scared employee, including a cavity search and a command that she should do jumping jacks while naked.

This went on all the while the female manager was on the phone with the pretend- cop. At that time it wasn’t a sexual thing so much except possibly for the pretend-cop on the other end of the phone line who might have been getting his jollies off on imagining the scene at the other end of the line. The female McDonalds’ manager was commanding that this young female do this silly stuff but the manager was more trying to please the pretend cop, who this woman evidently, as hard as it is to believe, truly believed there was a real cop on the other end of that telephone line. This manager never questioned the notion of commanding this poor child to do jumping jacks while naked.

At some point this very intelligent McDonalds’ manager had work to do and couldn’t remain on the line with the pretend-cop. Instead the manager did something very strange. She goes and gets her fiancé and asks him to man the telephone with the pretend-cop and continue to command this young employee to follow the demands of the pretend-cop on the telephone.

Her fiancé was a creep.

Now at first this fiancé likely didn’t know what was going down and thought he was only helping his fiancé. Although I don’t know this because the stupidity of this McDonalds’ Manager knows no bounds and yes she did have the nerve to also be a guest on this “20/20” episode. It could be that this manager wanted so bad to please her fiancé that she knew she had something going on in that little storage room that her fiancé might enjoy. After all there was a pretty young girl all naked and doing weird things all based on commands from a pretend-cop on the telephone. Maybe the McDonalds’ manager thought her fiancé would enjoy this.

Although every time the manager had to come back to that room while her fiancé and this captive young girl were involved in this sexual escapade, the manager’s fiancé did toss the young girl that same black apron to cover her nakedness, in other words to try and hide what was really going on. So maybe I’m giving this McDonalds’ manager too much credit for brains but I simply can’t process someone in any sort of manager capacity allowing such things to continue for hours, as it ended up being that teenager’s torment. I’d think at some point she’d get a clue is what I’m saying here.

The manager’s fiancé did eagerly join in on the “game” and at various times he had the young girl bend over on the floor and spanked her viciously on her bare buttocks, all allegedly at the command of the pretend-cop on the telephone although we have to assume that the fiancé had to realize at some point there was something really perverted going on.

At some point the pretend-cop ordered that the young girl in the McDonalds’ manager’s fiance’s charge give the fiancé oral sex. Which that young girl did and now I must question what was going on this young girl’s head.

Recall that while the child only had a black McDonalds’ apron to cover herself, she was INSIDE a public restaurant and was not locked inside the room. The “20/20” pundit did, indeed, ask the brutalized adolescent why she didn’t just run out of that room and scream?

The adolescent was a pretty girl and seemed as pleasant and nice as could be. She also did not appear stupid. She said that her parents had raised her to always show respect for her elders but I simply had to wonder, did she really think her parents meant for her to “show respect” to the extent that she did? I mean did this young lady really interpret that lesson in manners from her parents to respect her elders to also mean administering oral sex on any elder who asked?

It boggled my mind is what I’m saying here but as I consider, she did seem like a retiring adolescent and this WAS her job. Her manager knew she was back there with her fiancé so I don’t know, maybe she feared she’d get fired in disgrace. The adolescent also said she couldn’t bear the thought of running out in public with no clothes save an apron which barely covered her. Who knows what she was thinking as adults used and abused her for their pleasure, maybe she hoped it would be over soon and she’d keep her job. Who the hell knows?

That lovely fiancé of the McDonald’s manager eventually got tired of the action, perhaps after the blow job, and get this, the McDonald’s manager actually recruits another guy in the restaurant to go in and oversee this young girl’s abuse. The new recruit was a decent man and just as soon as the pretend-cop on the telephone told him to do something indecent to that tortured child he went right out and raised hell with that McDonalds’ manager. Who, at that time or so this idiot woman says, finally realized the whole thing was a perverted joke and she allegedly broke up with her creep of a fiancé just as soon as she realized what he’d done.

That video captured this young girl begging this McDonalds’ manager to please get her out of that room as remember, this manager was walking in and out of this room the whole time that pretend cop and her beloved fiancé were abusing this girl unmercifully. The McDonalds’ manager stated when asked why she didn’t help this young girl that the girl never said a thing to her when she entered that room and that each time she had that apron covering her. This apron was tossed by the manager’s fiancé to the young girl, recall, every time the manager came to the back room. So the fact that this young girl was being tormented for hours was not a problem so long as she had on a barely-concealing apron on the whole time. Or at least that manager THOUGHT.

The video DID capture one instance when the fiancé tossed the apron to the tormented employee a little too late and the manager walked right on by the completely naked teenager and didn’t blink an eye. When the “20/20” pundit asked about this instance, the manager’s attorney, who was ALSO a guest on the show, demanded that his client not comment. Heh. Well I suppose so because I got eyeballs and that child was sitting completely naked in that room with this woman’s fiancé and my eyeballs saw this woman STILL ignore what was happening.

At one point the manager was in the room rifling through a filing closet. The adolescent was covered in that little apron but the viewer could see that child begging this woman to get her out of there. The adolescent even put her head on the manager’s shoulders in order to get out of her torment. All this very obvious on the video tape even though the manager claims she had no knowledge that this child was being abused during those three hours she had nothing but an apron to cover her nudity.

The investigators eventually caught the “pretend-cop” via research into the calling cards he used. This act of calling fast food restaurants and trying to trick stupid managers into strip-searching vulnerable employees has been ongoing and get this, there were other managers of fast food restaurants that were also duped, although not to the point where they were recruiting boyfriends and the like in on the action. One woman admitted she strip-searched a MALE employee at the command of the pretend-cop on the telephone.

Sheesh, all educated in public schools, probably.

At any rate, the pretend-cop went on trial and the jury let him go scot free! The prosecutor was angry as he knew this was the right guy but I’m going to defend that jury for a moment. For juries are keepers of the common sense in our justice system (the OJ jury notwithstanding). First, that pretend-cop didn’t do the greater damage here. And that was just the argument his defense attorney used. The greater damage was done by the McDonalds’ manager who an employee was trying to respect and obey. Not to mention her fine fiancé who got five years in prison, I hope his fine blow-job was worth it, idiot. All caught on video tape, I must remind again.

The jury must have had some reasonable doubt about that pretend-cop and even I had doubts about the picture shown of a fellow purchasing a phone card at Walmart as being the same in another picture the prosecutors were showing the jury as “proof” of guilt. But more, the pretend-cop didn’t actually DO anything to that adolescent. It was the adults in charge, the adults that adolescent was taught to always respect, who were doing the things the pretend-cop was only suggesting over the telephone. His defense attorney argued that the prosecutors were merely trying to make him a major scapegoat in this case which has caused such a sensation. I agree with this fellow’s defense attorney. Are obscene phone callers normally prosecuted to this extent had all that other action not resulted from the pretend-cop’s phone call?

The McDonalds’ manager’s fiancé went to jail and I don’t suppose he could successfully use the excuse that he was following the commands of what he THOUGHT was the police on the other end of that phone line. Some jury thought he deserved a few years in the slammer and now he is.

That manager should also go to jail but there were no indications that she was charged with any crime. Hey, she really, really could have been that stupid.

The adolescent is suing McDonalds for millions and she certainly should. If nothing else, they need to be punched in their pocketbook for hiring such idiots for managers. Besides, we all know that it’s McDonalds with the big bucks in this case. The adolescent wouldn’t get much should she sue the manager as how much could a McDonalds’ manager have? Oh, McDonalds fired that woman the next day after the incident, thank God for this.

So I say kudos to ABC and the “20/20” staff for such a fine presentation of a crime that shouldn’t have happened and yet it did, right before our disbelieving eyes. The guests filled out the program perfectly and the intent to shock us to reality and the craziness in our world came through just fine.

Parents of children everywhere, teach them when they are old enough to comprehend the words, that anybody who does anything to them that makes them uncomfortable should be told to stop, even if it means making an embarrassing scene, even if it’s an adult. Yes, even, maybe even ESPECIALLY, if it’s an adult making the demands. I’ll never understand that young victim but I pray for her and hope she gets a financial settlement for her misery.

Yet, sadly, it was misery that never should have happened.


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