True Crime-Mary Winkler's Trial; A Verdict Almost as Bad as Oj's

True Crime-Youths attack a trian. The mystery of the abandoned ship, the Johnson Space Shooting, some thoughts on Va Tech and the mad man named Cho. Lots of detail on the joke of a Winkler trial. For why divorce your husband when you can just kill him?

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The Winkler Verdict Almost As Bizarre as the OJ Verdict

I have always been an ardent defender of the jury system in this country. Even with the terrible verdict in the Winkler trial, I still defend the notion of being tried by a jury of one's peers and if forced, I'd accept eagerly a free Mary Winkler over any system that an elite group of professional jurists would run.

But my goodness where was the jury's brain with the verdict handed down for Mary Winkler? For the woman woke up one morning, grabbed a loaded shotgun and pointed it to her sleeping husband, pulled the trigger and shot him in the back. She then kissed him, expressed her love and regrets, moved the phone away from his dying body that he not call for help, gathered their three daughters and ran off like the criminal she was. Mary Winkler committed the most cold-blooded crime I can imagine and to the father of her three daughters. All of this and the jury charged Mary Winkler with Manslaughter!

In but a few years, Mary Winkler will be a free woman.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo what is my basis for considering this an unjust verdict? Thought you'd never ask.

First, Matthew Winkler was SLEEPING when his wife shot him in the back. He was not threatening Mary or any of their children. He was not screaming nasty words at his wife or beating a child. The man was SLEEPING. There is no need to go further because even if the man was Jack the Ripper reborn, a sleeping man is danger to no one whilst he sleeps.

The defense did bring up the suggestion that the shotgun discharged by accident. I'm not familiar with this defense argument but I must suppose the jury bought it. Although Mary did admit that she shot her husband in a bout of personal ugliness to prosecutors right after her arrest, later the story changes to an accidental shooting. The jury did hear the tape on which Mary confessed to the shooting.

Mary Winkler testified that her husband regularly beat the children and that he was a bit of a pervert.

From WKRN.com:
Winkler also testified that Matthew Winkler beat the children and took them out of school so people wouldn't see the bruises.

Shockingly, Mary Winkler said her husband had her watch pornography and made her dress up "slutty" for sex.

The “stripper” shoes Winkler allegedly wore sat next to her on the witness stand.

Defense Attorney Steve Farese: “Where you ever asked to look at his computer?”
Mary Winkler: “Yes sir.”
Farese: “What were you asked to look at pornography?”
Winkler: “Yes sir.”
Farese: “What kind of pornography;still photos, movies?”
Winkler: “I think they were moving, movies.”
Farese: “Were any of them still?”
Winkler: “They might have been.”

She also testified Matthew made her have anal sex and when she complained about pain that Matthew said there were surgeries that could fix it.

From Chron.com:
Several witnesses for the prosecution said they never saw any sign that Matthew Winkler was abusing his wife. The couple's 9-year-old daughter, Patricia, testified that she had a good father and she never saw him mistreat her mother.

Last week, prosecutors played an audiotape in which Mary Winkler acknowledged shooting her husband, telling investigators her "ugly came out." She told authorities that her husband criticized her constantly and that she got tired of it and just "snapped."

First, was 9 year old Patricia Winkler LYING when she took the stand and declared her father a good Dad and that she never saw him mistreat her mother? I mean, the jury surely would had to have heard the child's testimony yet they obviously believed the woman who shot a man while he slept over the word of an innocent child. Sure kids tend to lie to cover abuse but surely the prosecutors knew this, surely they vetted Patricia's assertion, surely they checked for abuse on the children, hospital records, that sort of thing? Absolutely nothing save Mary Winkler's testimony pointed to any kind of abuse to either wife or children. In fact one child's testimony pointed AWAY from any familial abuse on the part of Matthew Winkler.

One thing that was provided for the jury to see was some pornography found on various Winkler computers. Mary Winkler also provided a pair of very high heels and a blond wig, sex props Mary Winkler would have us believe that Matthew insisted she wear.

Okay, an extensive pornography collection, if in fact that's what it was, points to someone I'd wonder about. But I suggest softly, there is an adult porn industry and not all couples who watch such stuff are abusers and/or murderers. Yes one would think a minister would not be engaging in such stuff but beyond that, it's all a matter of moderation isn't it?

As for the high heels and blond wig, come on. My husband could pull out a pair of high heels and all the wigs in the world and maybe suggest I try them on. But if I don't want to wear them he doesn't beat me. You must understand, Mary Winkler wanted the jury to believe that her refusal to participate in such sex play (which is hardly the end of the damn world go with me here...high heels and a wig) would cause her to suffer Matthew Winkler's physical wrath. Something that's never been proved by any legal or medical document that the defense could produce. My but the defense got those computer porn pics quickly enough, eh?

Mary Winkler also testified that Matthew Winkler wanted to participate in sex that made Mary uncomfortable. Well if this isn't a story as old as Adam and Eve? It seems Matthew wanted to have sex with Mary's "bottom". Again, the jury had to believe that Mary would suffer Matthew's physical wrath if she didn't participate for why else was Matthew's predeliction for anal sex even part of a court discussion at all? I'd suggest quite a few males in this country would be shot dead in their morning beds if a desire for anal sex was reason enough for murder. Further, Mary went on to testify that Matthew wanted other unusual sex, one specific kind Mary stipulated was "oral sex". Well now damn Sam. Oral sex, go to hell, Matthew Winkler was really a sexual nutjob eh?

I've looked at this case from every angle and I'll never understand that jury's logic. I'll give Mary Winkler's defense team a big hooray.

So far as this citizen sees it, when someone shoots another human in the back while they sleep, then deliberately leaves them to die....that's murder. NOT manslaughter. Anything else Matthew Winkler did is irrelevant. He did not deserve to die by Judge and Jury Mary Winkler. Wives should not be given free reign to kill husbands who want anal sex and ask them to wear high heels during sex.

It's as simple as that. If there is a juror out there who served on the Winkler jury, please contact me. Because True Crime buffs are scratching their heads over this one. I'll give an open forum on this Blog to explain that verdict and I promise anonmity if requested.

Nutjob Shoots Supervisor at Johnson Space Center

The crazies had some fun last week, including a certified Korean lunatic which we mention lightly, scroll down.

There is no one more dangerous than an individual who does not wish to continue living and is willing to take others out with his or her self. Witness Islamofacist suicide bombers who cause more damage than brigades or well-armed soldiers in a war setting.

From Chron.com:
A contractor who shot and killed his supervisor at NASA's Johnson Space Center before killing himself thought he was about to be fired after his job performance came into question, officials said today.
``You're the guy who's going to get me fired,'' electrical engineer William Arthur Phillips Jr. said upon walking into the office of his supervisor, wielding a gun.
Within minutes he had killed Wesley David Beverly, 62, of San Leon, a highly regarded NASA engineer. He took as hostage Francelia ``Fran'' Crenshaw, 56, of Houston, and bound her with duct tape. Though escaping serious injury, she witnessed much of the horror of the ordeal, including Beverly's death.

The sad thing here is that Phillips' contractor employer says there was no danger of him losing his job. It would seem a tortured soul wanted to die and this same tortured soul blamed his boss. Hey, mental illness knows no sane logic.

We had another nutjob decide to kill himself along with 32 other innocent human beings at Virginia Tech this past week. I've ended this post with a pic of Cho for posterity but even The Wise I had no words to explain it. No rush for more gun control will stop crazies like Cho. All societies have nuts and some of them are loose and some of them get guns.

The operative word here is "some". America is a country of 300 million people. Goodness knows our borders are very porous and we've got all sorts of places with large numbers of unarmed people in abundance. A kook gets it into their head to kill a bunch of innocents, they can't be stopped. Statistically speaking, what with the total population and the few incidents, it happens rarely.

But it DOES happen. And it will happen again. We do the best we can out here in la-la land to cope and defend ourselves. Beyond that, common sense is our guide. So as the politicos stand on soap boxes and pontificate the need for gun control or the freedom to put people in institutions if we "think" they might be nuts, us normal people who carry this country on our backs mourn, shrug, and return to class and job.

Liberal/Conservative On Trial

My oh my but isn't this flying under the radar?

From Commercialappeal.com:
Eleven days into former state Sen. John Ford’s public corruption trial, Asst. U.S. Attys. Tim DiScenza and Lorraine Craig rested their case Monday afternoon.
Having called FBI agents, a controversial federal informant and several state officials to the witness stand, federal prosecutors attempted to prove to the jury that Ford accepted $55,000 in cash bribes for his official action and threatened the life of undercover agent L.C. McNeil and informant Tim Willis when the Memphis Democrat suspected the pair might be working with the government.

Ever notice how, when Democrats are on trial, you don't hear much about it? Of course the media is on the side of the Dems but wouldn't you think a Repub or two would get in front of a camera and mention it? The Dems regularly complain about phantom Republican crimes with no compunction whatsoever.

At any rate, it would seem that John Ford not only is on trial for accepting bribes, a regular thing with our congress critters it seems, but this fine fellow also threatened the life of FBI informants! Now the congress critters are threatening to KILL PEOPLE!

I've yet to see a single Repub anywhere in sight mentioning this. Imagine please if Karl Rove, the man the Dems love to hate, were accused of threatening the life of an FBI informant.

At any rate, the prosecution rested its case. This was a sting operation and there's videos and audios of this corrupt politico. It'll be interesting to see the defense on all of this. Hope John Ford hired Mary Winkler's defense team.

Meanwhile, rest assured that the case of where Ann Coulter votes is being followed devotedly by the libs.

From the NYPost:
COULD THE sexy but controversial conser vative gadfly Ann Coulter go to jail? According to Observer columnist Joe Conason - Ann is guilty of voter fraud. He says when the far-right Coulter registered to vote in Palm Beach back in 2005, she wrote her address as her Realtor's office. She then signed the form despite its warning that falsifying any information on it makes one liable to felony prosecution.

Gotta admire how they don't give up. Let's see, Ann allegedly voted in the wrong precinct in 2005? It's now 2007 and they are on the trail of this woman. She should be thrown in jail I tell ya!

Understand here, that if Ann Coulter were discovered to have voted more than once, however the confusion about her correct precinct came about, she'd have been handcuffed and thrown in jail just as soon as she exited the voting booth. Trust that there is no proof whatsoever that she voted more than once so hey, voting in the wrong precinct is...well go with me here, it's not the worst crime ever committed in this country.

Better than anything is Ann's description of Palm Beach officials as "syphilitic and mentally defective" . Gotta love Annie.

The Mystery of the Ghost Ship

Here's an intriguing development. A yacht has been discovered floating off the Australian coast. Computers onboard were running and food was set out to eat. Yet not a single living soul was onboard.

Three men alleged to have been sailing the boat were nowhere to be found and their families have been notified of their disappearance.

From News.com.au:
Ship adrift with missing crew

A YACHT has been found drifting off the north Queensland coast with computers running and even food on a table ready to eat - but no crew.
Police said the men, aged 56, 63 and 69, were believed to have left Airlie Beach on Sunday for Western Australia.

Emergency equipment was found still on board but no life rafts were found.

Could these men have gone diving and met with a disaster? Could they have been the victim of sea pirates? Could one have fallen overboard and attempts to rescue resulted in an untimely death of all the men?

Should an answer be found it'll be reported on this Blog.

Could This Be Duke Fallout

Rapists across the fruited plains can thank Mike Nifong for raping a woman will now be much easier.

In this case reported in the State.com: the alleged rapist was found "not guilty".
HARTSVILLE — Ginger Lloyd, one of the teens who told police Kenneth Glenn Hinson kidnapped, raped and held her and a friend in an underground bunker last year, is stunned by the jury’s verdict Monday

Now perhaps the rapist was, in fact, not guilty. Although, ahem, the fellow had already been convicted of raping a 12-year-old at knifepoint. The jury was not allowed to know this little detail.

Two girls allege that Hinson raped them then left them in a small hole in a shed. They chewed off the duct tape on their mouths and struggled to escape. It's been reported that the girls were reported to have told friends that their story is totally made up, that they were trying to steal Hinson's marijuana stash.

Much of the trial details is unknown as of this writing. I'm surmising that somebody testified about the girls' story of stealing marijuana. One of the girls was raped and I'd assume a rape test was made. I'm not clear on when the rape was reported.

Whatever the case, this guy was CONVICTED or a prior rape of a child. Whatever the case, I'll always believe that rape victims might yell rape from time to time even though none occurred but they'll rarely suffer through a long trial to prove their false claim. Even Crystal Magnum, the Duke alleged rape victim, didn't follow her false claims through to court. My point being, this Hinson fellow very likely, in my very non-juried mind, did the deed those girls accuse him of. Anybody can get on the stand and say the victims told them they lied with their charges.

In summary, Mike Nifong, that he could get elected, has muddied the waters for rape victims everywhere. Rapists owe him a debt of gratitude.

Child's Remains Found in Crocodile

The manager of this wildlife park was not around when a bunch of kids jumped the fence and decided to have some fun tormenting the park's crocodiles. The manager is under arrest and hey, if he broke the law then so be it.

From CNN.com:
BEIJING, China (AP) -- A crocodile shot to death in south China during a search for a missing 9-year-old student was found to contain the
child's remains, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

The child, surnamed Liu, disappeared Friday after Liu and three other children climbed over the fence around a pool in the park that had been used to stage crocodile shows, Xinhua said.

"The children shot the animals with catapults and beat them with wooden sticks," the agency said. "One of the irritated crocodiles bit Liu's clothes and dragged him into water, where he was eaten by a swarm of crocodiles."

Note please that these kids were tormenting these crocodiles. Climbing a fence to a predator way more powerful than you, then tormenting it and teasing it....it's Darwin's law when you think about it.

More "Youthful" Mischief

This fine group actually stopped a train on the tracks and assaulted a train engineer so bad he had to be hospitalized.

From SFGate.com:
Amtrak police have arrested a 17-year-old boy on suspicion of assaulting a Capitol Corridor engineer who was dragged from his train and attacked with rocks and bottles.

Vernae Graham, an Amtrak spokeswoman, said the boy, whose name was not released because of his age, was caught shortly after the attack and arrested Tuesday. Another juvenile who was also held for questioning was released, she said.

The engineer was attacked after a group of youths stood on the tracks and halted the train Monday around 10:15 p.m. The engineer opened a door when a conductor was threatened by the group, authorities said.

The Face of Evil

I don't care how troubled he was, how depressed he was, how confused, isolated or alienated he was. Thousands of Americans across the fruited plains are troubled and/or depressed.

He is evil, nothing less. We place his evil pic here for posterity.

Va Tech Shooter Korean Cho

More True Crime Updates HERE

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