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  • TRUE CRIME-Tim Hennis-Will He Finally Pay for His Three Murders?

  • Here's a True Crime Post and we've got the strange story of active church members supporting a known child molester.

    And how about that Va Senator Jim Webb sneaking a gun into congress? Only Webb got his assistant to do the deed and now his loyal Aid faces jail time.

    He molested a teenager only he wasn't a man, but a WOMAN!

    Finally, an update on Timothy Hennis who brutally murdered a woman and her young daughters. He escaped justice a long time ago but newer DNA tests nail him as the Perp. Will the government really be able to use the military justice system to get around that pesky "double jeopardy" issue?

  • True Crime-A Child Psychologist Child Molester and a Quadraplegic Rapist

  • The Easter season seems to have toned down True Crime across the fruited plains. So we re-visit Darlie Routier who has a fan base of kooks who want to free this woman who murdered her own sons.

    Plus a Child Psychologist is a molester and a quadraplegic rapist?

    Old lady beats cop with cane and an adolescent arrested for writing on her desk at school?

    Finally, Nancy Pelosi's "crime" may not land her in jail but it's a crime nonetheless.

  • This True Crime Update Features Winkler and Duke News; Lionel Tate Won't Stay in Jail

  • Here's a True Crime Post and we've got some.

    Two biggies this week: the Duke story and the Mary Winkler Trial. We've got the latest on all. Plus a pic of the Duke "victim" for why should remain anonymous?

    A young woman gives birth and stabs her newborn 175 times. Plus more on Governor Corzine's accident.

    He killed a 6 year old girl when he was only 12. He got a break. Then he robbed a pizza guy at gunpoint and he's back in jail. He's dangerous as can be but why do attorneys want to put him back on the street?

    And a deaf lesbian chainsaw murderer...we're not making this up.

  • True Crime-Mary Winkler's Trial; A Verdict Almost as Bad as Oj's

  • True Crime-Youths attack a trian. The mystery of the abandoned ship, the Johnson Space Shooting, some thoughts on Va Tech and the mad man named Cho. Lots of detail on the joke of a Winkler trial. For why divorce your husband when you can just kill him?

  • TRUE CRIME-Jessica Lunsford's Murderer on Trial Now

  • It's True Crime Time and we've got some new and lots on older cases.

    We've got the, heh, "Barbi Bandits" and Tara Grant, whose body was found and whose husband is nuts.

    The Couey trial goes on and does anybody remember Gary Condit?

    More on Devlin and another Russian spy muder.

    Finally, she was only ten years old, forced to sit in scalding water and had to apologize for getting her blood all over the place. A real heartbreaker; she's dead now.

  • TRUE CRIME-Idiot Crashes Airplane Into Former Mother-in-law's House

  • Here's a True Crime update with some crimes you might have seen covered by the Media.

    We've got a missing black woman that flew right under the media radar. How about the woman who wanted her baby aborted but it wasn't? She's suing now…how dare that unborn child live?

    We've got a diner owner shooting a would-be robber, all caught on videotape. There's also that Iraqi airplane passenger with strange things on a part of his person where the sun don't shine.

    We've got a dognapping video, the strange theft of schoolbooks sold on Ebay.

    In major crimes, we've got an update on the lovesick astronaut and the scoop on the idiot who rammed an airplane into his mother-in-law's house.

  • TRUE CRIME-Georgia Boy Found-Did His Relatives Help Him Hide the Boy?

  • We've some exploding True Crime this week.

    The lovely John Couey got the death penalty and NY cops indicted for the bridegroom shooting.

    I've got a couple of stories about female teachers and adolescent loves. One story is so tragic and illustrates very well a very unintended consequence of what we might laugh off as a young boy's lustful dream.

    A lovely Dad stabs and tosses his baby out the window and a missing Georgia boy found. Were his relatives hiding his crime like Couey's relatives hid Jessica?

  • True Crime-Will the Group of Creeps Who Tortured a 6 Year Old Boy ALL Get the Death Penalty?

  • The verdict is in for the guy who got caught making love to a dead deer.

    We've got some True Crime involving canines, including a lovely women who sicced her dogs on a saleswoman and get this, that California arsonist might have started the fire that killed five firemen to free his dog!

    Also, what's going on with Houdini? Could he have been poisoned?

    Finally, those creeps that tortured and murdered a six year old boy. Big question here...will they ALL get the death penalty?

  • TRUE CRIME-Suicide in Trunk of Car? Murder by Parachute Tampering?

  • Here's a True Crime Update and we've got some serious stupid criminals plus the winner of this year's Stella awards…or lawsuits you will not believe.

    How about this, a couple kill an unwanted spouse by parachute? Also, can someone really committ suicide in the trunk of a car?

    A horrific child pornography crime, the Hornbeck's get a new house, pets killed by PETA, the organization that should protect them.

    And what's this about new Winkler pics from a cell phone?

    Clinic place of first PETA murders

  • TRUE CRIME-Marine's Wife Found Guilty; Local Crime Solved By Me

  • Some intriguing True Crimes this week.

    Many say she was railroaded. Prosecutors say she was cold-blooded. She killed her marine husband by slow poisoning, or so the jury says.

    An update on Randolph Dial, a Tarot Card Reader demands sexual payments, that COCA COLA trial and she faked her death but couldn't resist attending her own funeral.

    Finally, a True Crime down my way that's got the local yokels all atwitter. I, however, have solved the crime.

  • TRUE CRIME-Astronauts and Anna Nicole-Is There Anything Else?

  • As True Crime goes, things get slow. Then, like last week, all hell breaks loose.

    Anna Nicole…could this fellow known as Howard K. Stern really be killing people in front of our lying eyes? How comes he's the only fellow around when people about him are dying? Consider me the Greta of the Internet I am so on this story.

    And how about the diaper-clad astronaut? We've got lots on that this week.

    Mike Devlin charges frevealed and the Duke Grand Jury speaks out.

    The big Networks all had Corbin stories...this would be the murdering Dentist from Georgia. We've got email from Jennifer Corbin's family.

    A little known story about the Rawanda killings as this case comes to trial and amazing updates on those jailed Border guards keeps coming in.

  • TRUE CRIME-That Utah Mall Shooting; Supreme Court Justice's Child in Deep Trouble

  • There was an awful shooting in a Utah mall last week. Did you know the shooter was a Muslim? Didn't think so. Although it's important as to why he did it. We got it covered in this True Crime Post.

    Anna Nicole's case gets murkier. Her most current will RULES out her newborn from any maternal inheritance!

    That Phil Spector trial begins and remember that couple that kept foster kids in cages? Their trial just concluded and we may have judged them too harshly.

  • TRUE CRIME-That Judge in the ANS Trial-A Disgrace to the Legal Profession

  • Couple of intriguing updates in this week's True Crime post.

    First we must comment on that Anna Nicole Judge. What an insult to the judiciary this man is.

    Also, the ACLU former President arrested in horrific child porn sting. Yes, the ACLU! Now we know why they defend child predators.

    Finally, the Pizza man bomb. A solution to the crime.

  • TRUE CRIME-Nifong Bungles On, a Video of a Crime in Progress

  • pic of chihuahua dragged under carIt's time for a True Crime update and there's a few here involving crimes against canines. A black Labrador is shot for reasons unknown and a tiny chihuahua is dragged behind its owner's car, possibly on purpose!

    A former baseball player burns in a fire under suspicious circumstances and plenty of Duke Nifong et al updates.

    We've got a live video of a crime in progress and folks, it's teenagers run amok.

    Some really stupid criminal alerts, a rapist in Houston targets MEN, and New Mexico residents fight back against those who would invade their homes. Three shot in the act so far.

  • TRUE CRIME- Update, Cruise Ship Death and Baby With Toes Chewed Off

  • A lot of updates on old True Crimes this week.

    First, what happened to those parents who had an animal chew off their baby's toes?

    Also, the Smith cruise ship murder ends with a monetary award.

    A 6 year old dies tragically, at the hands of TWO people so investigators say.

    OJ tries to hide his money and hand to God, a woman is convicted for raping a sleeping man.

    Finally the strange death of that Louisiana Mayor.

  • TRUE CRIME-Two Missing Boys Found; Lots of Duke Rape Case Updates

  • Time for some up-to-date True Crime. This week, it's all about those missing boys, now found. One was missing for four years, the other a week.

    Oh, and there's so much new info on that Duke rape case we're dizzy with it all.

    Update on the Atlantic City prostitute murders, a building superintendent who joined in on the rape, those New Orleans' cops and the bridge murders, and yes, it's early yet as reported, but a father really did decapitate his young daughter.

  • TRUE CRIME-That Radio Stunt-Drinking Water-Will it Soon Be a True Crime?

  • Here's a True Crime date and a hoot. The psychic promised to find Hornbeck's body because she swore he was dead. Only it would cost a few bucks…..

    Pregnant teens attack their group home leader, a fine group of guys try to enroll a sex offender in a school and a weird youngster stabs a schoolmate in cold blood.

    Will that radio show with the water ingestion stunt become a True Crime? Someone died from it.

    Finally, getting to the bottom of the tale of those border agents.


  • True Crime-"In Cold Blood" House for Sale, Duckett, Microwaved Baby

  • Time for some True Crime and this week a couple gets brought up on terrorism charges for, ahem, making whoopie in an airplane.

    Also, update on missing Trenton Duckett and that murdered NY Actress brings illegal immigration problem to public spotlight.

    We've got a really, really stupid criminal and a shocker, just a shocker that will boggle your mind.

    For a woman really did, yes she did, she microwaved her baby.

  • TRUE CRIME-That NY Bridegroom Shooting and the Mall Terrorist

  • Time for some True Crime and there's some true crime percolating under the radar which we must visit.

    First, what's behind that shooting of the NY Bridegroom? There's way more to this story than being reported. And some notes on the politicos getting involved in this sticky matter.

    And how about that mall terrorist no one in the Lamestream media is talking about? Yes, in fact he IS a Muslim.

    This week, we've got a STUPID VICTIM, yes we do.

    How about those parents who kidnapped their own daughter to prevent her wedding?

    A hero mayor, a criminal steals to impress her boyfriend, and hey, the Judge let him go and surprise, surprise...he killed again.

    Good comment on that Las Vegas Controller murder.

  • TRUE CRIME-Theory on Why the Powers That Be Won't End That Duke Rape Travesty

  • It's time for some True Crime. An acting Baldwin is arrested and it's not the first time.

    Hey folks, isn't it time someone put that Duke rape prosecution to rest? I've some ideas on why no one's doing anything to stop this travesty of justice.

    Dr. Death, AKA Dr. Kevorkian, soon to be out on parole, soon to kill again. Dear Dr. Kevorkian isn't as noble as many think he is.

    Dr. Kevorkian montage

    Either a pet ferret or a puppy chewed off an infant's toes and no one knows what to charge the neglectful parents with or even which animal did the deed.

    Finally, she tried to save her husband's most private part AFTER he was dead. Did you know this was against the law?


  • True Crime-Bodies in AC Drainage Ditch; Clinton Neighbor Murders Wife?

  • The holiday season arrives but True Crime continues.

    You will never believe the story of this couple and a motel room. Also, bodies found in Atlantic City drainage ditch.

    Lots of drownings, but were they accidents?

    Warren JeffsCovering pervert polygamist Warren Jeffs and wondering how his trial might affect a major upcoming presidential candidate.

    A Clinton neighbor's wife dies under strange circumstances and this fellow argues that because the deer was dead when he made love to it that he is not technically guilty of animal cruelty.

  • True Crime-OJ? Trenton Duckett Alive? Winkler, Luna Update

  • Time for a True Crime Update and we've some new crimes and updates to old ones.

    Jonathan Luna, a Baltimore prosecutor, was found dead in a Pennsylvania pond. His body was riddle with knife wounds. Was it a suicide?

    And could Trenton Duckett still be alive?

    A severely handicapped girl, confined to a nursing home, ends up pregnant. How? Another man found guilty of abusing his daughter, only she's not his daughter?

    Anna Nicole's problems continues and what's going on in the Winkler case?

    A fine Foolish Felon rounds up the week's entry.

  • True Crime-Actress Hanged Alive, Buying Shasta Groene a House

  • True Crime Update and this week we've some new crimes along with updates of old ones.

    She was an actress and she was hanged alive. By an illegal alien who feared disclosure!

    A couple of tragic deaths of young mothers, a couple killed for their yacht and yes, he hired a hitman to kill the teenager pregnant with his baby.

    A possible case of intriguing Double Jeopardy and the mission to buy Shasta Groene a home.

    Still we wonder, who is the father of Anna Nicole's baby and some Edington comments.

  • True Crime-Several Unusual Crimes of Rape, the California Arsonist, Why Was Socks Shot?

  • Some True Crime and we have two most unusual crimes of rape. One takes some insight to figure out, the other involves a false rape accusation. Yet another charge of rape, this time as dealt with by the Muslims of the world. HINT-the WOMAN gets punished.

    Also, how about Haggard? If hypocrisy were a crime he'd get the death penalty.

    Info on that California arsonist, and a dog gets shot but no one knows why.

    Finally, the crime was giving the President the finger. Should this school bus driver be fired for this form of free speech?

  • True Crime-Rape and Muslims, Worthington, Edington, The Strange Case of the Missing American Soldier

  • Time for some True Crime.

    We begin with some very intriguing updates on the Edington murder. Jonathan Edington stabbed his neighbor to death over allegations of molestation by his 2 year old.

    The police say the baby was NOT molested. So what's going to happen to Edington? And why might the police be misleading us?

    Also, updates on that female soldier who went missing in the Ukraine, notes on "Dog" Chapman, a woman kills her baby while it's in her belly, and the Jerry Hobbs trial begins. Hobbs killed his daughter and her friend. Why should his confession be disallowed?

    Some interesting info on why Muslims rape their women and's the WOMAN's fault! Also, enslaved ten year old and a True Crime involving circumcision? Well the case DID go to court.

    A sad story of a quadriplegic woman as she testifies against her husband who made her that way and finally, why does this burglar have his pants down around his ankles?

  • The Horrific Colorado School Shooting

  • Duane Morrison-Colorado Shooter of KeyesTime for a True Crime update and we've some news on old crimes and some heinous new ones.

    First, that Colorado shooter who killed himself but not before leaving behind as his earthly legacy some creepy behavior, one dead innocent girl, and a bunch of school kids marked for life.

    So who is the father of Anna Nicole's baby? Cause I've seen two guys who claim to be and now I'm confused.

    We've got updates on the Horowitz murder-the Goth teen criminal gets life.

    More on Melinda Duckett who killed herself but left no indication of where your son's body might lie.

    And that Tunstall murder, a baby ripped from its mother's womb, three dead innocents and the pathetic life leading up to this horrific ending.

  • The Amish School Shooting

  • It's a True Crime post and there's been a rash of school shootings, some especially heinous.

    The vicious attack on Amish school girls this past week is a real heart-breaker. The big news is that the Amish are going to forgive. I consider the extreme pacifism of this religious sect to be a danger to them way more than a more aggressive defense would serve them.

    Also, Jonbenet's John Karr is free and already in trouble as I predicted. Thank you John Ramsey.

    An update on the Groene murders, Massachusetts' Entwistle tries a cute trick, Melinda Duckett was a nut and Florida authorities missed almost grievously.

    Finally, who the heck is the father of Anna Nicole's baby and why do I care?

  • Jonathan Edington-Was His Daughter Molested?

  • Time for some True Crime. We have a woman who used her baby as a weapon, a Duke update, some comments about Jonathan Edington who killed his neighbor for allegedly molesting his toddler.

    Then there's the murdering soldier, Martinez, and he's facing life.

    Oh and the lovely John Karr, ersatz murderer of Jonbenet Ramsey, is grabbing his fifteen minutes before he molests again.

    Some bodies are being exhumed for that murder of the Nevada Controller. He killed her; did he also kill her husband?

    Finally, that Vermont missing coed found. A creep lent her his cell phone then murdered her.


  • Some Updates on Old Crimes

  • A little girl is found dead in the basement of her parents' house. A man stabs his own daughter and her friend to death. A little boy has been missing for over a year; his Dad went for a long drive in the dead of night. The parents were reported to the child welfare authorities and nothing was done.

    A Baltimore prosecutor ends up with a multitude of shallow stab wounds only to die by drowning in a Pennsylvania creek.

    All of the above are old or unsolved cases. Via email, Blog commentary or other means, I've new information on all of the cases.

    Click in on this True Crime post for a Jonbenet update, a Jerry Hobbs possible defense, much more on missing Cody Haynes and some new info on the Jonathan Luna case.

  • He Killed His Neighbor for Molesting His Toddler

  • Time for a True Crime post and the most intriguing and confusing this week would be the patent attorney who stabbed his neighbor to death. A neighbor that the attorney THOUGHT was molesting his two-year-old daughter.

    This could be the big court room story of this decade. Americans don't take kindly to neighbors abusing their children. Who amongst wouldn't be prone to violence should we discover such a thing?

    Except, did the neighbor molest the daughter? Why was the attorney's wife out of town when she told her husband of the alleged crime? Could a two year old accurately recount such an incident?

    Also, more on Jonbenet as the Boulder police speak out. And that Afghan-American who went nuts in his SUV...what's his story?

    Also, a hilarious video of a DUI stop, another 11 year old raped by a gang of boys, this time in Wisconsin.

    And OJ Simpson continues to scam while Fred Goldman tries a legally strange maneuver to stop him.

  • She Committed Suicide but Where Is Her Toddler Son?

  • Some serious updates on old crimes. The Dentist from Dacula pled guilty of killing two of the women in his life then made them look like a suicide, and this is a surprise. The Idaho Groene murderer trial begins and the defense protests Shashta Groene testimony. More on Edington, who stabbed the man to death who he thought molested his two-year-old. And the sexy teacher Deb LeFeve is still nuts.

    We've got info on the Anna Nicole Smith's son death and the woman whose son is missing but she killed herself rather than help with the search.

    Finally, a Gnome crime?


  • Melinda/Trenton Duckett Montage

    It's a True Crime post and there's a plethora of True Crimes in process and we have updates and backgrounds.

    Another baby stolen from its mother's womb and we've got details on this and that former crime of this same heinous caliber.

    Also, you'll never believe what these future grandparents tried to do to their unborn progeny.

    Lots on Melinda Duckett, who killed herself even while her toddler is still missing.

    And baby Abby is returned to her mother, whose throat was slashed and baby stolen by a deranged woman.

    What's this about a fake penis and a drug test?

    Those Katrina deaths, Anna Nicole and what's happening with those premie baby deaths?

  • Mother Helps 30-Year-Old Son Commit Sex Crimes

  • Some True Crime News for while war rages across the Mideast, true crime keeps happening everywhere.

    First, the agony of the kid with cancer and the hypocrisy of those who think young girls should abort on demand without parental input.

    We've got an update on the California hiker murder and you will never believe this comment on my Blog defending the mother who helped her 30+ year old son commit sex crimes.

    Also, an intriguing new crime involving politics, Nevada and two deaths all leading to one key player.

    Finally, child's body in chimney since 1985 discovered.
  • Andrea Yates-the New Verdict

  • Time for some True Crime and there's a bunch.

    We've got our own border guards smuggling illegals, a UN guy distributing drugs for terrorists and a heroine in that shooting at the WA. Jewish center who seemed to have been missed by the Lamestream media.

    Also, Andrea Yates-what does her new verdict mean?
    Andrea Yates Family

    We've got another Jessica Lunsford found dead in a neighbor's home.

    You've got to read this strange story of a dog mauling and the mother only guilty of being stupid that the prosecutors want to throw in jail.

    Much, more.
  • Fresno, Phoenix, Holloway Updates

  • It's time for True Crime and we learn of new and strange crimes and re-visit some older ones.

    We've got an update on Natalee Halloway and that Fresno rape of an 11-year old, and more on the Phoenix shooter.

    An email came to me about another crime posted and it's interesting.

    A brother is charged with killing his younger brother and the details surrounding this strangeness could not be made up.

    Time to address those crimes by our own soldiers in Iraq and hey, soldiers can be criminals too. Plus some detail about other military crimes documented before to disappear to...where?

    Finally, a most horrific crime involving an angry dog and Elvis teddy bears.
  • Karr and Ramsey

  • Time for some True Crime.

    What about Jonbenet Ramsey and her so-called pervert killer being imported BACK to the U.S.A by those Colorado prosecutors?

    Click in because I've got a believable scenario about what really happened to Jonbenet.

    I also delineate the many problems with this case and all the problems focus right on the Ramseys.

    Also, book reviews I wrote in 1997 for books about this case and finally, what about this John Karr? How on earth did he murder Jonbenet Ramsey on 12/26/1996 when he was in Georgia that same night?

    Also, a dead baby found in an abortion clinic, that nutty woman who urinated on the floor of an airplane and caused all manner of havoc.

    An convict goes the Tookie Williams' route and writes a book but gets the death penalty anyway.

    And graffiti riddled pigs? A most heinous crime indeed.

  • Winkler Update-Mary Not So Smart

  • True Crime keeps happening and I'm keeping up with it all.

    Patsy and Jonbenet-together? Including the lovely Mary Winkler, who was once thought victim of such a heinous husband she had to kill him for her misery. Only the woman shot him in cold blood, kissed him and told him she loved him.

    Then she left him to die from a broken spine and ran off with his three children.

    Also, how Jonbenet Ramsey really died. Look no further, the truth is here.

    Plus driving while high, the danger of homegrown terrorists and much more.

  • Couey, Kervorkian, Lay

  • Time for a True Crime Update and there's been a lot of uproar over the John Couey/Jessica Lunsford case. Seems Couey's confession is no longer valid.

    Also, some updates on Dr. Kervorkian, who does NOT wish to be suicided, an intriguing update on the Columbine killers, and hey, how about Ken Lay dying so conveniently?

    Finally, a stupid criminal, a mother who helps her son commit sex crimes and the brutal murder of a realtor that makes no sense.

  • 11-Year Old Raped by Fresno Football Players

  • It's a True Crime Update and there's some heartbreaks out there, folks.

    She's 11-year-old but was gang-raped by a bunch of Fresno football players. No, this is not Duke. The alleged perps declare that "she looked older than 11". This makes it okay to rape her? And how much older? A full 13-years old?

    Here's a Phoenix murdering spree update, a hiker murder in California that makes no sense and two lovely people who were methodically starving their three adopted little boys.

    And how about those hospital people euthanizing people during Katrina? Nothing at all right about this.

    Also, abortion as murder, Canada doesn't want the death penalty but they don't quite get the notion of "life imprisonment" and rapist rapes again immediately after release from parole.


  • The "Bikini Murder" and the Videotaped Murder

  • Here's a True Crime Update.

    Updates on the "bikini murder" and that lovely couple that videotaped torture and murder.

    Also, plenty of crime tidbits including a stupid criminal alert, the Saudis who took a ride on a school bus and goodness, the Runaway Bride finally got dumped.

  • "Smart" Criminal Alerts

  • Time for a True Crime Update.

    This time, instead of a stupid criminal alert, we have a very SMART criminal alert.

    Also, update on "bikini murder" and fine fellow who slaughtered an entire family.

    We also have a rollicking "kitty party", strange things happening to 6-year-olds, and oh yeah, "Intermittant Explosive Disorder". I think I might have it. Heh.

  • Judge Weller

  • If ever a True Crime book needed writing it would be the story of Judge Weller and the Mack family.

    In this True Crime update we have the latest on the Reno judge shot as he stood by his office window and the man who did the deed.

    Judge Weller-Gunshot Victim

    Also, latest on the Winkler murder plus some thoughts on so-called hate crime.

    A sunbather is ran over by an SUV driven by the police and a very unbelievable story about a "mercy snake killing".

  • Transmitting HIV for Revenge

  • Time for a True Crime post and may I mention that my Blog has been swamped this past weekend with searches on the Jonbenet Ramsey story? I do, as expected, have one of the better summaries of this crime.

    This week we have prosthetic limbs as weapons, a lady who transmitted HIV for revenge, that strange story of the 16 year old going to PAlestine.

    Also, a couple of stupid criminal stories that are better than average.

    A famed Maryland publisher is found dead. They are calling it suicide. I have my doubts.

    A good story on the Mayor and cocaine, the new Lisa Montgomery true crime book, info on Cynthia McKinney and the Steeler football player arrested for domestic assault.


  • Missing Toddler

  • True Crime Update time.

    There's a missing toddler and it doesn't look good.

    A very strange story of embezzlement, the tragedy of innocent dogs and horses shot for sport, a man targets sex offenders, murders them, then kills himself.

    A Duke update and a child dressed in Easter best killed in his own car by a stray bullet.

  • Moussaoui Verdict

  • There's tragedy everywhere in this True Crime Update.

    A soldier survives Iraq only to bleed to death in an air conditioner unit.

    A paraplegic is beaten to death for wetting the bed.

    Then there's the Limbaugh persecution and the Moussaoui verdict.

    A wedding ends with a stabbing, a St. Guillian update, the closet murderer and a bit of good news as a woman refuses to be a victim.

  • Rampage in Virginia

  • In this True Crime Update we welcome two comments by people involved in recent true crimes posted on this blog.

    Also, Virginia kid goes on shooting rampage and kills one cop, injures another.

    And poor little Sarah Ewing. Those who were supposed to protect her failed her.

  • What’s With the Baltimore Police?

  • Baltimore Police Badge
    It's beginning to look ominous in that Duke rape probe. Ominous in that, could the prosecutor really be this far off?

    Updates on the Easter toddler shooting and that Virginia cop killing case.

    A stupid criminal story you'll never believe and a really strange tale involving Baltimore police and arrests for asking directions on a public street.

  • Duke Update and Killer Biscuits

  • Duke Rape Investigation LogoTrue Crime Update time.

    That Duke case becomes murkier. Two conclusions can safely be made at this point.

    Also, that crazy Aruban arrest and what's REALLY behind it.

    Some killer biscuits, an S&M castration ring, the lack of penis defense and fake sextuplets.

  • More Duke; Entwistle Update

  • It's all about what's going on with that Duke case in this True Crime Update.

    Some analysis offered.

    Is this all an election year hoax? Or have will a group of amateur lacrosse criminals pull the wool over everyone's eyes?

    A Neil Entwistle update.

  • Another Perverted Teacher

  • Time to get serious about this Duke rape story.

    We've got a pic of the crime scene, updates, and, of course, a detailed analysis.

    Also, another teacher rapes a male student. In mine own state of Delaware!

    And how about that pervert at the Department of Homeland Security?

  • The Pizza Bill of Rights

  • Check out this "Pizza Bill of Rights" in this week's True Crime post.

    There's information on California's Morales and his fear of needles that keeps him alive. Oh, and the zealot who lied to save him.

    Plus Letorneau and Vili…not so good.

  • First Report-St. Guillan Murder

  • Here's a True Crime Post.

    The strangest crime this week is the murder of Imette St. Guillan and the strange 911 call.

    Sidney Simpson in trouble with the law?

    And the danger of NOT committing a crime captured by enterprising college students.

  • Text Messages and Rogue FBI Agents

  • Time for a True Crime Update and we've lots on the ongoing investigation into Imette St. Guillian's murder. Including info on the "person of interest"-Darryl Littlejohn.

    Plus rogue FBI agents, strange looking sex offenders, stupid criminals and the strange case of the text messages.

  • St. Guillen-Lying Bar Owners

  • Time for a True Crime Update.

    We've got new info on the St. Guillen murder and it seems the bar owners did quite a bit of lying.

    Image hosted by

    Also, the man who would not pay child support because his girlfriend deceived him, that Internet child porn sting and a dumb criminal.

  • The Minister’s Wife

  • Here's a True Crime Update.

    We have the latest on the Minister Murder. Also, missing for ten years and finally found.

    Aruban police have new theory on Natalee Holloway's disappearance and it's not murder.

    And how about Debra LaFave yelling at us for not understand the bi-polar mental disorder?

  • Blogger Arranges Mother’s Murder

  • It's a True Crime post and we've a fascinating story about a Blogger who arranged her mother's murder.

    Also, info in the Day care shooting, an update on the Cruise ship murder and a tragic death from the stupidest of practical jokes.
  • The Entwistle Murder

  • Image hosted by

    Time for a True Crime post.

    We have the latest info on the Mass. Crime from the initial police screw up to the current status. Mother and baby shot dead in bed and police missed the bodies!

    Also, an update on the infamous body builders, that postal shooting, child abuse stopped by a non-professional woman while the professionals let child murderers slip through their grasp.

    Oh, and two funny crimes involving glass eyes and cars crashing into houses.
  • Can Andrea Yates Go Free?

  • Time for some True Crime.

    Remember Andrea Yates? Drowned her five children? Yessir, she's a free woman now.

    Also, Cindy tells her story of being kicked out of the "People's House".

    And why are Baltimore school kids learning how to be robbers?
  • Entwistle Timeline

  • Here's a True Crime post. Neil Entwistle's timeline version revealed plus other tidbits.

    Also, Robert Blake broke? Smuggling a human head past customs and the hero cat.
  • BTK-Bind, Torture, Kill

  •  Posted by Hello

    A couple of BTK posts. His many crimes happened years ago. His capture occurred this year.

    Pictures seen by few, including possible baby picture.

    Horrific poem written by killer and some excerpts of communication with police.

    BTK captured!

    More BTK

    BTK New Pics and Info

  • Jessica Lunsford-A Tragedy of Our Day

  • The Jessica Lunsford murder was posted and commented upon on real time. Below is a list of posts on this very tragic murder of a pretty little girl by a heinous known child molester. The posts are in chronological order with changes, corrections, etc., made as known, with each successive post.

     Posted by Hello

    Where is Jessica?

    Lunsford Update

    May Jessica Rest in Peace

    Lunsford-A New Horror

  • The Tragic Death of Bobbi Jo Stinnett

  • Bobbi Jo Stinnett was eight and a half months pregnant when she was murdered by Lisa Montgomery who then ripped Stinnett’s baby from her womb.

    This true crime post is as interesting for the original post as it is for the many comments on the case, right as it was taking place. Links to both original post and comments below.

     Posted by Hello

    Original Post

    Comments on Stinnett/Montgomery post

    Text of Larry King Comments on Stinnett/Montgomery case

  • Jonbenet Ramsey-One Possible Scenario

  • Does anybody remember Jonbenet Ramsey? A theory on her death and why someday we will really know who killed her.

    Jonbenet Ramsey

  • Michael Jackson, Of course

  • What true crime compilation of this era would be complete without a couple of posts on that famous pedophile of our era, Michael Jackson?

     Posted by Hello

    The Michael Jackson trial is scheduled for the end of January. Here is a true crime update on Jackson’s nefarious shenanigans regarding the seduction of his latest victim. The Smoking Gun web site has obtained confidential documents and the content is shocking.

    Michael Jackson’s alleged crimes include not only the seduction of an under-aged boy, but also the distribution of alcohol to miners.

    Here’s my account of the Jackson case as well as my firm argument that Americans with any decency and sense of the American way will pray that this man goes to jail.

    For the alleged crimes of Michael Jackson are waaaaaay more heinous than originally thought.

    Jackson-Way More Heinous Than Originally Thought

    Michael Jackson-the new Nelson Mandela

  • The Bizarre Case of Baltimore Prosecutor Jonathan Luna

  • It's a most fascinating "true crime" of the day, assuming that there was a crime. At least a crime of murder because in this missive I hone all of my speculating skills to arrive at a scenario that makes sense of the strange death of Jonathan P. Luna, assistant US district attorney. Who was found dead in a small creek in Pennsylvania, bleeding from 36 stab wounds until the creek waters filled his lungs.

     Posted by Hello

    What happened to Luna the night of 12/3/03 that had him driving the Delaware/Pennsylvania Interstate for over four hours? Was anyone with him that night? Who killed Jonathan Luna, and why?

    There's no answers even now, a year after his strange death. For now we must speculate. And so I do.

  • The Thomas Capano Case

  • We have a pair of True Crime Book reviews here.

    Culled off the hard drive due to a recent Delaware judge's decision that a life sentence really means 45 years.

    Well you need to check it out because Thomas Copano is one of Delaware more notorious murderers and for a while, well who knows, his 45 years might be up soon.

    "Never Let Her Go", by Ann Rule, and "The Summer Wind" by George Anistasia.

    Thomas Capano Book Reviews

  • Kobe Bryant and Scott Peterson

  • Thoughts and facts on the above two celebrity cases for benefit of posterity.


  • Dr. Corbin-The Dacula-Dracula Dentist With Suicidal Lovers

  • It took some research but as expected I am on the job.

    For Dr. Barton Corbin is a most unlucky fellow, having a girlfriend and wife both committing suicide and another female friend who ended up tied up under a lake. Very, very dead.

    What's almost as intriguing as the Dacula Dracula Dentist is how his arrest came to be. Why was he arrested by investigators from fourteen years ago. And who was the new leaker of info that led to Corbin's arrest?

    Barton Corbin, DDS and Murderer

  • What Really Happened to Cindy Lynch

  • Cindy Lynch was a pretty hairdresser who somehow ended up dead within eyesight of her houseboat.

    A houseboat shared with her husband. Who waffles on whether he and Cindy had an argument with his wife and is an expert on casting blame all about.

    Did Chet Lynch committ the perfect murder? Even intoxicated, why couldn't Cindy Lynch swim the short distance from the pier to nearby land? What was said during that mysterious 83 minute phone call made by Cindy Lynch to a neighbor?

    Some true crime speculation and rumination you should enjoy. With pics.

    Chet Lynch Posted by Hello

    Cindy Lynch HERE

  • What Happened to Little Cody Haynes?

  • Cody Haynes was eleven years old when he disappeared from his home on 9/11/2004.

    That same night his father took a long drive, at two in the am until 4 pm the next day, to "look for car parts".

    Everyone failed Cody. His mother failed him. He was referred to Child Protective Services twice before he disappeared and they failed him.

    The school system never bothered to check in on Cody's "home schooling".

    Now Cody Haynes is gone and there would not be enough room in the jails to punish everyone who failed this innocent .

    Cody Haynes

  • Bobbi Jo Parker-Captive or Captivated?

  • She says he made her leave at gun point. Yet she stayed with him for ten years.

    What is Randolph Dial’s hold on women?

    Randolph Dial

  • The Closet Murderer

  • There's three interesting true crimes ongoing this week. And all of them have an intriguing "x" factor, an unknown that will make solving/finding the victims/criminals more difficult.

    And what's behind that closet door in the Closet Murderer case?

    Closet Murderer

  • True Crime Update-Runaway Bride, Lunsford, Other Idiots


  • True Crime Update-Precious Doe

  • For too long she had no name. Her story of life is even more tragic.

    Precious Doe HERE

  • Michael Jackson, Idaho Murders

  • It's a true crime update and lots on the ongoing Idaho murderers, including a link to a site with pics of the crime scene taken by an amateur sleuth.

    Also, Spector, Jackson, the "crane man" , and another Florida child abducted but this one with a "happy" ending.


  • Lionel Tate, Aruba Crime

  • It's a true crime update. Might include a Jackson verdict, who knows.

    Will include a summation of the Michael Jackson case along with an update on the teen who went missing in Aruba, the seven year old who killed his baby sister and the latest on Lionel Tate.

    Never heard of Lionel Tate? Click on in because it's a fine example of liberals handling criminal cases.


     Posted by Hello

  • Gricar, Aruba Update

  • Here's a true crime update and yon readers must check in.

    For presented is a theory about what is REALLY going on in that Keystone Kop investigation in Aruba.

    Also, some surprising info on missing Pennsylvania DA Ray Gricar.


  • Couey/Lunsford, Final Notes on Michael Jackson Case

  • It's a true crime update.

    Final notes on the Michael Jackson case.

    Alarming news about John Couey, murderer or Jessica Lunsford.

    And of course, Aruba.

    Finally, a new and very intriguing true crime flying right now under the radar.


  • Couey, Runaway Bride, Military Murder

  • It's a True Crime Update.

    Breaking news on a horrific murder in Arizona.

    Also, Couey, Wilbanks and little more on that alleged military murderer, Albert Martinez.


  • BTK, Groene, Aruba

  • It's a true crime update and there's lots to update.

    Including BTK's plea and an interesting rumor.

    Plus updates from this past weekend on the Idaho Groene murder.

    And natch, more on Aruba.


  • Duncan, Groene

  • The Idaho/Groene murders seemed to have been solved.

    We go on to a new phase in this horrific murder.

    For Joseph Duncan should have been in jail and not free to murder entire families.

    So why was he walking about free as a bird?

    Also, BTK laments the pain to his family.

    And how many families has be brought pain to?

  • BTK’s House, Duncan, Missing American Tourist

  • Here's a true crime update.

    Including the sale of Dennis Rader's house (BTK).

    More on Joseph Duncan and his benefactors.

    And a new and unusual crime. Another missing American tourist? Missing from a cruise ship while on his honeymoon. Ship personnel are alleged to have found blood in his cabin. And his newlywed wife didn't even notice him missing.

  • BTK, Aruba, Groene

  • Time for a True Crime Update.

    Dennis Rader (BTK) gets quickie divorce.

    And a complete catchup on what's going on in Aruba.

    Shasta Groene reward money awarded and news of a missing Philadelphia pregnant woman.

  • The Jackson Jury, Groene, Gricar

  • Here's a true crime update. Featuring that wacky Jackson jury, another murder by Joseph Duncan of Shasta Groene fame, a surprise in the case of Ray Gricar and the most heinous crime of the week.

  • Piano Man, Death by Washing Machine

  • It's a True Crime Update.

    Featuring some shocking news about the missing American cruise ship tourist.

    Also, the "Piano Man", the washing machine death and the modern Bonnie and Clyde.
    Image hosted by

    Also, man shoots car.

  • BTK Goodbye Forever

  • It's a True Crime Update and can't talk for yon readers.

    But The Wise I is sick of BTK and glad he's going away for the rest of his life.

    Also, body of pregnant Latoyia Figuroa found and yet another sighting of missing PA. Prosecutor Ray Gricar.

    And for the most heinous crime of the week, how about taking a red Acura and senselessly killing innocent ducks and their ducklings?

  • Vandersloot Release; Children in Cages

  • Here's a True Crime post, first after Hurricane Katrina.

    True Crime tends to pale when thousands are dying in the worst natural disaster in history.

    We re-visit Aruba where, while Katrina raged, three criminals were released from Aruban jail.

    Update on the famous Wendy chili finger and children kept in cages by cruel caretakers.

  • Taylor Behl; Amber Frey

  • Image hosted by

    It's a True Crime post and yes even with the hurricanes, folks are still committing crimes.

    There's a missing VA student Taylor Behl. There's murder by automobile in Las Vegas.

    And Amber Frey's paternity woes.

  • Behl, Ahsley Smith, Geragos

  • Here's a true crime update. Update on Taylor Behl, Ashley Smith's real "medicine" that calmed Brian Nichols.

    And Mark Geragos, hand to God, trying to get hands on Laci Peterson's life insurance money.

  • Multiple Murder Chicago, Groene Murder Update

  • It's a True Crime update.

    Under old crimes, there's some new info on those Idaho Groene murders.

    Also, Taylor Behl's body found and intriguing info on the Napa Murders.

    And a recent horrific multiple murder even more horrific than the Groene crime.

  • Evelyn Miller, Runaway Groom?

  • Here's a True Crime Update with some more unusual crimes.

    How about a runaway groom who stabbed himself to avoid marriage?

    Or a convicted Good Samaritan who didn't help?

    And what happened to pretty little Evelyn Miller?

  • Horowtiz-the Strangest New Crime

  • Here's a True Crime Update for the week.

    The Horowitz murder percolates strangely on. A Taylor Behl update, the stabbed groom, update on the caged children and the crazy lady who killed her children..

    Image hosted by

    And who is the poor toddler found dead and buried with no identity?

  • Horowitz and Allred

  • It's a True Crime weekly post.

    Lots more on the Horowitz murder, including…heh, Allred.

    Plus, poop on the pastries? A Delaware true crime, update on Gricar and sketch of unknown Chicago dead boy.

  • Tara Grinstead

  • Image hosted by

    She's a former beauty queen with a former cop as an estranged beau.

    And she's gone missing.

    More on Tara Grinstead in this week's True Crime post. Also, an American soldier commits murder in a war zone, a Good Samaritan ends up dead and what's this about bull semen?

  • Pirate Attack?

  • It's a True Crime post. With an update on what's going on in Aruba, and really, a pirate attack on a cruise ship.

    Also, he was allegedly jailed though innocent. So he gets out. Now he's in jail for murdering a woman horrifically. This whole story smells.

  • Who’s Stealing the Light Poles?

  • It's time to catch up on True Crime. We have some doozies this week, including stolen 250 lb lightpoles from the city of Baltimore and a weird tragedy that struck two multi-million dollar lottery winners.

  • Tookie Williams’ Victims

  • Image hosted by

    It's a True Crime Update and we have pictures of Tookie William's victims.

    Lest we forget as the Hollywood crowd extols this fellow as the archangel Raphael reborn.

    Warning, the pictures are graphic but there's a link for the squeamish.

  • Shot by Sky Marshalls

  • Witnesses say he didn't mention a bomb as detailed in this True Crime post. Yet the sky marshalls shot him dead.

    Also, Aruba update, Tookie's words, and an amazing cat that beat astonishing odds.

  • Americans Killed Out of Country

  • Here's a True Crime post. With interesting detail on Americans and crimes committed on cruise ships and foreign shores.

    And the infamous Jeffrey MacDonald case flares up again as a new witness comes forth. Gotta read this.

    And Tookie's funeral arrangements. In case you want to attend.

  • Tragedy During the Holidays

  • It's a sad and tragic True Crime Post that includes a man who murdered his children by rat poison and a toddler is scalded.

    It all ends with a funny mini-movie of a true crime gone terribly wrong

  • The Body Builder Murders

  • It's a True Crime post. Because true crime doesn't stop for the holidays.

    The Body Builder murders… a body is found in their Jaguar in Nevada. So what are they doing in Boston?

    Also, a Soprano Star and a dead cop. A soldier returns home from the Mideast to be murdered by his wife and her boyfriend.

  • The Cruise Ship Murders

  • It's a True Crime post and there's updates on the Smith cruise murder and the body builders with their swinging, drug-riddled lifestyle.

    Also, a Moose killer gets the same sentence as a child rapist.

  • Updates on Old Mysteries

  • Here's a True Crime Post. With some intriguing developments on old crimes.

    One is the Jonathan Luna mystery. Seems the Baltimore FBI's involved in weird shenanigans in the case's investigation.

    And Susan Polk, once defended by Dan Horowitz whose own wife was murdered, wants to defend herself.

    Also, mother of paralyzed child raped takes money from her daughter's tormentor to remain silent.

  • The Wendy’s Chili Caper

  • Here's a True Crime Post.

    With an update on the Wendy's Chili Caper.

    Also, more murders at sea and the sea yields evidence of murder.

    Some immortal pics and the story of those brave adolescents who beat a homeless man to death.


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