Political Tidbits-the Picture That Will Kill Obama's Chances for Prez; Cooking-Links to Great Cookie Recipes

Time for some Political Tidbits, a roundup of the unusual and sensational political tidbits.

We've got news on the GOP by Tom Delay, Moonbats who play Bridge, Mike Huckabee's record on illlegal drivers licenses might surprise those convinced this man is a Conservative's dream.

A boycott of Walmart that will intrigue and all you need to know about Barack Obama you will see in this picture.

Pic of the Day
Hunter lost driver's license

Political Tidbits

The Picture Says It All

Barack Hussein Obama is a candidate with no experience, glib tongue, nice appearance and, well the picture below says all that needs to be said.

If this man can’t be bothered to put his hand over his heart in reverence to our flag we shouldn’t be bothered enough to vote for Barack Hussein Obama.

Barack Obama with no hand over his heart

Ted Kennedy’s New Book…Does He Mention Mary Jo Kopechne?

From the Boston by Howie Carr:
The very least Ted Kennedy can do is dedicate his autobiography to Mary Jo Kopechne.

So the senior senator is getting an $8 million advance for his memoirs - who says crime doesn’t pay?

I remember the Mary Jo Kopechne story, yes I do. Sadly many who vote for the continuing reign of Sleaze Master Ted Kennedy, are too young to remember this murder of a vibrant young woman who should be alive and maybe grand-mothering her descendents. Instead she drowned at the bottom of a lake, left there to die while the fine Ted Kennedy went off in mid of night to obtain a lawyer to cover his tracks.

Yes, I am bitter about this fellow that the people of Massachusetts, the few who I know seem to be perfectly normal people, but still they continue to elect this murderer so what am I to believe?

When the saga of Kopechne and Chappaquidick was saturating the available print media of the time, I read everything I could on the matter and was absolutely amazed. Back then we did not have the Internet, surely there were no Blogs and forums such as FreeRepublic. Still, it was a media frenzy and I absorbed it all, believing, silly me, that even senators couldn’t get away with leaving a young woman to die at the bottom of a shallow lake.

He not only got away with it, he’s STILL senator from Massachusetts and still the Massachusetts voters keep electing him. I wonder that they would probably keep voting for this man even if it was their own daughters left to drown after a night of carousing with the fine Ted.

Every time I hear that man pontificate about water-boarding I wonder why someone doesn’t ask if leaving someone to drown in a car that you swim away from might be considered torture.

He gets an eight million dollar advance to have someone ghost-write his book.

Will he even give Mary Jo a mention?

Mike Huckabee…an Affable Guy With Sinister Undertones

Mike Huckabee before and after diet

Yon fine ladies and gems, for yea many years since the mid-eighties, our elected politicos, both local and federal, have failed their jobs at Governance 101: “Protect They Borders and Protect Thy Citizens.”

Indeed while we’ve been carrying this country on our backs whilst raising the citizens and soldiers of tomorrow, these elected elites have totally failed to do the simple act of protecting the country’s borders. Then as the problems rose and festered, they continued to put band-aids on the problem, smile in our face, and collect money from businesses seeking cheap labor that their fine selves may be re-elected.

It was only recently that the American public, liberals, conservatives and mythical moderates alike rose as one to angrily rebuke the mess their self-protection has cost us. Here in the swamps of Delaware, once charming towns have turned into backstreet barrios. One must drive around fearful of an auto accident because the Hondurans who man the local chicken factories rarely have car insurance. Spanish speaking check-cashing stores are on every corner. Local emergency rooms are filled with illegal immigrants seeking free medical care.

Do NOT be fooled by the affable Mike Huckabee, currently the darling of the drive-by media. The fellow has a friendly smile, nice demeanor, firm handshake.

He too wanted to give illegal immigrants free drivers’ licenses from the state of Arkansas.

We’ve given Hillary some grief over this issue, which she much deserved. But yon readers, Americans are mad as hell at how these elected politicos didn’t do their jobs and damn if this smirking hick of a governor from Arkansas didn’t too pressur that state legislature to grant driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants that they might hijack airplanes or engage in whatever mischief this universally accepted form of identification might allow. American citizens have been inundating our local and federal legislators to DO THEIR DAMN JOB. It’s not rocket science. Protect the country’s borders and come up with a system to allow entry to immigrants to our country based on a clean criminal record, a clear health record, a job that awaits, and an ability or commitment to speak our language. Any CEO who did the jobs our elected political elite did as regards this illegal alien mess would have been fired toot de sweet.

And Mike Huckabee was part of parcel of the political elite who spit in your face and rooted on an attempt to give those who entered our country illegally their own fine drivers licenses.

From the Arkansas Journal:
During the 2001 regular session of the Arkansas Legislature, Mike Huckabee supported giving driver's licenses to illegal aliens.

Shut Up and Play Bridge

The Moonbats won’t give it up.

I call it BDS…Bush Derangement Syndrome. It’s the totally irrational, and damn scary, hatred of President George W. Bush.

From the
WE DID NOT VOTE FOR BUSH." Those words were handwritten on the back of a menu by the US women's bridge team and held aloft during the award ceremony at the world team championships in Shanghai last month.

I mean really, yon ladies and gems. Was such a silly sign necessary at an international Bridge tournament, of all things?

The article linked above is in a very liberal periodical published by folks so full of BDS they can’t see the horizon.

There is simply no place at a freaking international card game for this sort of rhetoric. The American Bridge Association is very angry at this Bridge team for that totally un-necessary sign.

Couldn’t they have just played Bridge for God’s sake?

Tom Delay Says GOP Needs to Get Some Backbone

Or Hillary’s going to win…says the former House Majority Leader.

From The
Tom Delay

"They're looking for some backbone," said DeLay, who also chimed in on the 2008 election. He said the Republican party is "going to get our clocks cleaned in 2008" and unequivocally said that "Hillary [Clinton] will be the next president." Which ought to give DeLay’s newest projects, the Coalition for a Conservative Majority and a consulting firm called First Principles, LLC, plenty to do.

Which leads into a fine and germane rant on that mess of a Youtube/CNN debate on 11/28/07.

There’s Only One Solution to CNN’s Joke of a Debate on 11/28/07

See, what we’re doing here…we’re running a primary. There are eight or so candidates seeking the Republican nomination to run for President in 2008. Thus debates currently upon should be about the PARTY issues.

And folks, the Republican party is not immersed in such matters as gays in the military, confederate flags, bibles as governance, lead in toys from China…on and on.

What the hell was CNN thinking when it presented that terrible debate? Had the debate pitted Republican against Democrat, well hey, that’s a different story.

But don’t the fools at CNN, fools too dumb to use a search engine if they are to be believed, choose some of the most idiotic Youtube scenes to present at the Republican debate?

Folks, I am not going to even launch into the rant that this Clinton-engineered event deserves.

For there is only ONE way for the Republican party to handle this insult.

The Democrats refused to have their debates on Fox news. They refused for no other reason beyond that they really hate that Fox news, which does not march to the tune of the Clintons, has a viewing audience at all. Of course Fox beats every other cable news network in the ratings in ALL time slots.

So why can’t the national Republican party, boom, just issue a statement that because of CNN’s total mismanagement of the debate on 11/28/07 that no more Republican debates will be granted to CNN?

Further, why can’t the national Republican party just pull all press credentials of any CNN employees, block them out of the convention, just throw that network over the bow like the Democrats did to Fox news?

The Republican party can’t control CNN but the Republican party can control whose debates it will participate in.

I would ask the national GOP….when will it get bad enough? That CNN had SEVEN, count them, SEVEN, Democratic plants, wasn’t that bad enough? First, I mention again, this was a PRIMARY debate and if CNN thinks Republicans are sitting around all worried about gays in the freaking military…so much that CNN had that stupid fake queer General (he ain’t a general folks, that’s just one thing) getting more air time than any one of the candidates…CNN doesn’t know its head from a hole in the ground. Second, there might not be a problem with Democratic plants even allowing that they should have been there, which they shouldn’t, than at the least a so-called “impartial” network should have identified them as such.

So why can’t Tom Delay ask a question at the next Democratic debate?

But from this moment on, I will release my anger at CNN. CNN did what it did and we know what happened.

It’s now on the national Republican party to take a stand.

They don’t have the gonads. And because of this, see Tom Delay’s words above, Hillary Rodham Clinton will be our next President.

And you WILL have health insurance or you shall go to jail.

With each entry into Political Tidbits a little bit of history is recorded. So okay, maybe the two to three people a day who read this Blog would not be considered historians of note but I say a review of the past as recorded by the folks...which would be me, can reveal a lot about the culture of an era.

With a mind to my future generations who should read this online journal, I submit the following as posts of note.

Jimmy Carter was the worst president of the United States. Pay no attention to the men behind the curtains who would change history with tales of this American Man of LaMancha who charged at windmills in a misguided quest to fatten his own private diplomacy firm.

I lived through Carter's presidency and that makes me as knowledgeable as the mighty historians as to how life was with a "misery index" that was gauged ever day.

The picture on this Blog post of President Bush really upset Fox's Bill O'Reilly. Of course the pic that upset O'Reilly had Senator Joe Lieberman in the screen...well check it out for yourselves.

They say we all have a twin on the planet and I've found Nancy Pelosi's . Indeed, and Pelosi's twin was too a famous female and was too a bit of a dim bulb.

She tried to make the now dead Tookie Williams look like a teddy bear of a man although he was a cold-blooded murderer and gang leader. Here's a Blog record of Tookie's girlfriend's run for Governor of California.

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