Pop Culture- A Car For a Spare, "Do You Remember" a Beauty Contest That Astounds

Here's a Pop Culture post that, truth be told, is more pictures than words.

We've got a montage of the evolution of Michael Jackson, some nostalgic pics for "Do You Remember", some celebrity homes, a beauty contest that will surprise, a pic of a new little car that we can all keep as a spare.

Plus much more to keep yon readers updated on what's happening in the world of Pop Culture.

Pic of the Day
Blonde smokes cigarette while filling portable gas tank

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Over the course of Blog compilation I come across various pictures/articles of things/people/items that don’t fit into any of my Blog category pigeonhole.

After I gather so many I create pic montages if required, gather all the intriguing items and make one Blog post. The category is Pop Culture because it’s a one-size-fits-all category.

Below. Enjoy.

Do You Remember?

A look back, a smile, some memories.

Old you remember 3.

Old you remember 4?

Because I Love to Mock Him

The evolution of Michael Jackson.

evolution of michael jackson montage

Here’s a Great Idea

Yes I’m a typical American driving around in a big SUV but I’ve got enough vision to see a real possibility in this new vehicle from India.

From En.rian:
Montage of Womnen with long hair around the world

It is probably going to be called the Nano and will have an engine of 624 cubic centimeters. It will seat two people and may be able to accommodate someone or something else in the back seat.

Teenagers, for one thing. Here’s a car that falls within the purchase power of even those slinging hamburgers.

For an individual who simply needs a way to move his or herself around the planet, here’s a way to buy a new vehicle for what an old wreck of a car would likely cost. The Nano should keep running, however, without the constant breakdowns of the old wrecks.

For the Love of Hair

Precious Kaitlyn Mae, the namesake of this Blog, is now a full four years old. Her hair has NEVER been cut.

We’re at a point where the familial debates rage. To cut or not to cut?

I came across the following long-haired ladies and ponder such a hairstyle on my own beloved Granddaughter.

Montage of Womnen with long hair around the world

Celebrity Homes

For the curious …

Montage of homes of Travolta, Oprah, Eddie Murphy

Montage of homes of Travolta, Oprah, Eddie Murphy

Ending With a Smile of Amazement

To the snobs who consider Pop Culture too silly to watch or indicative of nothing, I argue that those things that intrigue the masses are as much of an indicator of where the society is going as much as ongoing political events.

Below, some very "popular" Pop Culture posts on this Blog.

The Famous Deviled Egg post. Indeed. For in all the world a society is judged as much by the quality of its deviled eggs as it is by its pop icons. In this post I immortalize the proper and ONLY way to prepare deviled eggs now and forever and ever, amen.

Here's a Pop Culture featuring a woman with a 15" waist. Which is about the circumference of my thigh.

A post featuring the largest breasts in the world. Enough said.

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