Rudy G’s Strangely Timed Cell Phone Calls

So Rudy Giuliani was speaking to the NRA. All of a sudden he gets a cell phone call. Yes! While he was at the podium! And he answered it!

Below, the Youtube video of the event.

First, let’s get this out of the way. Even if that WAS his wife on the cell phone, which I don’t think it was, well isn’t this a bit rude to the audience? We all live out here in la-la land and the majority of us have cell phones of some sort. We know to turn the thing off in court, while at a concert, while in church AND, read my lips, WHILE WE’RE GIVING A SPEECH!

The National Rifle Association represents staunch defenders of the second amendment. Which amendment stipulates that the citizenry of the United States will not be denied the right to bear arms.

A funny pictoral of this amendment below.

Cute depiction of second ammendment…


So a speaker looking to gain votes for the presidency of the United States of America from members of the NRA would, or should, know what this amendment is all about, right?

Because, if you played the video above, you may have noted that Rudy was saying:
the people shall be secure” when his “wife” so rudely interrupted by calling him on his cell phone.

Here’s what’s rather intriguing…below is the text of the FOURTH amendment.

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Ah, now I get it.

Could Rudy G. have been quoting from the FOURTH amendment instead of the second amendment? Which was/would have been a terrible verbal gaffe what with speaking before the NRA. The NRA champions the second amendment…that bit about bearing arms, and that fourth amendment quote would have been terribly inappropriate.

Not that the fourth amendment isn’t a grand thing but first, it’s NOT the second amendment and second, by his quote it could appear that Rudy is espousing gun ownership to insure the security of a citizen’s home and effects. Bad, very bad. The conclusion then would have the NRA seeming to encourage using guns against searches and seizures. Searches and seizures are legal, folks, so long as the proper paperwork is obtained. The important thing here is that Rudy was quoting the wrong amendment in his speech and somebody called him as soon as he said it, called him right on his cell phone and likely, as I intuit, told him to shut up and gave him the correct wording on the second amendment.

After the cell phone call and after Rudy’s chimpanzee smile and lie that his wife was calling him, Rudy then continues on with the words "...but the parking decision offers an excellent example..." .

I’ve listened to plenty of political pundits commenting on the oddity of Rudy’s cell phone call from his wife. Not one of them has pointed out how convenient it was for that call to come in when Rudy was about to put his foot directly in his mouth.

Let this humble Blogger read by two or three people every day, point this out.

There are two big problems with this whole Rudy G. problem. Neither of them are good for Rudy.

First, assuming that WAS his wife calling, what kind of fool takes cell phone calls during speeches? Right there is reason enough not to elect the guy. What, his wife’s gonna call when President Rudy G. is giving the State of the Union Speech?

Second, evidently the guy is a bit of an idiot. Something we don’t necessarily want in our presidents. If one is speaking before the NRA one should know the subject matter. Duh. Also, note in the video above that there was ANOTHER time when Rudy’s fine wife called. I must wonder what verbal gaffe Rudy committed that time which caused the person behind the curtains to call him and stop the train wreck.

I’m thinking Rudy’s got a bevy of people whose job it is to monitor everything the man says. I’m thinking Rudy carries around a special cell phone for just that purpose. I’m thinking that Rudy can’t carry a tune very well because there’s two videos of Rudy getting a cell phone call at an awkward time.

Let’s see if anyone else in the Lamestream points this out.

For the record, it wasn’t The Wise I who caught this gaffe. There is a web site, FreeRepublic. A Freeper caught the strange choice of both words and timing of the cell phone call.

It was a Freeper who caught Dan Rather in his lies that could have changed a presidential election.

Things ain’t ever been the same for cheaters since Al Gore invented the Internet.

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