Movie Reviews-"Juno", "Beverly Hills Chihuahua", True Crime-Murdering Muslims, much more

Here’s two movie reviews, raves both of them. They are so different but provide entertainment and thought. We look at the drama of dogs in “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”. It’s totally not believable but it’s a good watch.

“Juno” brings a special pang to the heart of this reviewer as I once found myself in a very similar situation to Juno. But I would never have made the same choice as the quirky Juno. Read the rave review and the personal story that had me and mine going such a different route.
It’s time for a True Crime post and some updates on the Balloon Boy, Dave Letterman, Murdering Muslims and William Jefferson, DEMOCRAT, Louisiana.

New this week we have sexual perversion stories buried in jars on a remote farm, a fine fellow who murders his senile father on a public beach with a bevy of witnesses.

Some stupid criminals and much more.

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Balloon Boy Update

Ah. So here it is, immortalized in this Blog, read by two to three people every day. If, in the future, some wisenheimer gets it into his or her head to launch some sort of cartoon balloon sort of thing and pretend that a young child is trapped inside as the country frets and watches the cartoon balloon soar across the fruited plains, over trees and power lines while being magnificently recorded by the cable TV cameras and electronically piped into millions of homes across America, well maybe they’ll read this Blog and know it’s already been done.

To a not so happy ending in terms of parental punishment I might add.

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (Nov. 13) — The Colorado parents accused of pulling a spectacular hoax by reporting their son was aboard a runaway balloon have pleaded guilty to charges that could bring some jail time and probation.
Richard Heene pleaded guilty to knowingly and falsely influencing Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden, a felony. Mayumi Heene pleaded guilty to knowingly filing a false report with emergency services, a misdemeanor.

The brainchild behind this doofus act was the father of the little boy, one celebrity wannabe, Richard Heene, and he pled guilty to a felony, while his naïve and abused wife pled guilty to a misdemeanor. Rumor has it that a threat of deportation of Mayumi got the parents to fess up. Illegal aliens, they’re everywhere, even floating cartoon balloons and faking tears for sons allegedly trapped inside.

What’s not been made clear is whether the Heenes will have to repay us taxpayers for the various federal and state agencies’ expense for trying to capture the cartoon balloon and save the little boy.

We end this pathetic and sorry story with the final story, told in pictures, below. For what was REALLY inside that balloon?

Rep. William Jefferson-Democrat, Louisiana, Found Guilty of Bribery, Racketeering and Money-Laundering

My Hero, Rush Limbaugh, God Love Him, always says, firmly, after speaking of the despicable Louisiana local congress critter, Rep. William Jefferson, that he is a DEMOCRAT because the old media will always mention party affiliation if the perp is a Republican but somehow drop it if the perp is a Democrat. So let us be perfectly clear here, that Rep. William Jefferson, who commandeered Coast Guard boats and planes right after Hurricane Katrina, even as others waited for rescue on the roofs of their houses, to get his precious cash out of the freezer where it was stored in his house…WILLIAM JEFFERSON IS A DEMOCRAT.

William Jefferson has since been thrown out of office by his constituents, a rare thing but everyone has a point. My point came when mine own representative Mike Castle voted FOR Cap and Trade even though he is allegedly a Republican. Jefferson’s constituents’ point was being left sitting on the roof while their congress critter ignored them all to get his stolen racketeering money.

I have documented all the events of Hurricane Katrina on a special Blog dedicated to the story of that awful storm that granddaughter Kaitlyn can read the REAL truth, not the fiction of the teacher unioned liberals. My Katrina Blog

Let’s not forget that President Bush got excoriated by the screaming meemie Democrats who had been in charge of New Orleans for many years by the time Hurricane Katrina roared through, including full charge of the levees that broke and flooded the city. Yet the only elected official charged with any crime for Hurricane Katrina was, guess who? William Jefferson, DEMOCRAT, Louisiana.

From The
Prosecutors want a sentence of at least 27 years for a Democrat convicted of accepting more than $400,000 in bribes while in office.

A federal court found 18-year Rep. William Jefferson (D-La.) guilty this past August on 11 counts of bribery, racketeering and money-laundering. Federal guidelines specify he could face more than 20 years of prison time for his misdeeds, but prosecutors on Monday made clear they will make the case for at least 27 years — and a maximum of 33 years — when sentencing begins this Friday.

Above is the story when Jefferson, DEMOCRAT, Louisiana was first found guilty and the speculation of the jail time he might get.

Later this past week, Jefferson, DEMOCRAT-Louisiana, got a sentence of 13 years in jail.

Fine, fine man, William Jefferson, DEMOCRAT-Louisiana. His mother would be so proud of him.

Killed His Alzenheimers’ Riddled Dad In Front of Many Witnesses

This is just the strangest story. And it’s not likely a story you’ll ever see featured on Nancy Grace but it is absolutely fascinating.

Yurkanin arrived at his lowest point following a well-worn path of the relentless, thankless, solitary task of caring for someone no longer recognizable under a mask of dementia. Millions of others know it. But Yurkanin's downward spiral ended with a charge of murder.

First, to read the narrative is to read something out of Alice In Wonderland. I don’t know what Journalism school dropout penned this story but to read it you think this murderer of his own father was put upon, victimized, a forgetten denizen of a thoughtless busy society and sufferer of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Which is not to say that Bobby Yurkanin had it easy what with taking care of his father, a fellow besot with Alzenheimers, and had one mighty responsibility and no doubt source of anxiety for any only child to take on.

But the man actually DROWNED this poor old guy, in broad daylight, on a public beach, with many witnesses who all had to fight to desperately try to save the old man’s life against the angry Bobby who also once was, it should be mentioned loudly here, a prize-winning lifeguard.

It should also be noted that the Yurkanins were not poor, owning at least one home worth a million dollars in New Jersey and two others in Florida. Medicare would certainly have helped in giving Bobby Y some assistance as caregiver for his father. Point being, I’m not convinced that this fine, fine son had to be so overwhelmed that this silly liberal author of the article would sobbingly have us believe. It looks to me like this Bobby Y. the younger chose to be caregiver for his father and chose to live a life without bother of pressing employment obligations in exchange.

Bobby Y. has been charged with first degree murder of his father but you’d think the state owes this fellow a pardon, even an apology, for daring to infer that dragging your senile father into the water, forcefully holding him under water, dragging him out of the water with no bother of actually lifting his head OUT of the water first, then grabbing cell phones from witnesses trying to summon help for this poor old guy and denying any need for rescue…well how dare the authorities suggest these were improper actions by the younger Bobby Y!

Another Strange Story-Digging for Sexual Abuse

So in August of 2009 a 26 year old woman goes to the authorities and alleges that she was forced into sexual acts with her grandfather, father and several Uncles before she was 12 years of age. At that point, the woman’s siblings, six all counted, come forth and allege the same thing.

"The victims at the time were told if they write down these events that occured and put them in a glass jars and bury them, those bad memories would go away," Lowe said. Investigators are not sure where on the property the jars may be buried.

It’s just a weird thing but this story was just breaking as this column was written.

It’s not clear just where was the children’s mother. It’s also odd that bit about writing down their bad experiences, putting them in glass jars, then burying them. What sexual pervert would encourage the young children they were abusing to do such a thing? It’s tantamount to having the pervert that he knew what was being done was hurtful and would evidence at a later date, no?

It’s also hinted that the perverted patriarch, also with no mention of a wife and grandmother to these children in his surround, as well as the children’s father and his brothers, were part of some weird church and the young females were forced into marriage as part of this religion.

Finally, there’s hints that dead bodies might also be found on the property along with the glass jars contained the scripted bad memories.

It’s not that I don’t believe these stories. But out of six affected children, now all adults, why so long before reporting this?

The truth will come, I suppose, with the discovery of these buried memories.

More on That Northwest Weird Airline Flight

I think I am the only Blogger covering this story but I shall soldier on, read by two to three people every day. I covered the story of the Northwest Airline flight that overshot its landing strip by several hundred miles HERE

Understand here that no one’s been charged with a crime although the two pilots so allegedly involved with their laptop computers that squawking radios and pounded cockpit doors were ignored by BOTH of them did have their pilot licenses revoked.

Originally it was reported that the flight had overshot its landing site by 150 miles. Then a week or so later it was reported, totally under the radar, that the flight had, in fact, overshot its landing site by over 300 miles! In one of my posts on this story, linked above, I even quoted a pilot forum site that had pilots that were at least shocked by this turn of events.

Silly me. I envision this post 9-11 world where Grandma must remove her shoes before boarding any flight, to be a much safer one that would not allow dark and swarthy mideast types with no luggage to board flights to hijack and ram into our lawfully built buildings. Evidently it IS a world where some ne’er do well could hijack an airplane and fly willy-nilly all over the planet, unfettered and unbothered by silly ground control. These mythical hijackers could, systematically kill every passenger, taking time to do it right, maybe even throw the dead bodies out the door, again with no bother of ground control, maybe even play some computer games while wreaking havoc.


At the time it had been reported that it was 1 and half hours without contact with earth below, then it was said to have been for three hours. No explanation was given for the nearly doubled time span from the original report.

On Fox and Friends on Sat 11/14/09 at 7:37, I heard with my lying ears the reason for this extra hour and half non-contact. It seems that during the time that these pilots were all busy with their laptaps playing Mario Brothers and rifling through their email that the air traffic controllers had a shift change. The ending shift never bothered to inform the incoming shift of the little problem of the airplane flying around with no contact at that time over an hour and a half.

The new shift of air traffic controllers took over and the pilots of that airplane got another hour and a half laptap play time before bothered with such as silly folks on the ground below.

I continue to be astonished and wonder if any besides myself is seriously considering the ramifications of this turn of events.

Dave Letterman Update-He Lies, No Surprise


Well I still don’t like this smarmy fellow who could have, once upon a time, had a real nice career as a late night comic, throwing his fine self at Velcro covered walls while covered with velco hisself. But a)turns out he’s a pervert and b)he thinks he’s some kind of political pundit not that the cable networks aren’t full of pundits with no need of his gap-toothed stupid commentary.

So I follow his lies on through as I have covered Letterman on this Blog HERE
HERE and

David Letterman was having an affair with his former personal assistant way more recently than Dave had us believing -- according to documents filed by the alleged extortionist's lawyer .

According to legal papers filed today by the defense, Robert Halderman confronted Stephanie Birkitt in December 2008 with evidence of the affair and she promised to end it. But Gerald Shargel, Halderman's lawyer, claims the relationship continued "unabated" into this past summer.

Not that I am surprised but there’s way more to Letterman’s sob story than there he was minding his own business when some extortionist threatens exposure of his priestly self for no reason whatsoever.

Letterman’s alleged extortionist, Robert Halderman, now has an attorney and seems that suddenly there are judicious leaks about Letterman’s story of innocence and virginity.

We’ve already learned about how Letterman’s backstage sexual exploits were videotaped by network cameras. Now we learn that Letterman did not end his affair with intern Stephanie Birkitt even after Letterman married the mother of his son.

I must smirk again. Hey Dave, remember that stupid joke you made about Sarah Palin’s daughter being knocked up by a baseball player? That very funny joke that had me laughing all night through to the next day?

Heh. You sack of hypocritical shit.

Gang Rape Good Samaritan Tells Her Story

Nov. 5) -- An 18-year-old mother from Richmond, Calif., has the distinction of being the only person of dozens who knew about the ongoing gang rape of a 15-year-old to actually alert the police.
For more than two hours, the victim was raped by a group of young men after leaving a high school dance. As many as 20 people stood and watched the ordeal, some even taking pictures, police said.

I’d covered this very sad story on this Blog HERE.
Two hours a 15-year old is raped outside of a high school dance, please note, and no one calls police.

It will be interesting to see if any of these fine bystanders get any charges for not calling in authorities but, in fine, fine fashion, standing around and watching the festivities.

Another Crime by a Member of the Religion of Peace

We reported on the fine Muslim father who viciously killed his own daughter by running her over with his Jeep.

We were reminded by a reader about another fine Muslim fellow who cut off his wife’s head.

We understand that folks murdering their spouses are not restricted to those of the Muslim creed. This guy, however, presented himself as the alternative peaceful married Muslim on the local broadcast stations in the Buffalo area.

From Buffalo

The lives of Muzzammil and Aasiya Hassan were quite different from their public image in the local Muslim and broadcast communities.

In the public eye, they were a dynamic couple, building their — actually her — dream of a Muslim-lifestyle TV channel in the United States.

But police reports compiled for much of their marriage tell another story:

Their home life was a nightmare. Aasiya was repeatedly subjected to controlling and sometimes violent acts by her ambitious but troubled husband.

To protect herself, she went to the police in two states. Yet for years she stopped short of pressing charges — thus preserving Muzzammil’s reputation and the venture they built together.

On Feb. 6, she filed for divorce and obtained an order of protection, barring him from their home in Orchard Park. A week later, she lay dead in their television offices — stabbed and decapitated. Muzzammil was charged with her murder.

The Sperminator

It’s such a unique talent, imagine a male making a female pregnant. And Dominic Baronet has the skill down to perfection.

A British man who got 12 women pregnant after meeting them on Facebook has been dubbed "The Sperminator" by the UK press and his victims.

Dominic Baronet had been wooing young women for years with his smooth internet chatter, the News of the World reports.

Five women are now mothers to his children, another five have had abortions and two are expecting.

What’s not clear to me is why this fine, fine fellow, whose mother must be so proud of him, doesn’t have to pay child support for all these babies he loves to make.

We admit that some would not call Dominic a stupid criminal or even that making a bunch of females pregnant is any sort of crime.

Goodness knows the world needs Dominic’s DNA so maybe we all ought to give this sport some sort of award.

Stupid Criminal Really Does Deserve An Award

I mean seriously, the guy left his license plate right there at the scene of the crime. Think of the money he saved the state for trying to find his sorry self.


From Cape Cod Online:
It was an unhappy birthday for an alleged drunken driver who crashed into a local liquor store yesterday, the police said.

At 1:34 a.m., a witness on Main Street called police to report seeing a man driving a 2009 Honda Civic through a series of bushes near the Paddock restaurant, across the West End Rotary and into the Hyannis Package Store on Main Street.

The police said Bernard Kilroy, 27, of Centerville, crashed into the front window of the building and his car came to rest completely inside the store. He then put his car in reverse, exited the store and left the scene, the police said.

Investigators were able to identify Kilroy because the car's front bumper — including the license plate — was torn off the vehicle and left inside the damaged building.

Movie review header

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Drew Barrymore ... Chloe (voice)
Piper Perabo ... Rachel Ashe Lynn
Andy Garcia ... Delgado (voice)
George Lopez ... Papi (voice)
Cheech Marin ... Manuel (voice)
Paul Rodriguez ... Chico (voice)
Plácido Domingo ... Monte (voice)
Edward James Olmos ... Diablo (voice)
Loretta Devine ... Delta (voice)
Jamie Lee Curtis ... Aunt Viv
Luis Guzmán ... Chucho (voice)

So okay it’s a stupid movie with a plot so predictable I had the movie line mentally written by the end of the first scene. The best thing about this movie was the dogs. Real dogs were used, not cartoons. Excellent photoshopping of the talking dogs with mouths moving to match the English words of their dialogue made this movie very entertaining.

A pampered Chihuahua, from Beverly Hills of course, ends up in the wilds of Mexico, all involved in some sort of dog snatching/fighting imbroglio that ultimately gives Chloe the Chihuahua a lesson in a life hard-lived.

There’s a magnificent German Shepherd that gets involved in saving Chloe from the evil dognappers and meanwhile Chloe’s temporary human caretaker and the owner of Delgado, the Chihuahua that loves Chloe with all his small yappy dog heart and soul, are too trying to save Chloe the Beverly Hills Chihuahua before her owner, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, comes home from her trip abroad.

The plot twists and turns are totally unbelievable, almost laughable. A little Chihuahua ends up in Mexico but just like magic and with a snap of the fingers, her human caretakers manage to find her and chase her through the streets of Mexico, into the cages of the dog fights, on cross-country trains right into the local shops of a small dusty town.

But it’s not a plot meant to be believable. Add in the improbable characters of an Iguana and a rat for God’s sake and the viewer surely knows that this sort of thing would n’er be possible in the real world. Then again German Shepherds and Chihuahuas do not talk and there is no great valley of the mighty Chihuahuas in Mexico, populated by thousands of brave and proud Chihuahuas either.

It’s entertainment, pure and simple. The lives of the dog stars follow lives of humans, this so that the human viewers would better understand the story. Chloe the little Chihuahua learns how to be tough and tender without need for diamond collars. A grizzled former police dog re-gains his courage and sense of smell after helping a tiny Chihuahua grow and survive against all odds. Love flourishes between the landscaper’s rough and tough Chihuahua and the Beverly Hills Chihuahua who once snubbed him as way out of her canine league.

Get this movie for your kids, get it for yourself, spend an afternoon in this fantasy involving dogs, danger and happy endings.


I do not want to spoil this movie for anyone. Given the fact that Juno was released in 2008, I doubt I will. Still, someone might read this review who has not yet seen the movie. I myself just saw the movie in early November 2009 so it’s possible.

Thus I warn of possible spoilers.

Characters in the movie below:
Ellen Page ... Juno MacGuff
Michael Cera ... Paulie Bleeker
Jennifer Garner ... Vanessa Loring
Jason Bateman ... Mark Loring
Allison Janney ... Brenda 'Bren' MacGuff
J.K. Simmons ... Mac MacGuff
Olivia Thirlby ... Leah
Eileen Pedde ... Gerta Rauss
Rainn Wilson ... Rollo
Daniel Clark ... Steve Rendazo
Darla Vandenbossche ... Bleeker's Mom

IMDB of this movie here

I remember when this movie was released. Being a contributor on many conservative web sites I was surprised to hear that this movie was so well received by those with a conservative idealogy. I wondered why.

The reason, it would seem, was that Juno chose to give birth to her baby rather than have it aborted. Conservative idealogy would decree that a child is created at conception and to terminate the pregnancy is, essentially, murder.

Further, Juno was hailed as a “feelgood” movie, a film that would leave you with the proverbial smile on your face and song in your heart.

Well yes.

It also left me a bit confused about some things but let’s assert right here that this was a very, very enjoyable movie, miles above others, a cinematic prize, if not a masterpiece.

The movie left me thinking and pondering some things but many would argue that this is the mark of a fine film.

Let’s get out of the way here that my daughter too had a baby as a very young girl. She did not have an abortion, not because of a firm idealogy against same but more because by the time I discovered the pregnancy it was too late for that procedure, late term abortions notwithstanding. Although I’m not at all sure she would have had an abortion but let’s be clear that while in this day and age I, and she I must suppose now having a daughter of her own, have a firm opinion on the matter of murdering the unborm, at the time we perhaps had no firm principles on the matter as we’d never been faced with it. Also, at the time, the slippery slope murder of murdering infants moments before birth was not widely practiced, or known, and mothers-to-be wishing to avert, (and proudly bragging about it!), multiple pregnancies by killing one of several gestating babies that life not be one big Walmart shopping trip, was rare.

She did have a very “modern” adoption, some now 16 years ago. In fact, we “interviewed” perspective parents who had placed an ad in a local newspaper seeking young women just like my daughter who were looking to place their babies into a good home for adoption. It was all a bit disconcerting and understand it was not the sort of thing anyone has a whole lot of experience with once in the midst of dealing with it all.

In fact, my daughter might well be reading this review right now as she is one of the two to three people every day who read this Blog so let me tell her right here in public that she should watch this movie. She will absolutely love it.

Daughter and I were inundated with folks wanting desperately to adopt her baby. At the time I was so unaware of how it all worked that I’d phoned up five such folks who were looking to adopt a baby and that was a mistake.

Those people wanted a newborn baby to adopt so darn bad that I had to face an even more difficult decision, which was breaking four couples’ hearts. For only one would be chosen by my daughter to adopt her baby. If had a chance to do it over again I’d have been much more judicious in setting up meetings for this sort of thing but thank God I didn’t have to do it again.

This leads me into my bafflement as to why Juno went ahead and let the woman adopt her baby even though the couple originally set to adopt her baby would be getting a divorce.

I recall there being lots of loving couples who desperately wanted a healthy newborn, there was no need to have a single mother adopt the baby. Then Juno’s parents only interviewed one couple at the time, unlike me who thought human babies were like puppies, that the infant would take some time to unload, forgive my grammatical ungraciousness, but that’s what I thought the experience would be like before I got underway.

I had potential adoptors of daughter’s baby phoning me at work, begging me to consider them, telling me all that they could offer my soon-to-be-born biological grandchild. The decision of which of the five couples to allow to adopt her baby was, of course, my daughter’s. The heart wrenching task of informing those not chosen was on me. I had people break down in desperate sobs when I did my best to tell those rejected that they were fine people but that daughter had chosen someone else. I’ll never forget that most difficult thing I ever had to do in my entire life.

You can believe that if one of those couples had notified daughter that they would be divorcing she’d have chosen another couple right away. Children need two parents. We had such a wealth of potential parents for daughter’s baby that there was certainly no need to give the infant, a boy as it would turn out, to a single mother.

In fact, one “couple” wanting to adopt daughter’s baby was a homosexual couple. The fellow told me that he and his partner had a wealth of joy, happiness and yes, money, to offer a child. He even offered us money if we would give the child to them. It was rejected right from the start. The man tearfully begging for a chance to raise the child seemed sincere but daughter was choosing a home for her baby and she would never have chosen to put her child in a home with two fathers and no mother. Or, to make my point more forcefully, a home with only one parent, a choice that the movie’s name character, Juno, willingly made.

Obviously my story is nothing like Juno’s. Juno was involved with just one couple and if she’d spoken to other potential adoptive parents it wasn’t indicated in the film. I just know at the time I was faced with it all, daughter only had one month to go before she’d be giving birth. I thought finding adoptive parents would be difficult and again, how are people expected to handle such a very tough task what with having no experience at all? I wonder how Juno’s parents, in the movie it was her father and stepmother while in my daughter’s time it was her stepfather and her mother, or possibly Juno herself, found the adoptive parents because that wasn’t clear either.

Still Juno chose to give her baby to the woman even though the husband was taking a hike. The potential adoptive mother of Juno’s baby was a fine woman, that was made clear in the film. The potential adoptive father was presented as immature, that was also made clear, and the fellow was bailing out on a commitment he had made so it’s not like any great loss there. Again, I’d never have done such a thing and again, not that it was my choice to make.

After daughter watches the movie I’ll ask her if she agrees.

Whatever the case, this is a great movie. Some would say, and so shall I, that it a movie that will likely only appeal to the females in our midst. It’s a movie that has great characters and does a wonderful job of showing the interaction of the characters from Juno’s father, to Juno’s boyfriend, to Juno’s stepmother.

It was heartwarming, not at all maudlin, and it had a happy, believable ending.

I cannot recommend this movie enough.
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