Book Reviews"Men In Black";"In His Sights";"May God Have Mercy"

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”Men In Black” by Mark Levin

In view of the recent Supreme Court Ruling turning over that bit about only Democrats having free speech while the rest of us should shut up, here’s a book review of Mark Levin’s (“the Great One”) “Men In Black”.

It’s the story of the Surpreme Court, its terrible rulings, and how this once vaunted branch of our government is ruled by not only politics but by FOREIGN LAW!

”In His Sights” by Kate Brennan

The writer of “In His Sights”, listed as one Kate Brennan but this is an alias, is herself a writer and this shows.

Here’s a splendidly written and insightful story of one woman, stalked by an obsessed nut case. Stalkers might not be all that unusual but RICH stalkers are an even bigger problem.

Although hey, this author is one smart lady, I tell you I’d have spotted this guy’s nuttiness right from the start. Read the review for mine own insight into this idiot.

”May God Have Mercy” by John C. Tucker

This is my favorite read of these three, even of the past six months. It’s by John C. Tucker and, heh, it’s a heartfelt very sincere story of a guilty lying murderer who convinced a whole bunch of liberals that he was innocent.

Only he wasn’t and the advantage of me reading this book so long after Donald Coleman met the electric chair he so deserved is my ability to chuckle at the idiots who declared him the victim of an obsessed court system. Only later DNA tests proved…SURPRISE!…the liberals were all wrong! Donald Coleman laughs at them all from his perch in hell.

This is a good one folks. It’s “May God Have Mercy-A True Story of Crime and Punishment”…


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