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January 2010

Week Ending Sunday 1/24/10
Who is Ms. D. and how did she focus Delaware’s Attorney General on assets of a pervert Pediatrician that would perhaps recompense his innocent victims? Delaware AG Beau Biden that is, son of Joe, who didn’t do his job cause just because your Dad’s a very intelligent lifetime politico doesn’t mean you are good at being an Attorney General.

I covered a case about a fine, fine Muslim man who chopped off his wife’s head. Wait till you hear his argument in court as to why he had to do it. You can’t make this stuff up.

Betty Broderick didn’t want to be married to her cheating husband so she killed the cheat. Movies were made about her and now Betty’s up for parole. Updates on the latest on this case.

And how about John Edwards fathering that child? I was just so shocked! Who knew?

In ODD CRIMES of the week we have a man arrested for having sex with a tree. And we’ve got a pic of that very sexy tree.

Much more and all with pics/video you’ll find nowhere else on the Internet.
We got a book review this week. The book is Beyond the Veil….The Adventures of an American Doctor in Saudi Arabia…by Seymour Gray, M.D.

It’s an older book, to be sure, but even in its 1983 publishing date Saudi Arabia was centuries behind the times. Dr. Gray writes of his experiences as a doctor serving in a Saudi hospital, his encounters with Sharia law, a female populace caught in a horrible time warp, the struggles of a country as it tries to reconcile life under an oppressive religion in this modern era.


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Week Ending Sunday 1/17/10
It’s a True Crime Post.

Remember Scott Ritter?

He was a pervert then and he’s a pervert now.

Also, Governor Paterson’s son arrested for stolen credit cards?

I pay a visit to crimes and those who confess to crimes. Does anyone really ever confess to a crime they did not commit? I re-visit Texas’ infamous “yogurt shop murders” and a few other crimes that had confessions from folks who later swear their confessions were fake.

Perverted Pediatricians? Folks, don’t leave your kids alone with anyone, not even beloved doctors you’ve always trusted.

A cat gets called to jury duty and can’t get out of it.

And the Iron Chefs of Food Network lied to us. Of course the Obama White House also lied to us but nothing new about this.

For the veggies were fake and why couldn’t they have told the truth right from the start? We understand gardens and seasons out here in la-la land but hey, we’re just not as smart as Michelle Obama, or course not.

All with pics and video you’ll find nowhere else on the Internet.

Guest Writer Michelle has another famous bash at her home and we learn of a new member of her household in the home for pets with odd names.


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