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Here’s a review of TLC’s “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”, my goodness the liberals have gone bonkers haven’t they?

Lots of political thoughts on the lame duck congress, some snark, a Christmas ornament you simply must get.

Also TV reviews of this year’s “The Apprentice” and “The Good Wife” along with a Dance/Stars update.

Miscellaney brings us some smiles, a grandkiddle update and other…eh, miscellaney.

Guest Writer Michelle has mockingbirds to her dismay.

Pic of the Day

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Kaitlyn’s Report Card

In fact Kaitlyn and I just finished a Thanksgiving 2010 visit. We went to see “Seussical the Musical”, a live show, plus the movie “Megamind”, both which will be reviewed next Blog post.

Below a compilation of Kaitlyn’s fine report card although one would note that there is not, at least in the first grade of Anne Arundel county Merryland, any letter grades such as “A,B,C etc.”. I don’t recall if these grades were given early in my youth but I went to a Catholic school at any rate.

Still I hear constantly of attempts, by liberals who think everyone on the planet should be vanilla, the same, no E’s, no A’s, all properly processed with no thwart of our self-esteem. In this case, Kaitlyn got all “CD”’s. Heh. This looks like some lame liberal thing but hey, CD stands for “consistently demonstrates” and is the liberal attempt to disguise an “A”.

The liberals can spend their small, mean little lives trying to knock off all level of any sort of competition. Liberals generally do this sort of thing because they themselves seldom won anything as they are not wont to actually try to achieve. Liberals spend their mean small lives making everyone else on the planet come DOWN to their level, yeah, that’s the ticket.

It never, ever works. Competition is something that lives on in our very genes and in the genes of all living things. We compete for food, for mates, for territory. Change an “A” to a “CD” and I guarantee the first graders will be bragging that they got “straight CD’s” soon enough.

Kaitlyn’s school DOES still have the honor roll and she made it, but of course.

I wonder if every first grader too made the honor roll but that’s just my suspicious nature.

At any rate, the liberals will try to keep a Kaitlyn Mae down but it won’t work. They’ll all be living their teeny tiny mean lives while Kaitlyn goes on to soar far above them.

William and Kate

Speaking of a “Kate”, I was intrigued as much as anybody when Prince William announced his engagement to Kate Middleton, widely described as a “commoner”, dear Lord, whatever that means.

By me, Kate Middleton deserves an “A” for how fabulously this young woman has conducted herself.

She has not sought out publicity of any kind even though she is regularly followed by the press. You got to know all she would have to do is pick up the phone and call up any reporter and she’d be on the front page the next day. Her deceased mother-in-law, God Bless that tormented woman, Princess Diana, made a career out of notifying the news where she was or would be. She was also very obsessive and, as I described, tormented. Middleton does have a very nice fashion sense, she is quite pretty, she was demure the day of the engagement announcement, presenting herself quite well.

I know the British loved Princess Di. I too followed her often outrageous antics.

This woman was a victim, in a manner of speaking. Prince Charles married her because he needed an heir and a spare, something Camelia could not give him. As I understand, Diana was very aware of this situation.

Life as a royal is quite different, obviously, than the life of us mere mortals. Women such as Diana were expected to enjoy their wealth and luxury, bear the children as required, engage in their own joys and shut the hell up.

Diana wanted, imagine, a marriage that meant something. The child thought Prince Charles really loved her, or would come to love her. This would never come to be as Charles was in love with Camelia, obviously. The man did finally marry her to stop living the lie.

Had Diana been the most well-adjusted female on earth she probably would never have won her husband’s heart from Camelia. As it was, Diana was an emotional mess, young, bulimic, seeking attention from a complicit press that her husband would never give her.

I’m quite sure her son William knows the story of his mother’s sad life. She cared not a whit for that dunderhead Dodi Fayed, a bird brain nothing burger but it got Diana attention, yes it did. She got attention after her divorce from Charles, attention that she used to shove in Charles’ and his families’ low-profile faces.

At some point she stupidly climbed into a car chauffeured by a drunk who tried to make it fly.

With some maturity I suspect that Diana would have settled down, learned to handle the publicity better, perhaps find someone to love her as she deserved, live on to enjoy the company of her sons and future grandchildren.

I’m thinking Kate Middleton’s aware of this story, how could she not? I bet there’s been rules laid down and if Kate wants to be a proper princess she’ll mind the template. William, at least, doesn’t have another woman he loves so much that he destroyed the life of a woman who only wanted his love exclusively.

I wish this couple luck. Both William and his brother seem like fine boys, if not Einsteins, frankly.

Japanese Eye Test

If you cannot decipher anything, then try pulling the corner of your eyes as if you were Japanese. Keep pulling until your eyes are almost closed...It works.

Name the Pirate Ship

As of this writing it might be a bit late for yon readers to get in on the fun of helping my Blogging buddy name the pirate ship. But his email crossed my path recently and I thought I’d add a link for those who might be interested, and a pic of his fine backyard pirate ship he created for his special needs child. HERE

Upcoming Political Thoughts

So the Food Safety Bill passed the Senate on 11/30/10 and is expected to pass in the House. Some pubs, evidently, voted for the thing. Which doesn’t make me happy but I must suppose of all the stupid legislation up for passage before the House of Lords, this is the least harmful.

Over the counter vitamins might no longer be available and rumor has it that small family farms will be subject to the long arm of the bureaucracy.

Like anything else passed by the Ruling Class, we will have to wait until it’s passed until we can assess what damage has been done. God forbid that they should actually READ the laws they vote on, perish the thought.

The TSA groping kerfluffle over this past Thanksgiving 2010 holiday weekend seems to have fluttered out to a big nothing. Not for a second did I believe that there would be any huge grass roots revolt at the nation’s airports that would have thousands of travelers refusing the x-ray machines for a hand pat-down to tie up airports to international reknown.

First, a large percentage of those travelling are young college people and young college folks don’t yet have their heads screwed on straight. Often they’re stupid liberals and as unlikely to be part of any grass roots revolt except if their tuition is raised. Second, people just want to get home with their families over the Thanksgiving holidays, not embark on an uncomfortable action that will keep them in cold and uncomfortable airports instead of their warm familial homes.

I have given this story much thought and think I have the answer to it all.

First, the intrusive hand gropes suddenly came out of nowhere it seems. The so-call “underwear” bomber tried to blow up an airplane almost a year ago. All of a sudden Americans need to have their private places groped and felt by agents of the government in the form of TSA agents? Before this sudden and startling turn of events, folks had to shed their shoes, perhaps, maybe undergo a quick patdown.

Ahhh. But this past Fall the new x-ray machines were put in all airports across the fruited plains. Goodness, well imagine this…some gubmint officials are part-owners of these machines, one prominent one being former head of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff. Not that former gubmint officials get all involved in this sort of thing to their own amazing profit, silly me.

Now people sometimes get a bit antsy at the thought of going through X-ray machines. And no matter how much the gubmint assures us that those very intelligent and highly paid TSA officials would NEVER, perish the thought right now, look at naked people as they are being x-rayed by the machines, surely we know these are fine gubmint folks. Already one TSA agent has been found masterbating on the job as the naked people strolled through the machines and there’ve been other reports of abuse of this technology but us peons know nothing.

There’s also issues of health about the x-ray scanners.

I am not, in any way, declaring the machines a bad idea. Not that I’m any sort of expert but I doubt there’s any serious health issue with the use of the machines. I think the abuse of this system will fall somewhere between the gubmint’s assertion that it will NEVER be abused and reality that there are always a few perverts clogging up any system. I’d acquiesce that the presence of whistle-blowers will work to keep the perversion factor to a minimum and who knows, sometimes gubmint workers do their jobs…mostly on Mondays and every other Thursday. Maybe the TSA will keep an eye on the backroom folks in charge of watching the x-rays.

The important folk who made a fortune with these x-ray machines knew that major problem number one was to get the American public to go through these things without issue. Again, x-ray machines do give people a certain amount of heebie-jeebies, it was a new development in many airports, and there was the matter that if folks were being x-rayed to nakedness to ascertain if they had bombs in their underwear, then those refusing the x-ray or those who, for some reason or another could not use the x-ray, had to be patted down in a much more intrusive manner BECAUSE of the x-ray machines. What good is looking into a traveller to his or her nudity if the pat-downs get a pass? I got a bomb in my drawers I’m going to go for the pat down in that case, right?

Americans, as I figure based on a hunch, are likely mostly ambivalent about the x-ray machines. I’m not all that crazy about the things and God Bless America and God Bless Michael Chertoff, lobbyist and now rich guy for his gubmint contacts that a peon like me did not have, but they seem like a mostly okay way to get people through a check system that won’t allow bombs secreted on their person.

I think the aggressive TSA patdowns were part and parcel of the fine investors in the airport x-ray machines that those who refuse must suffer indignation on a grand scale that will prevent them from such a silly action in the future.

Yes I do.

I think it was all part of the rollout plan of the x-ray plans, ready to be put in force by the holiday season 2010, that the rich investors, God Bless Michael Chertoff may his descendents profit greatly from his inside trader type of action, get the American public quickly used to the machines if for no other reason than to avoid a TSA agent’s hand down their pants.

I do think the whole plan probably blew up a bit more than the rich investors expected-God Bless Michael Chertoff and his wealth that congress will tax him greatly on-especially in the case of children and the handicapped handling.

Quickly the TSA came out with an affirmation that they will not do pat downs on very young children. The “handicapped”, by which I mean those with metal parts in their bodies that require a special pat down beyond the x-ray machine, did get manhandled a bit roughly and it led to bad PR. I suspect that the investors-God Bless Michael Chertoff who had a chance at riches the commoners will never know-got on the ball and had the TSA back off with hands down the underwear and such.

All in all, I’m thinking the x-ray machines are probably a pretty good idea, if only I’d been offered a stock option and chance to invest, not that former gubmint officials get any kind of preferential treatment or anything, perish the thought-God Bless America and Michael Chertoff.

Most Americans travelling by airplane will likely go on through the x-ray machine. I would, in fact, go through the thing so long as the lady in the burqua too has to go through it. Should the Muslims, the cause of all this inconvenience, YEAH I SAID IT, get a pass on this you can bet the farm I won’t do it either. I will NEVER allow any gubmint agent to put his or her hands down my pants or in my blouse, that’s just the way it is.

It’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Finally, as of this writing, the Bush tax cuts still have not been extended. Obamer wants the “rich” to have their taxes increased. Let me tell you something about these “rich” people the Democrat party so loves to hate.

My niece once own a beauty salon. She was by no definition “rich”. But on her schedule “s” or whatever it is, she would have fallen in the category Obamer calls rich, dear Lord not that his wife didn’t get a salary of $300,000 at a local hospital when he got elected senator and her job duties consisted of doing exactly nothing.

As I type this it appears that the pubs are going to hold their ground on denying extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich, as well they should.

Somebody tell Obamer, heh, HE LOST THIS PAST NOVEMBER!

He didn’t hesitate to tell the pubs when he won.

I got a bridge to sell anybody who thinks this guy will get re-elected in 2012, cheap, just been renovated.

The Green Hat

The other day I needed to go to the emergency room.

Not wanting to sit there for 4 hours, I put on my MAGIC GREEN HAT.

When I went into the E.R., I noticed that 3/4 of the people got up and left.

I guess they decided that they weren't that sick after all.

Cut at least 3 hours off my waiting time.

Here's the hat:

Charlie Rangel

I can’t think of anything sadder than Charlie Rangel’s “trial” before the congressional ethics board this past November.

Rangel is an affable fellow with a charming humor and brilliant smile. He’s been in congress for some almost 40 years now. He served in the military before that.

First, he carried on like an idiot at the congressional hearing, coming in and declaring his inability to pay for counsel, then walking out on the committee.

Dumb, just a dumb, ignoble way to end a happening political career.

And his “crimes”: were just the stupidest things. He didn’t pay taxes on a foreign residence, he parked a clunker in the special congressional parking lot, he used rent-controlled apartments as his legislative offices instead of, throwing it out there, allowing his constituents use of the apartments as the rent-control laws were meant.

Really dumb stuff, reducing this man to a big nothing-burger mockery, damn Charlie, we’re even talking peanuts on the money involved here.


Moochelle’s Awful Treatment

I mean not only is whatever the hell Moochelle is wearing in the picture below just an awful thing, heh, what the hell’s with that carper thing?

As I understand, during the recent Obamer trip to India, there was a need to enter a mosque. Women in Islam are required to walk BEHIND their husbands. It would not do to have America’s First Lady walking behind Obamer and this foreign dignitary. There was not, however, enough room for THREE people to walk side by side on the rug. So Moochelle has to walk on the hot bricks barefoot, as is required.

All the money the Obamers spent on this trip and nobody thought to get the woman a decent dress for this event, not to mention a wider rug?

Ending With a Smile- The Obama Christmas Ornament

They’re REAL ornaments. Better hurry, they’re selling out quickly.

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I have a pair of mockingbirds nesting in my yard. These are new parents, and like most new parents they're making some bad decisions.

That's how I can tell they're new parents. What? Did you think I asked them? "Pardon me, Mr. Mockingbird, but how long have you two been married?" That never has worked for me. No, I can tell because their nest is in the bush just outside the Green Room window.

Bad decision number one.

And it's not quite eye-level when I look into the bush from the front yard.

Bad decision number two.

So far, none of the outside neighborhood cats have found it. But . . . the inside cats have. Kona and Zeker are taking turns sitting in the Green Room window tormenting those birds. For the mockingbirds, it must be awful. Here's a predator, an enemy, washing its whiskers, NOT THREE FEET from the nest! Oh, my!

The parents spend a lot of their day trying to drive my cats out of the window. Since the glass protects my fuzzy felines from aerial attack, all the birds can do is scream epithets. Want to hear it? Check this site out: and play

the call. The harsh almost-growl at 35 seconds and the sharp chip! at 38 seconds are the two I hear all the time as the birds scold the cats.

The cats are unperturbed, and seem to rather enjoy tormenting the grey featherballs. No doubt next year's nest will not be in the same place.

Torment is the theme within alaHouse, too. The aquarium fish are still tormented by high alkali levels. I have finally broken down and called my aquarium hero. He'll come see what he can do with it sometime this week.

The air conditioner decided not to work a few days ago. It has a leak in the coil and was low on coolant. The a/c tech guy will be back out when the ordered part comes in, but in the meantime the air conditioner seems to be doing okay. Likely it's working harder than it needs to to do its job. (Like the mockingbirds!)

And finally, the ultimate insult. Our DVR has died, so not only can we not watch the television shows we had recorded on it, we also can't watch television. The DVD player works, but it's not the same. Usually I don't watch much TV, but of course now that I can't, I want to. The new DVR is here, but Harry isn't, so it's on the table, waiting.

There's no way I'm attempting to hook it up with all those wires!

There it sits, tormenting me.

There the cat sits, tormenting the mockingbirds.


I'd read if the mockingbirds weren't so loud.


The Desk Drawer writer's exercise list

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”Sarah Palin’s Alaska”

Link to Web Site for this series.

Seriously folks, let’s begin with Hank Steuver, a Washington Post TV reviewer who, I’ll not mince words here, really needs to get laid.

Perhaps as he smokes his cigarette and is mellow he could then tune in to TLC’s “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” and not be so full of spite and hate. Not to mention describing events in the show that never happened.

First the title of his review on 11/10/10 “So many reasons to watch show, so few insights”…really Hank, no insights, no insights at all? A closeup of a fissure in an actual glacier and this isn’t an insight? Hank, you call Palin a “fruit bat”…dear Lord, Hank, go at it again with the wife. You need to calm down.

Hank then describes, well I don’t know what he’s describing but the words written: “The hapless camper whom taxpayers have to rescue at great expense after she loses her Verizon signal and gets hopelessly disoriented”. Help me out here Hank, just WHERE on the first show you are reviewing did this happen?

In further description of the show, you describe Sarah as “a woman who fancies herself as something of a nature enthusiast who wants to take advantage of the short-but-sweet Alaskan summer.” Why, Hank, does Sarah Palin only “fancy” herself as a nature enthusiast? By this viewer, who must have watched a different show than you, Sarah Palin is definitely a nature enthusiast and does go to great lengths to enjoy the short lived Alaskan summer. I so assert this because, well, first, she said she is a nature enthusiast and spent a lot of time out in, well, nature….go with me Hank. She also mentioned the short Alaskan summers and how the family seeks to spend many of their waking hours outdoors and during much of the show she, and her family, are, indeed, outdoors, stay with me here Hank.

Palin Derangement Syndrome is already cresting to a mighty wave and dear Lord by 2012, when Palin runs against Obama and beats him like a drum, one must assume that folks like Hank will be safely institutionalized lest they kill their loved ones and cut off all their hair.

I’m not normally a big fan of nature shows but “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” managed to keep my attention for the hour it was on. This was because, well I do like Sarah Palin and I was curious. I am also interested in Alaska, again this is mainly due to Sarah Palin and how she praises the state she so obviously loves, a fact I learned as I read her book ”Going Rogue”-review here.

In fact the days as of this writing here in the swamps of Delaware are getting increasingly short. While our winters are somewhat mild here along the coast, winter does bring darker days and I tend to get…dark. I can’t imagine living many months in total darkness, cannot imagine.

As I pointed out to Hank of the Palin Derangement Syndrome, there is much of intrigue to even my own self, an admitted nature show NON-afficiando. The fissures in the glacier, for example, fascinated me. I’d never seen such a thing. It was interesting, too, how the glacier climbers had to rope themselves together lest one fall haplessly down a glacier fissure, never to get out for lack of tethering to another human. Gee, you think if I learned something new at age 60 that there might be insights on this show.

There is a bit of a reality type of air about the show but it isn’t overdone. Palin shows us her home-made studio where she communicates with Fox. We see her working at her desk, argue with her children, deal with familial matters, wrestle with nosy neighbors. But it’s no “At Home With the Kardashians”, don’t let the nuts like Hank tell you this.

The look into the home life of the Palins is brief, non-intrusive, yet informative, somewhat fascinating. For here is a woman who, by a mere Facebook entry, can scare Obamer to death, who managed to hypnotize half the country into voting for her daughter on Dancing With the Stars, who has once normal folks like Hank frothing at the mouth and writing silly lies upon command. Yet her house looks fairly normal, hardly a mansion. I think perhaps this is Sarah’s intent but please don’t tell Hank I said this. Any notion that Sarah Palin might be considering a run for President scares PDS sufferers to an awful state.

In “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”, the viewers is treated to aerial views of that intriguing state, to close-up fights of grizzlies, to a variety of little known but fascinating facts about this state most of us mainlanders know so little about.

I think it’s a timely and very informative bit of television, offered, of course, by The Learning Channel. Again, don’t tell Hank, but the show is attracting viewers in the millions, man this upsets the PDS sufferers all to hell.

Spend some time watching this show, folks, DVR it. It’s worth the time and you’ll learn a thing or two.

And don’t forget to vote for Sarah Palin in 2012!

”The Good Wife”

Web site link for this show.

Julianna Margulies was once the star of the popular series “ER”. She now plays the part of Alicia Florrick on CBS’ “The Good Wife”.

I decided to do a review of this show because hey, I thought it was a new offering. Further research has me discovering this series has been on since 2009.

Below, a truncated description of the series’ basis from the linked site above.

¬THE GOOD WIFE is a drama starring Emmy Award winner Julianna Margulies as a wife and mother who boldly assumes full responsibility for her family and re-enters the workforce after her husband's very public sex and political corruption scandal lands him in jail. Pushing aside the betrayal and public humiliation caused by her husband, Peter, Alicia Florrick starts over by pursuing her original career as a defense attorney.

Below, the show’s actors/charlacters:

Julianna Margulies ... Alicia Florrick (41 episodes, 2009-2011)

Matt Czuchry ... Cary Agos (41 episodes, 2009-2011)

Archie Panjabi ... Kalinda Sharma (41 episodes, 2009-2011)

Josh Charles ... Will Gardner (41 episodes, 2009-2011)

Christine Baranski ... Diane Lockhart (41 episodes, 2009-2011)

Chris Noth ... Peter Florrick (25 episodes, 2009-2010)

Makenzie Vega ... Grace Florrick (23 episodes, 2009-2010)

Graham Phillips ... Zach Florrick (19 episodes, 2009-2010)

My first comment on this series is that I didn’t think Marguilies was a very good actress on ER and I don’t think she’s a very good actress on this series either.

Mostly what Marguilies does is…well she just “looks”. Maybe you hadda be there, but it’s like when anything dramatic, surprising or sudden happens in the plot line, the camera pans to Marguillies and just focus’ on her face. Her face, meanwhile, doesn’t break into a smile, a grimace, a scowl, nothing.

The woman does have striking blue eyes. I’m thinking maybe the producers think it’s enough to focus on her face, which of course includes those eyes, and the viewer will be mesmerized in a fashion. I’m sitting in the chair wanting to pelt the woman, tell her to move her lips, raise her eyebrows, ANYTHING.

As memory serves, she had the same sort of non-acting technique in ER.

That being said, there are some really good characters on this series that manage, along with Marguiles’ blue eyes, to make this a very entertaining series.

The night I tuned in for a review the guest star was Michael Fox. Fox is suffering from Parkinson’s disease and it’s a shame. In the plot line of the story in which he starred, he played an opposing attorney who used his disease as part of his defense. Marguillies was leading her firm’s lawsuit against a drug manufacturer who produced a drug that allegedly made the plaintiff’s mother commit suicide.

It appears that Fox, who played a wonderful and entertaining part on this show but is really a liberal dolt, is on medicine that really goes a long way in controlling his symptoms. For sure he had major tics and twitches, as that terrible disease does bring about, but he seems to function very well, much better than victims of Parkingson’s disease of times past could function for the glory of American medicine.

There is a bevy of various characters working in Marguiles law firm. I’d also suggest that this show must have a bang up group of writers. The plot lines are always interesting, make good use of the characters and always managed to end the show with an amusing twist.

At times, as required, the show will glom on the relationship of the main character and her daughter. Again, close ups of Marguiles’ icey blue eyes are the main emotion she displays but it must be.

I would strongly recommend this series for its good writing. I put it in my DVR for repeat taping such was my surprise enjoyment.

As for Michael Fox, damn, they ought to find a permanent spot for him on this series. He was very good.

The Apprentice 2010

NBC Web Site for this series

I think Clint and Liza are the finalists for this series and by the time of this posting a winner will likely already have been determined. I say I “think” because the NBC web site for this series, hey, you’d think they’d have big pictures of the two finalists, grand banners promoting the finale, perhaps a game or two to guess who wins.

I have watched every single episode in this contest, which I was glad to have come back. My DVR, a Comcast thing, tends to cut off the end of shows, I’m not at all sure way. This is the time, however, when those who are to be fired are, in fact, fired. I note that the ending time of many shows is , example, 9:01 pm”. If I am taping two shows at once, something I am rightfully allowed to do and pay for the privelage, if a program doesn’t finish until the minute “01” and another one begins on the minute-“00”, well it messes things up. Someday I shall call Comcast and find out why this is so.

I know Stephanie got fired from the team of Liza and Stephanie. The NBC site did have a video featuring Steuart getting fired, so the text goes, and I was quite surprised. Steuart got fired during my DVR’s “01” moment. Goodness, Clint and Steuart won that last task handily and I was assuming Trump would have these two be the finalists. Lord knows Trump disliked Liza enough, as I did for the child showed pretty much zero talent as any kind of upstanding entrepreneur. All along I thought Clint would be in the final and as of this writing, two days before the finale, I predict he will win.

Evidently Trump wanted a final matchup between a male and a female or he thought Steuart, a handsome, personable fellow, to be a bit too young.

Trump used the desultory economy as reason to bring back this formerly popular reality show. There’ve been several variations of this show, including a disasterous one with Martha Stewart taking Trump’s place as She Who Must Be Pleased. The Donald did what he’s most famous for, he got out in public and blamed Martha for the failure, very loudly, traitorously, no class at all.

I kind of like the series with Stewart at the helm but it’s no matter. Fact is The Apprentice as a reality series had grown tired and that’s life. Trump did do another thing he often does, which is to blatantly copy another show, in this case “The Celebrity Apprentice”, a reality show still running and quite successful.

It remains to be seen if The Apprentice come again will catch on with the public. The basis of this version of the show is that all contenders were once happening, smart and hip entrepreneurs who now suffer either outright failure or greatly ailing businesses, all due to the economy and through no fault of their own.

The candidates on this version of the show are all good choices, ranging in age from early 20’s to early 40’s. They do seem bright, eager, smart. In this series, Trump arranges interviews with those candidates who he deems worth a look-see. The interviews are with CEO’s of other large companies. Whether or not that individual eventually gets a job at the company for which they interviewed is not clear. It’s like everything else on The Apprentice…subliminal advertising for a company or product.

Not that there’s anything wrong with this.

Candidate Clint seems an ideal winner for this series. He’s a family man, he’s ran economically profitable businesses, he’s friendly, personable, has good leadership qualities.

As to the question of whether The Apprentice will survive this effort to make a mighty comeback, well my daughter watches it. She’s a former Apprentice afficiando. I watched it and liked it. I’d watch it again.

But it’s a tottering economy, unpredictable. We shall see.

Gilles Marin-A Dancing Boob

I did write a review of this year’s “Dancing With the Stars”, HERE. This reality series is one of my faves. I was so wrong on my choice of winner and yes, I’d never have given Bristol Palin a chance to be in the final three. I did praise her efforts, however, and by me the way it ended was probably fair.

With all the kerfluffle over Bristol Palin, somebody contacted a former second place winner, Gilles Marini, now on ABC’s “Brothers and Sisters”, for his opinion.

Now Mr. Marini is a handsome dude and he was, of course, a very good dancer. His acting’s not half bad although his stardom is based more on his looks than his ability to carry a feature film.

Please, Gilles, stick to acting and dancing. NOBODY wants to see two guys dancing on this series. OR two girls either, frankly. Perhaps a spin-off from the show although I really doubt it. Part of the beauty of the dance is having male and female, each with distinctive parts. Get two of the same sex dancing and what you have is PORN, not an intriguing reality show.

"I would love to see same-sex dancing," our pal Gilles Marini said last night at the premiere of Disney's new animated Rapunzel musical movie, Tangled. "I've seen it. It's pretty intense."

He added, "For guys, two girls dancing? Hello! And two guys dancing" I'm sure a lot of people would like to see that, too."

Marini, who came in second place when he competed in DWTS' eighth season, also thinks it may be time for a change in the voting process because of Bristol Palin. "I'm sure the Republicans are out there saying vote for her because that is good publicity for us," he said. "They don't care if she can dance.

"They should do 75 percent of the vote from the judges and 25 percent from the viewers. Right now, it could become a farce. I don't want the show to be a farce."


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rashid1891 said...

Had Diana been the most well-adjusted female on earth she probably would never have won her husband’s heart from Camelia. As it was, Diana was an emotional mess, young, bulimic, seeking attention from a complicit press that her husband would never give her.