A Snarky 2011 "Dancing With the Stars" Wrap Up

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So the season of Dancing With the Stars 2011 is over and my kudos to all involved for a great show, fabulous performances, good talent and some comedy.

The winner was no surprise at all to me or most anybody in America, I suppose.

For J.R. Martinez is not only a great dancer, he's also a veteran and a war hero. He wears the scars of his encounter with an IED with no shame. He's personable, he's attractive, he's intelligent and creative. What's not to like?

It was a mixed bag with many of the other contenders, especially the second place loser-burger from that attention-grabbing family from hell. For you can never, DO NOT FORGET, have too much Kardashian in your life.

The contenders went home in the following order:

Artest, Ron

Canalis, Elisabetta

Cavallari, Kristiin

Phillips, Chynna

Kressley, Carson

Bono, Chaz

Arquette, David



Lake, Ricki

Kardasian, Rob


Some strange things about the above. As it always seems to go on this series, some really good dancers are sent home early for no other reason that I can ascertain except that the American voters want to keep the lesser-talented in the action a bit longer.

Chynna Phillips should have finished in the top five at the very least.. She scored at least a 21 on her first four dances, was at the top of the leaderboard the first week and scored a 26 on her fourth dance. Yet she was sent home on 10/10/11.

Elisabetta Canalis began the competition rather poorly with a cha-cha that only scored her 15 points. The next week she came back with a Quickstep that scored her a 21, an increase of six points. The for no apparent reason she was voted off.

Kristin Cavallari scored a 19, 22 and 24 on her first three dances and was then, oddly, voted off.

Meanwhile, lover boy Robbie K wallowed in mediocrity at best, never scoring a perfect score save for the very judge-subjective last performance night during the freestyle and flash dance rounds.

Freakazoid Chaz Bono scored 17,17,18,21 and 19 on HER first five rounds. I do not care how many artificial organs this woman has had added to her body, she is NOT a male and now she has a reality show flaunting her weirdness, couldn't have her go home sooner, could we?

Carson Kressley did at least as well as Rob Kardashian, even though the lad was reeling from the divorce of his older sister, the inhumanity of it. At least Carson had a personality of sorts while Rob played the part of the lunk. No wait! You say he wasn't acting? Well one can never have enough Kardashian in their life, do not forget this.

I think Ricki Lake got cheated out of second place. I think Rob, even allowing his heartbreak over the breakup of his sister's marriage, was artificially boosted by judges who gave him high scores on two dance performances that didn't have any specific rules, making the meddling with the voter outcome all the easier.

Remembering that DWS combines the judges' scores with the public votes, to better promote stars of ABC and ABC own shows of course.

I have no problem with what I consider a kind of cheating on this show. ABC pays to put the show on and ABC has a right to try and steer the results to an end that would please the public and pique their interest in new show offerings.

It's just that I want to point it out is all.

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