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A Sidebar on the Penn State Pervert Case

It's been noted in many venues that the Attorney General who was about to prosecute the pervert Sandusky up and disappeared before any action could be taken.  His name was Ray Gricar and that name sounded so familiar.  So I did a search of this Blog and sure enough, the strange disappearance of Ray Gricar was part of a True Crime Post that I did.  Indeed

Gricar did up and suddenly disappear during what was to be a quick jaunt to an antique mall.  His computer was found in a nearby river.  Even
more odd, Gricar was spotted a few months  later and the woman who spotted him took his picture.  Gricar's fiance verified that it was him.  He was dining with a woman, apparently happy and content.  Odder as all get out.

"Big Brother's" Rachel on "Beverly Hills Bride

I am a fan of the Big Brother series and Rachel and her fiance (who she met on the show) are an infamous duo on that reality series that has a bunch of strangers living together in a big house, each week facing eviction by fiat of the other temporary residents.

Rachel's kind of famous to afficiandos of this series so her showing up to purchase a wedding dress in the new wedding dress show (I like these shows, I don't know why.  I'm hardly in their audience demographic) was a surprise.  It turned out that Rachel didn't buy a dress and, in fact, I don't think Rachel had any intention of buying a wedding dress.  I think she was on that show for promotion only.  Perhaps her payment was a free dress?

Time Out for a Laugh

Muslim Miss U.S.A Arrested for Drunk Driving

 She was hailed as the shining example of the American dream, a Lebanese-born woman who became the first Muslim Miss U.S.

Muslims aren't allow to drink as I understand it.  Much less a woman, that inferior species that should be hidden by the burka.  What's even more of a hoot, she was the designated driver for her group of female party pals.

Former Miss USA Rima Fakih, 26, was serving as a designated driver Saturday night for herself and a companion, but realised only after she was behind the wheel that....


A Handy Recycling Hit That Will Save Time and Money

Came across this in my Ebox and was impressed.  I'm not an enviromentalist whacko by any means, but there's no shame in reasonable recycling and I do compost my vegetable scraps and leaves to a pretty dirt for my gardens.

We all have plastic bags that need firm closure to prevent staleness.  Tying the top of the bag in a knot was my usual way of handling the job.  We have plenty of water bottles around and this hint makes way more sense.

First, cut off the top of the bottle as below.

Then pull the top of the plastic bag through the snipped top, use the cap to tighten, and voila, waterproof, bug proof and recycled!

Madonna Performing at This Year's Superbowl!

Why do I have a bad feeling about this?  And, now that I'm thinking about it, how old is this woman?

Here's a News Story That'll Warm Your Heart

Understand that it is tragic that Larmondo Allen died of gunshot wounds at the very tender age of 25.  Not to mention his NINE children, goodness at age 25 it's as if he had a child every year one would think.


His father's last name is Thompson, his mother's last name is Allen.  Larmondo has a bevy of brothers and sisters, please note their names. 

Finally, this guy is an entrepreneur?  Of the whole pathetic story, that assertion is the most absurd of all.

The Top Ten Questions on

Thought we'd end with the things most bothering Americans nowadays.  In the celebrity category, well hell, I'd like to know if Kim K's wedding was a fake.

1. Kim Kardashian: Was Kim Kardashian’s wedding fake?

2. Justin Bieber: Is Justin Bieber going to be a dad?

3. Lady Gaga: Are Lady Gaga’s face implants real?

4. Beyonce: Did Beyonce fake a baby bump?

5. Kate Middleton: Who made Kate Middleton’s wedding dress?

6. Ashton Kutcher: Did Ashton cheat?

7. Michael Jackson: Was Michael Jackson murdered?

8. Selena Gomez: Is Selena Gomez pregnant?

9. Lindsay Lohan: Is Lindsay Lohan going to jail?

10. Charlie Sheen: What happened to Charlie Sheen’s teeth?

Top news search terms and questions include:

1. Earthquake in Japan: How big was the earthquake in Japan?

2. Hurricane Irene: What caused Hurricane Irene?

3. Steve Jobs: How much was Steve Jobs worth?

4. Royal Wedding: What did William whisper to Kate on the balcony?5. Occupy Wall Street: Who started Occupy Wall Street?

6. iPhone: When will Apple release the iPhone 5?7. Osama Bin Laden: Who killed Bin Laden?

8. Casey Anthony: Where is Casey Anthony hiding?

9. 10th Anniversary of September 11: What is happening on the 10th anniversary of 9/11?

10. Amy Winehouse: How did Amy Winehouse die?

Top political searches and questions include:

1. Barack Obama: Will Obama get re-elected?2. Mitt Romney: What is Mitt Romney’s religion?

3. Sarah Palin: Is Sarah Palin running for president?4. Michele Bachmann: Is Michele Bachmann crazy?

5. Anthony Weiner: Where can I find Anthony Weiner’s Twitter pics?6. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Who was Arnold’s mistress?7. Gay Marriage: Which states allow gay marriage?

8. Withdrawl from Iraq: When will the troops come home?

9. Iowa Caucus: When is the Iowa caucus?

10. Muammar Ghadafi: Who will lead Libya after Ghadafi?

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