The Race for the 6th Senatorial District-the Controversy, COD Betrays

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 I kind of snarkily repeat a rumor in the text below about Delaware Senatorial 6 district primary contender, Ernesto Lopez, in this post below and in another post on this Blog, the link to it does not matter in this correction. resolve, this is the second big error I've been caught in on this Blog and in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost I shall more thoroughly check my details in the future. Oncit upon a time maybe two or three people read this Blog but evidently we are now up to nine or ten readers.

At any rate, I provide a link below to the original post where the big gaffe in question was made but want to be sure it is seen by all. Ernesto Lopez was NOT the subject of a pleading email by the Vice Chair of the NewCastle county Republican party, hence my rant over the audacity of the NCC Vice Chair to insinuate himself into the politics of Sussex County.

It would turn out that the pleading by that same Vice Chair was made, in fact, on behalf of Lopez' opponent, Glen Urquhart.

My apologies to Ernesto Lopez, whose wife I met last night, and his two adorable daughters and I must admit I am very intrigued by the man's character and style.

But we'll be talking more about it in the future.

Now on to Glen Urquhart, whose campaign manager explained to me the reason for those emails. Seems that the position of NCC Republican Vice Chair of the sender was nothing but coincidental, that this same fellow is in charge of a faith based group. The email urging support for Glen Urquhart was based on his position as head of THAT organization rather than any affiliation with NCC Republican party.

In keeping with my policy of never erasing my content, I put this explanation at the top of the post that the reader knows there's addendums to the story they might read below.

Christine O'Donnell Betrays Those Who Supported Her

I really don't much care anymore.  I'm too involved with making the Delaware GOP into a more Conservative organization than what it had been.  It's been a battle and there are still Blue Blood elites out there determined to make the party back into a Mike Castle-type fiefdom.   Christine O'Donnell primaried Mike Castle out of there and if for no other reason, I am grateful for that.  I'd sure like for her to have respected the leanings of those who supported her before she went out to endorse Mitt Romney.  COD's base would never have supported Mitt Romney, she knows this.  But Mittens did endorse COD and I suppose it was a return favor.  Mittens needs somebody liked as a Conservative to endorse him, never mind that silly Juan McCain.

If no other hot-head extreme right-winger will summarize for the Delaware GOP and where it's going, allow me.  The Blue Blood need to admit that posing a Democrat as a Republican is not the way to go.  We understand that Delaware is mostly a blue state and this could be considered a methodology.  This only works for so long....if you don't want to admit it out loud Blue Bloods, at least admit it to yourself.  Few of us Sussex County barn burners wake up every day regretting that stupid Chris Coons is now in place of Mike Castle.  At least we KNOW who Coons is, he is not peeing upon our feet and calling it rain.

As for the pitchfork carriers, we likely need to learn a little more compromise, that while our anger at constant betrayal forced many of us seriously off-kilter, most of us want what's best for our county and country.  The Blue Bloods need to stop their superior sniffing and acknowledge. 

And it's not like our overhaul of the Sussex GOP has been without turmoil, witness the recent Sheriff and the Councilman fluff.

Finally, it would turn out that both Glen Urquhart and Christine O'Donnell would be, horrors, self-serving politicians.  The angry Sussex countians needs to get this and stop looking for the holy grail.  Mike Castle, I remind the Blue Bloods, was a most perfect fellow who never let political expediency get in front of his fervent principles.  I got a bridge to sell you believe that.

So good luck to Christine.  If she were to run again, which she probably won't, I'd probably vote for her so long as she ran on the same sort of platform as before.  Then, should she betray my vote as Mike Castle did so many times,  I'll vote her outta there, as should have been done long ago with Mike Castle so the Blue Blood Elites should learn.

As for Glen Urquhart, this fellow went on to man the position of Chair of the Sussex County GOP and by me, he did a very good job.  This brings up the flap over the new 6th state senatorial district and the race for same.

I have to smile at the short but acerbic response to COD's Romney endorsement by the local 9-11 Delware Patriots:

We have received emails requesting our position on this endorsement from Christine O'Donnell for Gov. Mitt Romney for President.

Our position is as follows:

The 9-12 Delaware Patriots are not linked with Christine O'Donnell. Her views do not represent those of the 9-12 Delaware Patriots as our members, individually decide who they want to support.

Our mission is to research and educate ourselves and our members to make informed decisions. We may not always agree, but we respect others opinions. As far as the 2012 Presidential Election, our members are split between all the candidates. At our meetings, members discuss the pros and cons of all the candidates in a respectful manner.

The 9-12 Delaware Patriots will not support or endorse any candidate but provides a forum through meetings and newsletters so that members can share information to make informed decisions.

9-12 Delaware Patriots Board of Directors

All I got to add to this as per my feeling-WHAT THEY SAID!

The Run For the 6th State Senatorial District

It's a totally new district, this 6th state senatorial district, carved out due to the recent census, encompassing an are that includes, in part, the infamous somewhat liberal Lewes, Delaware area.

Glen Urquhart, after what has to arguably be the shortest term as Chair of the Sussex County GOP, has thrown down the gauntlet to run for that job.  Glen ran, to update, to fill the position in America's House of Representatives for the slot that was left open by Mike Castle's run for the senate.  Glen lost by a large percentage, the same percentage as COD lost by though the Blue Bloods want you to believe differently.  New Castle county around Wilmindelphia is greatly populated by Democrats and thieves, though I repeat myself, and what us souther heathans have learned is that the indigent, dull and dumb can vote and so it is.

Even with the wealthy liberals in Lewes it's a fairly simple task for Glen to win this position, what with his name recognition for the Sussex chair and his run for America's House.
Not so fast.

Now I don't want to be spreading rumors but allow me to spread some rumors.  Another candidate has risen from the ashes to challenge the Urquhart candidacy and this candidate, Ernesto Lopez,  is a)from New Castle county oncit and b)a handsome articulate fellow of Latino origin.  Scuttlebutt has it that this challenger was sponsored by the northern Delaware Blue Blood elites as they do not, DO NOT, want to let go of their power.  For as they reach across the aisle with buffed fingernails they will rip off the heads of their own base and poop down their bloody necks should they challenge Blue Blood power.

Okay, let me catch my breath.

As chance would have it, I will be attending a meeting to help form yet another state voting district known as the 20th Representative district.  At that meeting BOTH of these candidates will speak.  I shall listen carefully, I shall be fair, but know now that I lean toward Glen and that's how it is.  I will report back in another Delaware post.

The bigger controversy over this election is, get this, the co-chair of the New Castle party, an idiot burger named John Radell, sent out an email to all Sussex countians urging them to vote for Lopez.  I got a bridge to sell anyone who thinks that rumor about Lopez and his ties to the northern GOP are just rumors.  Cheap bridge, just been renovated.  This is one major reason why I do not trust this guy and take it to the bank, I will quiz him about this at that meeting that I mentioned.

What the hell right does the Vice-Chair of the New Castle county GOP have to be telling Sussex countians who to vote for in their own county?  If nothing illustrates my assertion that these norther Blue Blood Elites think they are better than us, it is this action.

This whole thing has caused quite a ruckous amonst Sussex County, even Kent county, Republicans, check out this thread on Delaware Politics Blog.

Fiskar Recalls Karma

Finally, does any of these new age non-workable Green job types of technology work?  With Delaware knee deep in so much of it.  That nutball wind farm turned out to be unworkable.

This Fiskar Karma can be gotten cheap, only $102,000.  A lot of its parts come from Finland, so much for Delaware jobs.  Now there's a recall, as is happening across the fruited plains with these silly electric cars.

Hey, I'd buy an electric car in a minute assuming a)it was as cheap and convenient to operate as gasoline powered vehicles b) it was safe c)there were widely available ways to re-charge them.

But hey, the gubmint got involved.  Folks, the gubmint has NEVER invented anything and goodness knows gubmint bureaucrats are known worls wide for their innovativeness and creativity.

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COD stated on TV that she probably will run again. In what zip code, nobody knows.