Top Chef Texas Elk? Ty-Lor, Paul Forge Ahead

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Seriously, who eats elk? Then again who eats boar, or sorghum quail for that matter?

Of course people eat game, I understand this.  And a recent challenge on Top Chef Texas that challenged the contenders to prepare a fine meal of game for a dining club that ate game exclusively was an interesting round on this show which does throw cooking challenges out that exceed your hamburger. 

Previous posts of Top Chef Texas on this Blog can be found HERE where I delve into the contenders' personalities and HERE , where I complain about a main course of rabbit.  The most recent episodes of Top Chef Texas continue on as the game cooking challenge episode foretold the ejection of a very disliked contender and the interesting food choices continue to intrigue.

Again, who eats elk?

Lions in an African savannah perhaps but while I know that quail and venison are common game meals, I've never heard of elk on the menu.

We've got a couple of contenders starting to look good though it's too soon for a prediction.

For the game competition, Beverly and Heather were teamed up to prepare duck.  Heather came off as a real b-word woman, complaining about Beverly and how slow she is.  The following episode, with a challenge of preparing a dish by the chefs inspired by the one person in their life who most inspired their cooking, Heather landed in the bottom three while Beverly was in the top three.  Heather, who really was a nasty one that one, got sent home. 

Ty-lor, with no idea why he has a dash in his name like that, prevailed during the quickfire challenge of preparing a dish with tequilla, a dish involving clams and caramel sauce, and he was also part of the winning team in the game challenge with a dish involving sorgham quail.

Contender team Nyesha and Dakota got sent home for their dish of venison.  My goodness, these two are Top Chefs and they served up a dish of venison that was very bloody.  Venison is one of the few game dishes most people have even eaten and they couldn't prepare the meat properly?

Paul Qui, a contender hailing from Austin, has been showing up well in several quickfires and eliminations challenges and he's one to watch for.  Qui won the bacon quickfire challenge on the most recent episode as of this writing, along with a check for $10k from Healthy Choice.  Gotta smile at a bacon challenge sponsored by Healthy Choice but there you have it.

The competition for Top Chef Texas is done to eleven. The cooking will go on well after year end. Watch Paul Qui and Ty-Lor closely and keep an eye on Sarah to the side.

Top Chef Texas airs on the Bravo channel on Wednesday nights at 10pm Est.

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