Bachelor Ben F Continues Quest to Find Love; The Prettiest Contender of All

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The Strange Return of the Funeral Director-A Guess as to Why

So Ben F continues on his quest to find his true love on ABC's The Bachelor.

This show is always a hoot, especially at this point in the series. There is still a bunch of contenders and to add to the chaos, on the episode aired on 1/16/12, yet another strange contender returned from out of nowhere. I have a theory about the sudden appearance of Shawna, a funeral parlor director contender for the hand of Brad during Brad Womack's second try to find someone to love him.

On the most recent two episodes of the series we had some sort of silly play dramatized on a group date and, I'm not making this up, skiing in bikinis.

For some reason this season we have Bachelor Ben spending time at his childhood home town as well as his current home town, which would be Sonoma and San Francisco, California, respectively.

The infamous "home town" date doesn't usually come until late in the series, with but about five of the finalists invited to go to the home town.

There's been some interesting, even humorous developments. First, there's Brittney. It was Brittney's grandmother who came to the first meeting . My guess is that that whole thing with grandma who wanted her beloved granddaughter to marry Ben was just a bit of drama used to ramp up interest. At any rate Brittney had been chosen by Ben for a one on one date but she turned him down and said that this whole thing just wasn't for her. Grandma will be very disappointed.

As for the return of Shawna, dear Lord this woman had nothing to do with nothing as fas as Bachelor Ben was concerned. An argument could be made that since Brittney went home that there was room for someone else to jump right in. Only this isn't how this series usually goes, Shawna really had no connection to Ben save allegedly talking to him on the telephone one time, her return in the middle of a series when several others had already been sent packing sure didn't sit well with the other contenders and this is certainly understandable.

Ben didn't give Shawna a rose at the rose ceremony immediately following her weird return.

Such a scripted thing like the return of Shawna isn't done for nothing. Rumor has it that Shawna is writing a book about, of all things, running a funeral parlor. I can't imagine what ABC or the producers of The Bachelor would get out of a book written by Shawna but I dunno, maybe it was a collaborative effort. I can see the book cover hype now.."WRITTEN by A CONTENDER FOR Bachelor BRAD WOMACK'S HEART, HERE's a LOOK INTO THE SECRET WORLD OF FUNERAL PARLORS".

Seems far-fetched to me. I know this, there's a reason why this silly insertion of Shawna was made, maybe she's going to go dancing with the stars. Time will tell.

The episode aired on 1/16/12 featured just the stupidest group date. A street in San Francisco, famed for its hilly streets, was covered with artificial snow. The ladies selected for that episode's group date were given skis and all enjoyed some ski slides down the city street.

Well hey, you had to have some way to get the contenders in bikinis and having them all go swimming is old hat.

I think that Courtney is by far the most stunning looker of all the contenders. Ben, for his part, seems to be smitten with her as well. Courtney has a questionable, querulous personality, however, and she looks to be the really bad one that all the contenders try to warn the Bachelor(ette) about, there's one in every season. The infamous Vienna and Jake duo comes to mind.  The other contenders did so try to warn Jake about Vienna and he should have listened.

It's all part of the scripted drama and it's why I enjoy the show.  So shoot me.

The Bachelor airs on ABC, Monday nights, at 8pm/c.

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