The Crime of Cowardice at Sea, a Couple of Delaware True Crimes Ongoing, MORE

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One of the Greatest True Crimes of This Century

Granted this century hasn't been all that long just yet but the wonderful Captain Francesco Schettino wins the prize. For this coward not only ran a huge cruise ship aground for no other reason than to show off:

Thousands have taken to the web to vent their fury at the so-called ‘Captain Coward’, who is now claimed to have ‘skimmed’ past the Tuscan isle of Giglio not just to salute a retired officer but also to impress his head waiter’s family on shore.

-who enjoyed dinner with a cute 25 year old admirer while passengers screamed in fear;

Italian media have said prosecutors want to interview 25-year-old Dominica Cermotan, who had worked for Costa as a hostess fluent in several languages but was not on duty when she boarded the ship Jan. 13 in the Italian port of Civitavecchia.

"He did a great thing, he saved over 3,000 lives," she told Moldova's Jurnal TV.
-who is currently responsible for the death of 13 confirmed with over 20 people still missing;

According to The Mirror, Gertrud Goergens walked into a police station in Germany to report her safety. Now, 23 people are still unaccounted for, including a Minnesota couple.
-who did all of that as he chickened out and left his passengers and inexperienced crew on the sinking ship as he got on a lifeboat….AND WHO SAID HE FELL INTO THE THING!:

The captain of the crippled Costa Concordia cruise ship, Francesco Schettino, has reportedly said the reason he was in a lifeboat while thousands of panic-stricken passengers and crew were trying to evacuate was because he “tripped” and fell into the rescue craft.
They don't come any worse than this guy.

So okay, Schettino didn't outright murder people, but add his cowardice to his shirking of duty to his abandonment of those over whom he was charged with leading and he comes right up there with any serial killer I know.

This story goes on as the missing are still sought, as the experts ponder what to do with the damaged ship, as Schettino lawyers up and as passengers consider their legal options.

How sad an ending for so many people who simply wanted to enjoy a cruise, for many a joy of their lifetime.

Schettino really needs to spend some time in jail considering his many failures and how he hurt so many. We'll keep following this story to see how it all ends.

Dismembered Body Found by Iconic Hollywood Sign Identified

According to some strictly scuttlebutt I've been reading around the web on this one, the victim may have been murdered by his "boyfriend".

The dismemberment and locale of the discarded body are really strange parts to this murder mystery.

Will be keeping an eye on updates on this one. Sounds like, from all I've read, that the police got a real handle on the likely perp.

Coroner's officials on Friday identified a man whose dismembered head, hands and feet were found in a Hollywood park as a 66-year-old from Los Angeles, and police continued to hunt for his killer.

The victim's name is Hervey Medellin, coroner's Lt. David Smith said. Public directories show Medellin lived in a Hollywood apartment near the rugged, hillside park where his remains were found.
10 Year Old Charged With Murder of His Friend

Ten years old? Goodness my granddaughter's eight years old, this rings too close to home for the sheer shock of it.

Lone of the more amazing things about this story is how the victim's mother defends the murderer. She warns not to judge the 10 year old harshly, not to regard him as some sort of monster.

Say what?

In my book a 10 year old who stabs his friend to death is, well maybe he's not a monster but I am going to judge him harshly.

Other neighbors say the young man had many anger issues but had recently began a new medication which seemed to calm him down.

Hey lookit, maybe it's best this guy get locked away before he murders others. If he can kill by stabbing at age 10, what will he do when an adult?

A child was charged with murder and felony assault in the fatal stabbing of a 12-year-old boy, authorities said Wednesday.

San Diego County district attorney's office spokesman Steve Walker declined to say if the defendant was the victim's 10-year-old neighbor who was taken into custody shortly after the stabbing. The neighbor is the only person who has been identified by homicide investigators as a suspect.

Couple Delaware True Crime Stories

Delaware Governor Markell Commutes Murderer's Death Sentence

In 1990, Robert Gattis murdered Shirley Slay. Gattis was sentenced to death by a jury of his peers. This past week, Delaware Governor commuted Gattis' death sentence to life without parole.

It is the first time in modern memory that a Delaware Governor has so commuted a death sentence. To be fair, this commutation was recommended by the Delaware Board of Pardons.

As a condition of this commutation Gattis must agree to surrender all future legal appeals.

Gattis has two sons, he's revealed to be a model prisoner, the popular sentiment is that it is more costly to give the death needle injection with its years of appeals, than to keep said prisoner behind bars.

Of late I don't much believe in the death penalty. It's against my religion for one thing. There's the cost of giving the lethal injection over life behind bars as well. Still there are times when people don't deserve to live long lives on the taxpayer dime that said murderer did not afford to his victims.

As for a Governor commuting a death sentence passed down by a lawful jury, this sort of thing is bound to cause some resentment. Delaware is positively schizophrenic about the death penalty. Prosecutors seldom go for it and, as indicated by this Gattis case, comes the time the politicos get all queasy.

For now I'm satisfied with this decision.

In the not too distance future we have a cop killer death sentence to be fulfilled, this for a guy who killed a young Georgetown police officer, Spicer, father of a young daughter. A young thug who shot Spicer in the face at point blank range. If Delaware's Governor decides to let this murderer off I don't think it's going to be shrugged off so quietly.

Delaware State Police Shine Light On Five Year Old Murder of Paula Grossi

I didn't know what to make of this case when it happened five years ago and I sure don't know what to make of it now that on the five year anniversary of Paula Grossi's death the Delaware State Police held a press conference to ask for public help in locating the perps in the murder of Grossi.

Police say they were called to Grossi’s home on Winner Circle in the Stable Farm Development on January 26, 2007; they found Grossi’s son and a female friend bound and the house had been ransacked; Grossi had been shot and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Folks, this is just the most, well I don't know what I'd call it. I look around and no one in my surround is smirking at the obviousness of it.

First, Paula's son and his girlfriend were bound while the home invaders tossed the house. They finally got themselves free and ran downstairs to find Paula Grossi dead, shot and killed. So why didn't the home invaders murder the other two? They just bound and gagged them, binding them so loosely that they managed to get free? But they shoot a middle-aged woman at point blank range.

Paula's father owns a construction company in Rehoboth Beach so an argument could be made that there's money involved. Rehoboth Beach Delaware has a very low crime rate. Home invasions with nobody at home are rare, much less with three people in the house.

I'm sorry but this situation stinks to high heaven. I would add that since this horrible crime there has not been another home invasion in the area that had people shot in cold blood.

I must suppose that state police are looking real close at Paula's son. Paula's father is offering a reward for information leading to her killer. I wonder if Paula's father is too looking real close at his grandson.

The Delaware State Police have released a composite sketch of the two robbers, based on descriptions given by Paula's son and girlfriend since the robbers let them live for some reason.

I'm thinking the DSP are looking for hired murderers, two guys hired by...maybe a member of Paula's family?

This case has been on America's Most Wanted. So sad that Paula Grossi still has not gotten justice five full years after her murder, a crime that seems, on the surface, so solvable.

Casey Anthony Offered $350,000 for Exclusive Interview

Proving, sadly, that sometimes crime DOES pay, the scuttlebutt is that Casey Anthony, accused murderer of her daughter Kaylee, has had one offer of $350,000 made and there's a lot more offers out there.

She's a free woman, having been found NOT GUILTY by a jury of her peers. She's allowed to make her living any way she wants.

I suspect that Casey will eventually write a book or make some of that money but I'm thinking her PR people are holding off for a couple of years. Given five years and a lot of the resentment will die down. Then Casey can cash in on her fame.

It's perfectly legal, even if a little pathetic.

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