Book-"The Devil Himself" by Eric Dezenhall-When the Bad Guys Become the Good Guys; Guest Writer Michelle Obeys the Gubmint


The Devil Himself by Eric Dezenhall

It was an excursion into reading entertainment I'd suggest. The story was interesting, the tale of a young man seeking some truth about how the Jewish and Italian mafias somehow helped win World War II. Yes that's the main story in Dezenhall's book-"The Devil Himself" and it's done well.

I think the fictional tale would have worked just as well as a short story but then I like short stories.

The story takes place in the early 80's. A young man, grandson of a gangster, is asked by a member of the Reagan administration to gather information from his relatives on how the gangsters of yore helped win WWII. The young man, Jonah Eastman, went to Florida to visit the man he'd always considered an Uncle, Meyer Lansky. He asked for the story of how it all came down, what with Italian and Jewish heads of criminal organizations, some of them IN JAIL, managed to get the dockside union members and others involved in criminal activities to help get shipments of needed radar equipment pass the bevy of German Uboats alleged to be silent and waiting beneath the sea right by the American coast.

There was the capture of German spies, the intentional miscommunication published by Walter Winchell, a journalistic champion of the era, the confusion and misinformation that sent so many German Uboats and the sailors within to their deaths.

The entire operation was orchestrated and organized by a naval commander...Commander Haffenden.

The premise of this story is evidently old news, might be true, might these things go.

"The Devil Himself" gives the details of this story so oft repeated as concerns America's history. You got your gangsters, including Lucky Luciano, Bugsy Siegel, Frank Costello, and Jonah Eastman's grandfather, Mickey Price.

You got your spies, your seductress spies, your infiltrators, your government betrayal, AND, a surprise ending that leaves the reader pondering what might be going on even NOW using those least expected to participate in such patriotic endeavors.

Drivel: Secrets

Quick updates first.

Aquarium: We added a bunch more fish to the aquarium last Tuesday and while we've had a few casualties, overall the fish are doing well. The tank looks very much alive and the water is *not* brown.

Work: I have not yet met my new Supervisor, but I know her name is Chris. I will likely see her tomorrow, as it's my day for other-site travel.

Okay, on to today's topic: The government is requiring me to keep secrets from my husband.

No, really, it's true. Doesn't it sound like a political movie? Or maybe a conspiracy plot. In reality, it's nothing so sinister.

As part of having a commercial vehicle (70,000 pounds and eighteen wheels definitely qualifies!), we are required to be part of a drug testing program. We are now enrolled - along with about 1,000 other drivers - in a local random sampling pool. Once per year, Harry could have to go for a drug test.

So where's the secret?

As Office Manager for our family business, the notification will come to me. I cannot tell Harry he has been selected to go until he can actually *go.* Right then. No waiting. I certainly can't tell him it came in the mail while he's in a city six hours away!

I will have a set amount of time (I think it’s 90 days) to send him in, but the testing place has limited business hours. So until he's available to go in, mum's the word.

We've been married for over 28 years. Seems kind of late in the game to start keeping secrets. But hey, the government says I have to, so who am I to argue?


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